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  1. it stopped again, I'll try to find another cable.
  2. I think I got it - I went out and pulled the cord out and put it back in and it seemed to work then. I'll try again later but that seemed to do it. The cord in the side of the camera.
  3. nope - see above screen cap. (not paused)
  4. yes even went out and switched it off and on a couple times.
  5. demo worked. I bought it today and trying some remote control of it. (via team viewer). WAS WORKING FINE. I could click the >>> >> > < << <<< next to LENS and it would move the focus. Then it just stopped responding to clicking the controls? I'm a noob to it - I may have clicked something that toggles it? I have camera lens on AF as was before when it worked. maybe a screen cap will help I have live view on, zoom at 1:1 and can't get focus.
  6. Rojoyinc


    I noticed a youtube video were someone was snapping BYE shots while waiting for long CCD subs... something to do during serious imaging... so I had to buy BYE today. Can't wait to buy BYCCD too!
  7. Rojoyinc


    I posted this request elsewhere and I was linked into here. Keep us trouble makers in one spot I guess = ) I usually spend all kinds of money doing something (changing my 5DMKII to full spectrum, buying filters for the body only to say I'm going CCD and being out all that cash as I have to spend it on CCD STUFF. New filter sizes, filter wheel etc. SO I SAID I'm skipping my normal path. Jumped in to ASI071MC-c Now after I had played with BYE - the other software is confusing. I'm trying to work my way through SGP... it's very capable. But I want to shoot a shot and see a shot n colo
  8. I'm a retired pro/studio owner/portrait photographer and have a couple EOS cameras around. But in starting out in astrophotography I've only done a couple test shots with these cameras and then seeing everyone upgrade to CCD cams. I ordered a couple myself. (ASI290mm and ASI071Mc-C) I figured rather than spending money on EOS accessories, filters and sensor mods and BYE, then upgrading to CCD and spending again on new filter sizes, new software etc. Why not just spend where I will eventually want to end up? The one bad thing about this idea is I love the demo of BYE. (Nice to see an
  9. I re-read - you have the two computers using team Viewer via a wired ethernet connection then? - It would also work with wifi?
  10. thanks - yes I picked up a laptop today before reading this assuming I'd have to use team viewer. I assume both desktop in doors and laptop need to be on the same wifi network. So I'm only limited by my wifi distance. (which could be maxed... but I can test it sometime soon after I get the laptop all setup. I have power out near there.
  11. Ok - this is pretty cool. I'd like to be in the house. My only real open sky area is about 30ft from my computer room. Will the EOS USB cable work that far? As well cables for the scope? At worst - I could leave a laptop out there and try and use some sort of wifi from the laptop to the house? (team view or similar). anyone doing their imaging from 250-300ft?
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