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  1. Great, thanks a lot, problem solved resetting the camera to default factory
  2. ptp mode is on the cam or in digicamcontrol? i dont' have thi option on the cam, i have to uninstall digicam controll? i read on the web that the nus dslr are automatically in ptp mode
  3. the strange thngs is that when i use the frame and focus section the mirror go up. I use also digicamcontrol software en un bulb mode i don't have problem. this is the picture
  4. The camera is setted in manual mode, time BULB.... i dont' find a mirror lock option on the camera... i have only live view but when i connect the camer with PC the livev view fall down withe the mirror.... other dial program works fine.
  5. Hello, in image section when i set the bulb mode and do the shot immediatley mirro go closed and i read this message in log file 16:20:16 Imaging session started. 16:20:18 Imaging session cancelled 16:20:18 [kNkMAIDResult_NotSupported] (kNkMAIDCommand_CapSet, 33042, kNkMAIDDataType_EnumPtr, 162128616) 16:20:18 Imaging session cancelled i have e nikon d5300 connected with the camera sub cable Other configuration it works on frame and capture of i use e prefixed time drop window. I would like purchase the BYN but i need to solve this.
  6. Hello i have the same problem, when i set on bulb mode andi clic on capture i have only a sound ma no shot... i am wrong in something?. Instead if i use the max time 30" it works.
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