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    Yes I've given up attempting using QPPA2 and instead swapped out my Celestron polar scope for the better SkyWatcher type which has given pleasing polar alignments enabling 12 minute exposures with my CG-5, 500 mm telescope and Canon 600D DSLR using PHD2 for guiding. I did consider a PoleMaster but the SkyWatcher polar scope gives sufficient alignment for my needs. Hope others might find QPPA2 to work for 'em though. I'm aware that Sharpcap is slowly developing an ASCOM connectivity for Canon camera's and that might end up being the one stop shop in the future. Interesting times. Cheers, Steve
  2. Further to my first post above I have found on page 6 of the Features Suggestion Box area a request by member anofeles dated 20.4.2015- When we right-click on an image, a information about it appears (L, R, G, B, mean, median...) would it be possible to add the measure of the ADUs in a zone or certain point? It would facilitate the calculation of time exposition... and the time exposition for flats... This was asking for a functionality akin to what I have raised for consideration albeit to a much simplified extent. I am buoyed seeing that Admin 'liked' the request at that time. 😊 Cheers, Steve
  3. Hi, Thanks for the response. I'd rather hoped BYEOS could do this in a similar way that Sharpcap does for an image taken by the camera. It would be good from a Canon user perspective to have similar capability as Sharpcap provides to a swathe of other camera manufacturers. My understanding is that the compatibility of Sharpcap with Canon cameras is under development and could lead BYEOS users to employ an alternative product to meet their imaging needs but with greater capabilities sometime in the near future. Here are links to the relevant parts of the Sharpcap manual explaining things in more detail and context. Hope this helps. http://docs.sharpcap.co.uk/3.2/19_SensorAnalysis.htm http://docs.sharpcap.co.uk/3.2/15_SmartHistogram.htm Regards, Steve
  4. Hi, I am wondering if a future BYEOS update can include a ‘sensor analysis’ function similar that provided in Sharpcap and also a ‘smart histogram’ function? This would provide BYEOS users with a capability of enabling their local sky background brightness to be calculated and for the software to perform a mathematical simulation of the impact on the final stacked image quality arising from different exposure lengths? Best Regards, Steve
  5. SteveNickolls


    Sorry to hear that. I'm just hoping the QPPA2 software might be tweek-able to still be useful for working on the BYEOS platform as I've found BYEOS to be a good imaging software for my needs. Good luck with your future imaging however. Best Regards, Steve
  6. SteveNickolls


    I would expect to use the, 'On Date' value for both stars which will change slightly every session. For my own part I have tried using the QPPA2 software twice on one of my imaging mounts (Celestron CG-5 with SkyWatcher 102mm StarTravel refractor and Canon 700D DSLR yielding a 2.55 x 1.7 degree FOV) but without success. On both occasions one of the three snap shots taken of Polaris were out of frame. I am conscious of the limitations with the original CG-5 polar scope alignment process and also that PoleMaster operates differently but uses a 5 degree FOV to do it's alignment making initial accuracy less critical. Can anything be done to enhance QPPA2 to use a wider FOV? Best regards, Steve
  7. Thanks for this advice. I've been able to download a new copy as a result. Best regards, Steve
  8. Hi, Yesterday I downloaded a free trial version of BYEOS and had it working on my Win 7 64-bit pc. I had two sessions with the software during the day with the pc being turned off in between uses so I don't suspect BYEOS for the issue that arose earlier today. This morning I attempted to boot my pc but could not enter into Windows. I restarted the pc again and chose to follow the on screen repair option which invoked System Restore to rectify the issue. The upshot is the restore point effectively removed the trial version of BYEOS from the computer. Could you please advise how I can obtain another free trail of the software? I do hope someone can help me. Best Regards, Steve
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