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  1. jecahill

    Image flip

    I'm in preview in Capture and Plan, RAW only. I keep the LCD screen closed on the camera. Next time I'm out, if it ever stops raining, I'll take some pictures with my phone & post them.
  2. jecahill

    Image flip

    It's just strange that this effect only started after I upgraded to the latest version & that it flips back normal after I increase the exposure time to 120 seconds or more. Just makes it a bit difficult to adjust my night plan when the initial orientation is off by 90 degrees after performing a preview. I'll look into the camera settings, this camera is dedicated to astrophotography only, it's not used for daytime photography & I haven't adjusted any settings except for what's needed to take my lights, flats, bias & dark frames.
  3. jecahill

    Image flip

    I ran into a strange issue after upgrading to 3.1.17. My camera is a Canon T7i, full spectrum modified (dedicated astro camera so no wifi, no face tracking). For some reason, if I shoot an image below 180 seconds, the image is flipped at 90 degrees in a narrow frame. If I shoot at 180 seconds or above, the image looks normal. Any help would be appreciated, I would rather shoot at 2 minutes since I live in a bortle 7 zone. Forgot to add, I have the premium version of BYEOS.
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