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  1. Guyroch, that seems to have fixed it. Thanks a lot!
  2. I'll provide my information first just to get that out of the way: Rebel T6i, Dial set to M (checked and double checked), Firmware 1.0 (no firmware updates available) Backuard EOS vs 3.1.8 Windows 10 64 bit Backyard EOS will not set my camera to Bulb. It has no problem with any of the exposure settings 30" or below, but if I start a capture plan with Bulb, it keeps whatever exposure value was selected before the capture plan. For instance, if I used 2" exposure while framing or previewing, then go into Imaging and started a capture plan with Bulb 90" duration, the camera information center shows the Tv 2" exposure and that is what it captures. During the plan the progress center will say downloading after 2 seconds (the camera also responds according to 2" exposure) but it will still count the full 90". The file name also includes Tv2s so it is definitely capturing only 2 second exposures. Now, if I go to EOS utility and set the camera to bulb there is no problem. I can capture just fine. Then, when I close EOS Utility and open Backyard EOS, the camera information center shows BULB and I can capture the full duration. If, however, I change the exposure setting (say for focusing) I cannot go back to bulb. The program will not update the camera setting to bulb. Let me know if you need anymore information from me. Thanks!
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