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  1. Thanks for the reply, it was a particularly wet Dew night, so I am hoping that is the problem, I have more cables that local computer store, don't know why I keep buying them :-) But I know they can wear out when constantly open and reconnected. Will wait and see how things work out and advise.
  2. Blimey, you lads are up early :-) I'm using expensive Chrono leads that I have used for all this year, my Nikon D800 is mains fed and doesn't rely on Battery power. I have purchased a complete new set of Chrono leads and will have them tomorrow, but not sure when we will get the next clear night. I am just wondering if the problem is dew related as the problem got worse as the dew increased and it was a very wet dew last night. I didn't realise that a new version was out of BYN so will install that before the next session, but in mitigation it working perfect before last ni
  3. Morning Guylain, Hopefully you don't mind my troubling you again? BYN has been working perfectly since you helped me out, as can be seen from the log OK_Log_270817. Last night problems started when I started to plate solve (Astro Tortilla) which I have been using for a little while now without problems, the only thing that had changed in Astro Tortilla was that I had loaded the config for my other scope, as soon it had finished solving it disconnected BYN, when I restarted BYN by going to connect the camera, BYN started up with everything as though it always had been in use with
  4. Yep, too true Guylian, I'm an experienced photographer for over 35 years, owned computer companies in the past but only been at the astro stuff for less than a year, and what a contrast, nothing is straight forward, it is a shame that there is not an international standard for everything then it would make yours and my life easier :-)
  5. Thanks Guylian, the settings for the background server were definitely checked and once checked the thumbnail did not appear which was strange, but after then unchecking the option the thumbnails recommenced as per what they should normally. In the zip file that I attached did you notice that there were two log files one of about 78Kb and the other of 1298Kb. there are no other log files other than what I sent at the start of this thread. I'm more than happy when we get the next clear night to send you the log files, but at the moment it is horrible and cloudy and no forecast for cle
  6. Hi Guylian, just checked and there is nothing in the background work directory, the only logs were the two that I have previously uploaded.
  7. OK Guylian, my laptop is packed away for the night, I'll upload them tomorrow when I get it back up and ruinning. Thanks for the speedy reply.
  8. Thanks for your help Guylain, we have carried out an indoor test this evening and using it direct, we had a 99% success, still the occasional dropping or lock up, but in over 500 frames it worked so much better and the thumbnails were displaying as well and funnily enough if we enabled the Background Server option the images stayed in the download directory and didn't appear in the thumbnail gallery, but as it is working now we switched this off. I've attached the logs from this evenings tests if that helps? Just a small question, when adding a description to the captures and the oth
  9. Thanks Guylain, truly appreciate your help. Coincidentally as your post notification came through, I had come to the same conclusion that it was because of the hub and I could replicate with a hub and the problem was fixed without and going direct. With only having 2 x USB 3.0 ports I was trying to utilise the additional devices with a hub, So now will take the camera direct with a USB Booster cable (Have checked and this works fine) into one of the USB 3.0, take the guide camera into the USB 2.0 and then take the USB 3.0 into the spare USB 3.0 socket, for the Polar alignment camera,
  10. Hi, I purchased a premium license for Back Yard Nikon and apart from the odd connection failure it was OK, however the last few times I have had to abort my sessions because BYN will either crash or will not recognise the camera until it is disconnected and reconnected again. The version of BYN I am using is V2.0.2 I'm running W10 with the latest update on my Toshiba Laptop L50-C-1GX, spec as below: - Windows 10 Enterprise Intel® Pentium® N3700 processor with Intel® Burst Technology 2.0 39.6cm (15.6”) , Toshiba TruBrite® HD TFT High Brightness display with LED backlighting
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