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  1. Thanks for this link! This is one that I had not found yet. Ran through the process and I was able to access the weather data on my main computer (WIN10) from my imaging computer (WIN7). Problem solved.
  2. I agree that this would be the easiest solution, but the WIN7 computer cannot 'see' the WIN10 computer due to the fact that WIN10 no longer supports HOME GROUPS. Before I updated the main computer to WIN10 everything worked fine. I've tried a number of solutions to 'fix' the issue, but have not succeeded yet. I'm continuing to try to find a workaround, but thought it might be easier to have a direct input into BYEOS.
  3. I'm really confused about what inputs are compatible with the Weather Center feature of BYEOS. The options in the latest version of the program are: StickStation, TemperHUM, MBox, Pegasus Powerbox, and a delimited file option. I've been using the file option successfully, but have updated the operating system on my main computer (where the weather data from my DAVIS VantagePro 2 resides) to WIN10. The brick computer I use on my astro-imaging rig is still on WIN7 - this is where BYEOS is installed. With the change to WIN10 on the main computer I've lost the ability for the WIN7 imaging comp
  4. Found the answer!! There is a setting in the 4th camera setup that is called Continuous AF. If that is disabled, the lens does not try to refocus after adjusting focus with BYE in Live mode. Problem solved!!
  5. I must have another setting wrong - I've tried changing to AE Lock/AF, but the camera continues to refocus after I've made adjustments in BYE. I'll continue to search for a solution - would be SO much easier if I could focus in BYE.
  6. So I've checked functionality of lens focus motor control in BYE, and I am able to move the lens with the chevron buttons in BYE as long as the camera is in LIVE mode, the lens is in AF mode, and I'm in the Frame & Focus screen. The problem I'm having is that when I move the lens via BYE, the camera tries to autofocus the lens again as it does when it is first put into LIVE mode. I cannot find a way to stop the camera from correcting the focus changes I make in BYE. BYE control obviously does not work if the lens is in MF mode, but keeps trying to refocus when I have it in AF mode. Is any
  7. Problem resolved! I'm running WIN7 on my imaging computer. I connected the T6i directly to the computer and the Canon driver installed - it did not do this in my prior attempts. Once that happened, Device Manager in WIN7 recognized the T6i, and I was able to connect the T6i to BackyardEOS immediately. Not sure what went wrong the first time, but everything appears to be working nominally now. Thanks for your help!!
  8. After the first time I tried to connect the T6i (unsuccessful), I remembered that the WiFi being on disables the video out. I turned off the WiFi function, and tried again to connect the camera - it did not connect.
  9. Thanks! I disabled the WiFi after the first time it wouldn't connect, but it sounds like I've still got some settings to adjust!
  10. I've been using BackyardEOS for a good while with great results. I started with a Canon 350D, and then moved up to a T5i. The switch to the T5i was completely seamless and it connected immediately (with the correct driver - the 350D uses the Canon 210 driver and the T5i uses the Canon driver). I've now acquired a Canon T6i that I would like to use also. Tried connecting it tonight, but was unable to get BackyardEOS to connect it. I reconnected the T5i and restarted the program - the T5i connected immediately with no issues. I'm trying to determine whether the connection problem is in the s
  11. Outstanding, Guylain! Thank you very much for this.
  12. Here is a portion of the text file generated by the Davis weather station software - I have highlighted the temperature values showing the below 0F in red and the above 0F in blue. The minus sign (-) when the temperature is below 0F adds a character to the text string. BYEOS captures the temperature data using character positions in the text file, so when the temperature goes below 0F the additional minus sign in the string makes the setup in BYEOS incorrect. If the temperature comes back above 0F, the temperature is correct again. The same issue occurs if the temperature goes from one digi
  13. If you start BackyardRED before you begin your imaging session, the User's Guide can be viewed with much less night-vision impact. There's a slider bar at the top of the screen that allows control of the amount of 'redness'. I found this to be very helpful.
  14. So, based on info from Starizona & Starlight that it is ASCOM compliant, I bought the MicroTouch II focus control system and attached it to my scope. The ASCOM drivers are installed, and the focuser is controllable from my PC via the MicroTouch II controller software. Now I'm trying to get my BackyardEOS to recognize the ASCOM focuser but have not had any luck. What is the process to get BYEOS to recognize the focus controller? Should it recognize it immediately on startup, or is there something I need to do to make it work? Thanks for your help. EDIT: Never mind - I turned on
  15. I'm running BackyardEOS over a 5 meter USB repeater cable from Newegg - cost about $10, and I've successfully run other programs with two of these connected. According to the Newegg website, these cables can be cascaded up to 25 meters.
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