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  1. I downloaded version 16 and the same issue only CR2 files not jpg's, In one of the temp files there are 2 jpg's but they are zero bytes. Before I upload the log files how do I scrub them of any identifying info, I don't want to send my password and user info like happened before.. What should I scrub?
  2. Thank you, I will download the latest version at lunchtime and try it out and get back to you.
  3. I see my version is 3.1.12 and I am using a Canon 80D which version should I download?
  4. Thank you. I have gotten a couple people to try and buy BYEOS. I may try some raw only or just do the save to Camera, I have a 128 gig card in the Canon 80D and can't see using it up in a single evening that way I get both on the PC and then delete off the Canon
  5. I have been following the conversation, so if I use Raw+JPG and also use the snap image functionality on Frame and Focus and save snap it will save say 100 Raw images and the associated 100 JPG images, correct?
  6. Set the camera to JPG connected BYE and it changed the camera setup to raw&jpg and left it there after I closed BYE. So I guess for now I can either shoot all raw and then take the extra step in processing to make jpgs or tiffs to check them quickly or save to my camera as well as PC which then gives both raw&jpg
  7. I usually display icons and then look at the properties.
  8. Thank you Guylain for understanding an old fart who makes mistakes. I do like BYE in fact rather than buy a APS-C ASI1600 I am using BYE and my Canon 80D Astroman133 If I shoot straight jpgs it works fine. also with the 80D the jpgs are about 3-4 megabytes, as I am just learning DSO photography I even like the results from jpg's. I am going to see if the camera control, i.e. setting the 80D to raw&jpg makes a difference. And you are correct I can just shoot cr2's and process them in photoshop.
  9. I wonder if I have to set the 80D to be Raw&JPG, I always have it as Large JPG only, I will also try that.
  10. I would like to do the "save to PC and Camera" and then send you the log file. But am concerned about which file to send as I don't want to make the same mistake again with the key. I was thinking that since both the RAW and JPG are downloaded to the PC when saving to both it may show something.
  11. I am not used to Win10, how do I set it to not hide file extensions?
  12. I am very sorry I was trying to help my sending what I thought were the log files that have been requested in other threads to help you out. I am very concerned about security and proper use of the software, I even had my son buy a copy of it as I wouldn't share it with him and we might be using is sometimes at the same time. Once again I hope I didn't cause any problems.
  13. downloaded 3.1.12 still only CR2 when choosing Raw&jpg,, If I use save to PC & Camera I get both Raw and JPG on the PC as well as the camera Here are my log files logfile-[20170609-08h34m35s975]-[5960]-2017-06-09.txt logfile-[20170609-08h38m39s673]-[1196]-2017-06-09.txt << licence key file deleted >>
  14. I recently purchased a Canon 80D, before with my 70D I was able to capture both Raw and JPG but now even though I set BYEOS to be raw&jpg it only saves the raw files. I looked at an older thread about this but didn't see it ever being resolved. How do I get it to save both raw&jpg? One thing I am going to try right now is from the older thread - setting to save to PC & Camera and see if that works. I have a 128 gig card in the 80D
  15. I have the same problem, I connected my Canon 80D turned it on and clicked connect it still says disconnected. I made sure the camera was in M. I turned it on and off 3 times restarted the program 4 times still the same. Wouldn't be bad but I drove an hour to a dark site and spent an hour setting up. I will try it inside with a lens on the camera as I was using a 1 1/4 nose
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