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  1. Oh my, that works! I changed to Flexone and the 5x and 10x button come right up. for the EOS Utility, the 5x and 10x buttons are also there, but the actual record button dissapears when you click the 5x button. Not sure if the screen just enlarges hiding it or not, I'll have to check. At any rate, I'm more interested in BYE beig able to do it. Thank you so much!!!
  2. Wow, well, that's interesting. As I said, I can get there, just have to put my camera in 5x mode. Thank you all for your help.
  3. Attached is the log file that was just made as I did a quick session just to show nly the iisue. My sequence was: Camera connect, clicked on Planetary, clicked on the 5x button (after 15 seconds, nothing changed), set the Live view on my camera to 5x, clicked the 5x button on the BYE program again, after 15 seconds, the 10x button appeared. Then I clicked tohe 10x button got a 10x display, clicked the 5x button again to hide the 10x button, clicked one final time on the 5x button and same no response after the 15 seconds. The EOS Utility does not support 5x video (the button is grey
  4. Where are the Log files located and what is the file name? I looked in the folder where the program is located and only saw a Log4net.dll file. Is that it?
  5. Yes. Same results. After clicking the 5x button, the program locks up for 15-16 seconds then resumes, but I get no 5x zoomed picture. As I said, the only thing that does work, is if I put the camera's live view display in 5x using the camera's zoom button, then clicking on the 5x button in BYE after the 15-16 seconds lock up, the 10x button appears and I can then do 10x recording in BYE. It works this way all the time. Must be an issue with my computer. I even downloaded a previous version of BYE and get the same results. I'll use it this way. Thanks for all your help.
  6. I am trying to control the camera with BYE. The 5x button on BYE program is the issue. It locks up the software for 15 seconds or so, then it clears. It does not work. And yes, I have 10x option selected in the settings. The only way it will work, is if I press the 5x zoom on the ccamera, then pressing the 5x button on the BYE program allows the 10x zoom button to appear.
  7. That's 'Development' not evelpoment. Lol. Type too fast.
  8. I have a new evelopment. It seems that if I push the camera's live view zoom button to 5x (and that viewed image shows in the program display) after the 15 second Lock up, the 10x button appears every time. There seems to be a communications issue with the update of the PC ?? Your sugestion of using only 5x makes sense. I stack my frames with Registax. How do I enlarge teh image by 100%.
  9. Thank you for responding. That was a good idea and I thoought of the same thing. I just tried it with my short 3ft. cable, and had the same results.
  10. I have been using my Canon T6i with Backyard EOS and it's been working fine. I need to do 5x and even 10x video recording when doing planetary video. The 5x and 10x zoom feature has been working fine, but I'm not sure the last update of my computer has anything to do with my issue, because now the 5x button does not work and it freezes the program for about 15 seconds then comes back to normal. Some times it works and then the 10x button appears, but more times it doesn't work at all. I am using WIndows 10 with the latest update issued. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in a
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