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  1. G400

    Canon 5D Mark II

    Hi astroman133, thanks for your reply. 1 - EOS Utility was not running and did not start to do so after powering on the camera after being connected via USB cable 2 - camera was running on battery 3 - camera was working properly stand alone 4- maybe - 5 - was plugged on both ends properly 6 - usb port is working on my laptop as I use this for mobile astrophotography 7 - I am running BYEOS v3.1 under Windows 7 Professional V 6.1, SP1 -> there was nothing to chose from -- it was simply not possilbe to connect to the camera 8 - ? Thanks & Regards, Andreas
  2. G400

    Canon 5D Mark II

    Hi there, I was offered a modded 5D Mark II and today we tested to connect to BYEOS but it did fail. Any idea why we were unable to connect the camera to BYEOS? Thanks & Regards, Andreas
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