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  1. Thank you for the prompt replies. When I checked, I had 2010 C++ and 2012 C++. Deleted 2012 C++ and installed 2013 C++. No change. When I look at the Device Manager in Parallels/Window10, there is no camera in the USB list. When I look at the Mac OS hardware, the camera is there in the USB list. However, when I look at "Devices" in the Windows10 tool bar, the camera is listed there. Any other thoughts?? Bob
  2. I use an iMac in my observatory. Recently bought a D5500 and used it successfully with the Mac OS and Nikon Control software. The Nikon product is limited for astronomy so I bought BYN. Have installed Parallels/Windows10 and can run BYN fine, but BYN does recognize the camera. Have tried both 2016 and the earlier option. Would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks! Bob Schultz Winters, CA
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