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  1. The camera is set to manual and bulb, I chose 1sec exposure on BYN to test it.
  2. Thank you. It is set to manual focus. I turned everything I could think to manual and it's set to bulb. With so many settings on the camera, I could be missing a setting but I have gone through the menus over and over and can't find anything else to try.
  3. I don't have an anti-virus. Besides, it works fine with other Nikon cameras, D600 and D750.
  4. after following your suggestion of setting image to jpeg only it started crashing immediately as I attempted to capture an image.
  5. no luck, BYN crashes. I am giving up for now.
  6. Curiously, I can see the image from the camera on frames and focus. I can also capture jpegs on planetary setting. Has anyone reported using the Nikon 1v3 with BackyardNIKON? By the way, there is a minor error on the message that shows in planetary as it says "BackyardEOS has the ability to write short movies with your digital CanonDSLR" instead of saying BackyardNIKON and NikonDSLR.
  7. Thank, you! No, it never worked before. This is the closest I've seen as it is now connecting to the camera. What could be missing? I've used backyardNIKON in the past with a D600 without issues.
  8. Hello, I am trying to use my Nikon 1 V3 with BackyardNIKON. It connects but images are not being downloaded to the pc and I get a timeout 60sec error. I wonder if you could help me solve the puzzle. My camera firmware is V. 1.10. Should I update it to the latest 1.12? logfile-[20200906-15h38m20s011]-[22312]-2020-09-06.txt
  9. Hello, what specific settings should I use in the camera to successfully connect to BYNikon? I am trying to connect my 1v3 but I get camera not found.
  10. hello, the camera list shows compatibility with the Nikon 1 v3 but I don't see the camera listed in the app. What steps do I need to take to connect the V3 to BackyardNikon?
  11. hello, BYN is adding a second or two to the final exposures of my pictures. I noticed that when I set length to 120s to 300s pictures it adds 1s. Last night I took 900s pictures and they came out as 902s pictures. It happens to both lights and darks, keeping them at the same length. It doesn’t affect the final result but I thought you should know (and you may already be aware of it). I am using a Nikon D600 (modified), windows 10, phd2. That doesn't seem to happen when I use my Nikon D750 (unmodified).
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