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  1. good thought Rick. I'll try that. just windows weird again. chuck
  2. thanks for the answer but that did not even work. I can't copy them to a new folder. Interestingly the total lunar eclipse folder and files is accessible. Any other ideas? I can not find any EOS settings that would do this. this is W10 garbage I think but why. and how to fix are unknown to me. cjacobson Bottom line. this came out of nowhere and affected some of last summer's images but not all.
  3. I am using Backyard Eos version 3.1.18 with a cannon 3ti camera. I have a bunch of imaging runs from this summer that I decided to work on today. I received this annoying message on everything since May 21. I have been using this nice software for several years with out this issue arising. What did I do to engender this wonderful windows 10 issue and what can I do about it.? thanks cjacobson I tried to add a comet single shot , it was too large
  4. Now I have it. thanks cjacobson
  5. I have read the above on dithering plus on some other forums; I still have questions; I am not sure what the dithering scale on BYEOS means and what the multiplier on PhD means. Here is my example: I have a guide scope imaging at 2arcsec/pixel and in this example imaging scope the same at 2arc sec. If I want to move my imaging scope pixels with each dither of 4 pixels this implies a 8 arcsec move in both instruments. So what does the scaler in BYEOS mean. SO does the use of 2 in BYEos mean it will ask phd to move the guide star by 2 pixels multiplied by the scaler used in phd? I am only
  6. I should have used the term identifier. I did change the DST. today after asking for help I triggered the same thing again. I did this by changing the place the program start was on the computer, ie I moved it to documents and later back to the desktop where it normally resides. This begs the question as to whether changing the start menu location triggers this request as well. cjacobson
  7. I had an upsetting experience 200 miles from home in a dark sky site. My my byeos 3.1.8 was working fine. I had to shut it down for some reason and then issues hit the fan. On restart it recognized who I was and my registration number but kept asking for some authentication name or number which I did not have. Why did this happen?. I switched to a different lap top with no problems. However I have seen this request pop up multiple times before which I just ignored and in those instances the software ran normally. Also during this trying experience prior to the authentication reque
  8. I can't see this software working unless the exposure can be changed to less than 1 sec. On my version(3.18) the minimal exposure time is just that. If you have a work around, I am game. I have downloaded the EOS Utility and it will probably work though changing exposure will take an eclipse time intervention. On the other hand my Phottix Aion timer allows some minimal programming. cjacobson.
  9. cjacobson


    Thanks, I tried this. Did not change the error message though that software may work just fine for the eclipse! cjacobson
  10. cjacobson


    I want to reiterate the issue for clarity though Ithink its plain per Rick. I have just tried to my EOS 450D xsi with various versions of the camera hook up software in your program. each one recognizes the camera and will run the frame and focus feature. When I switch to imaging I get the error message:EDS_Error_internal error: EDSK.Eds send command. I have recharged my camera's battery, tried imaging and saving in jpg both to the computer and to my memory stick. Always get the error "clunk" after taking an imaging and not displaying it. Called Canon; they said if it will connect to
  11. cjacobson


    Guylain is the software engineer for this product? Contact him via this site,I suppose? Sorry to be a nuisance. thanks cjacobson
  12. cjacobson


    Rick the frame and focus aspect works with the eos 450d but not the imaging function; this seems to work with any of the three canon software picks,ie, canon, canon 210, and canon 215. I get the error message: "Error EDS_Error_internal error: EDSK.Eds Send command . I can not find a web explanation of this error message. The canon website states the cannon Win 10 software is not need for this camera and indeed , I can just plug in the usb cord and down load images. Finally Iam using BYEOS 3.1.8 thanks cjacobson
  13. cjacobson


    I have two questions; I have been using a modified 40 D for dso's , How will this perform for the eclipse? Too much red? I have a second camera; unmodified 450xsi. I can not get it to work with Byeos. the software recognizes the camera, I have tried saving just to the cameras chip but no dice either. The cannon utility is not required for windows 10 to recognize the camera. Any ideas? thanks cjacobson BTW the frame and focus function works just fine with the 450 xsi.
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