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  1. Guylain, Save to PC only and RAW only set. No change. As for the Mirror Lock Up... the Nikon 1 V3 is mirrorless so there is no option to change. ANtony logfile-[20190504-13h12m38s719]-[3912]-2019-05-04.txt
  2. Guylain, Making progress. The latest version connects right away. Frame and Focus, LiveView work. I created a small capture plan with the camera in BULB. When I click Start Capture it seems to abort right away. I tried with save file to PC, PC + Camera, and Camera. Same result If I try to Snap Image in Frame and Focus it shows busy and hangs there with the spinning Busy sigh. If i turn off the camera and then re-connect everything comes back. In no cases were any images saved to camera or PC. Attached are 4 log file from this morning. Thanks again for your help. Feels like a leap forward. Antony logfile-[20190504-10h37m35s005]-[15604]-2019-05-04.txt logfile-[20190504-10h50m05s946]-[13392]-2019-05-04.txt logfile-[20190504-10h58m33s056]-[7740]-2019-05-04.txt logfile-[20190504-10h29m28s503]-[13244]-2019-05-04.txt
  3. Guylain, Thanks for the files... unfortunately still no connect. I did install a trial version of Nikon Camera Control Pro and it connects fine. I have a screen capture of the connection. I have also attached a the latest log file. I tried loading Nikon Capture then BYN, BYN on top of Nikon Capture ++ combos. Still no joy Thanks logfile-[20190502-09h11m46s740]-[14764]-2019-05-02.txt
  4. As requested I reinstalled the above vcredist_x86_... files listed above. Still not connection to my Nikon 1 v3 I also un-installed BYN and then installed on another HD. Tried to connect. No connection... I then ran the listed vcredist_x86 files on the new install. No connection... Attached is the latest log file after reinstall logfile-[20190501-13h57m51s172]-[14348]-2019-05-01.txt
  5. acdoddy ( antony.dodd@gmail.com ) said: Nikon 1 v3 with firmwear C 1.12 BYN Premium Edition 2.0.10 - Built 2019-02-22 Windows 10 Computer connects right away, I can browse the camera SD card but when I try to connect I get this. 10:42:48 Attempting to connect camera... 10:42:49 Nikon/1V3 drivers initialized. 10:42:50 Device(V3) Module(Unknown) found! 10:42:50 PLEASE CONTACT US with the above information, looks like your we may need to make a few adjustment to fully support your camera. We have our fingers crossed. 10:42:50 Camera Not Found! Make sure it's connected to the PC and turned ON I have tried several USB cables and both manual and auto lenses, 2 different PC's, and different shooting modes, including BULB. Always the same message.
  6. STC Optical Co. make a light pollution filter for Nikon full frame cameras that fits with all Nikon lenses. To install the filter you must lock the mirror up and then insert the filter. Once in place the filter stops the mirror from returning. Basically full time live view. Has anyone tried one of these clip filters with BackyardNikon? US$120 less than the same front mount 77mm filter. http://shop.stcoptics.com/product/stc-ultra-layer-astro-multispectra-filter/ Thanks
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