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  1. I use a Canon T6 with original Canon battery, 3 yrs old, BYEOS 3.1.13, and Windows 8.1. My normal shutdown procedure is 1. In BYEOS, click "disconnect" from the camera. 2. Turn off camera 3. Disconnect the USB cable. Recently, I noticed my battery still showed 100% charge on the back of the camera, and then I shutdown using step 1, step 3, and then step 2. Overnight, my camera battery totally discharged. Doing things in the normal 1, 2, 3 order since, and the battery holds its charge nicely 2 days and counting. Does the 1, 3, 2 shutdown order explain the dead battery? What is the correct shutdown order? Or is it likely my battery is just showing its age? Thanks! Steve
  2. correction- Canon Utility is at 3.6.30, it was only the readme at the older version.
  3. I use a Canon T6 with original Canon battery, Windows 8.1, BYEOS 3.1.13, Canon Utilities 2.14. The only related updating I've done is to keep Windows 8.1 updated. I've had the hardware and software setup working well for several years, and am noticing a new problem with BYEOS. I started this test with a partially charged battery. Taking 30 one minute darks without a pause between shots brought the Canon T6 back of the camera battery indicator to 50%. BYEOS 3.1.13 Camera Info Area showed battery indicator at 100%. After the darks, I went into BYE 3.1.13 Settings to explore if anything related to this issue. I did set the low battery alarm to 15%. It was at -1% (disabled). I'm also saving RAW + JPG for each shot. I changed that to RAW only, on the theory that will unload the camera processor or Windows 8.1 computer to give it more time to update the battery level after each shot. When I exited the settings menu, the Camera Info Area then showed the battery indicator at 50%. Is there anything in the BYEOS settings that might keep the battery indicator more current? Might a pause or checking "BackgroundWorkerEnabled" be useful here? The Change History for the newer versions of BYEOS don't show anything related. Thanks much! Steve
  4. I use BYEOS with a Canon T6 and a 300mm f4 L lens. Normally I set the lens to AF, and use BYEOS focus controls to adjust the focus for the smallest FWHM setting in the BYEOS "frame and focus" tab. The T6 does not have a focus lock button. What is the best way to keep focus during the session? I had been leaving the lens in AF mode with no problems, but wondered if switching to MF after focus is achieved would be better?
  5. I backed up the computer system image of the C drive, and tried installing the new EOS utility from Canon. There is no change in behavior. 1. I can use the Canon EOS utility to download files from the camera, and the CR2 and JPG appear correctly on the hard disk. 2. I can use a USB adapter for the memory card, and the CR2 and JPG appear correctly in Windows Explorer. 3. I can use BYE during imaging, and the CR2 and JPG are downloaded to the laptop correctly. 4. What no longer works is that the CR2 on the Camera can't be viewed, copied, or anything done with them directly thru Windows Explorer. The Local Disk that shows has 0 bytes, and a cut and paste copies nothing. I can do everything I need to do with the camera and the laptop. If 1,2,and 3 continue to work, I'm good. Out of curiosity, if anyone seeing these posts knows the reason for #4, I'd appreciate a post here. BYE is a nice product. I enjoyed my imaging session using it. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for your responses. On the Windows 8 machine, I can use the Canon EOS Utility to copy the files from camera to laptop hard disk. All CR2 and JPG are then fine. The Canon EOS Utility I have was installed last year, and is dated 12/7/2015. I see Canon has a newer version that came out a couple of months ago. I was spooked by the messed up view of the .CR2 in Windows Explorer, AND the fact that a DIGIX 4+ camera made in 2016 was not a choice on the BYE connect camera option. I am able to work around all of this, but am concerned that something is not right, and who knows what will happen with the next Windows Update, or whatever. I'm going to first process the pictures I imaged a few days ago, then backup the computer, and try installing the new Canon EOS Utility on the Windows 8 machine. It sounds like that might be the best bet at this point. I'll let you know what happens. Steve
  7. Thanks for looking. Sometimes pictures explain the question better. File associations aren't the issue, because CR2 are listed normally in other directories on the hard disk on both computers. Does BYEOS fetch new Canon drivers during install, perhaps? Windows 8 won't even list CR2 on the camera, just everywhere else on the hard disk as normal.
  8. Hi, I've noticed a worrisome symptom using my Canon T6 after buying and installing BYEOS 3.1.13 last week. I'm worried something may not be compatible. Canon T6 is a DIGIX 4+ camera manufactured in 2016. That choice is not covered when connecting to the camera. I got it to work by selecting DIGIX 5, and I was happy with BYEOS operation until I noticed the weird behavior today that I describe below. Should I be concerned about any compatibility issue here? I have Backyard EOS 3.1.13 Classic on a Windows 8.1 laptop. I have the Canon T6. I ran an imaging session, and the CR2 and JPG files were copied to the hard disk as we would expect. It's a nice product. But wait........ Today, I was getting ready to delete the files on the camera, and I connected it to the Windows 8.1 laptop with BYEOS 3.1.13 installed. When I view my files on the camera directly with Windows Explorer, the CR2 files are no longer listed, as they were before I bought and installed BYEOS 3.1.13 on the laptop last week. There are "local disk" listed on the camera, instead of the CR2 files. The JPG are listed as normal. On another computer, running Windows 7 without BYEOS, when viewing the files on the camera with Windows Explorer, both the CR2 and JPG are listed as normally expected. I never got the Canon utility running on windows 7. This computer does not have the Canon utility on it, just the Canon Digital Photo Professional software. Does BYEOS make any permanent changes to the firmware or configuration on the camera itself? Is something wrong on the Windows 8.1/BYEOS 3.1.13/T6 configuration? Steve
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