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  1. I'll check but I turned off updates about a month ago due to everyone complaining about updates interrupting sessions.
  2. Running as Admin worked. I then went back and turned BYEOS 2 times and all settings saved. I then tried running as normal (even though I have Admin Rights) and it didn't save the. Immediately went back as Admin and all settings were good.
  3. Will do. Thanks Guy - I did try and search for this, here, before posting but didn't seem to find anything.
  4. All of a sudden, BYEOS does NOT save my config settings. I set them and save but every time I open BYEOS it always goes back to default settings. And yes, when they ask for what Canon camera, I do check off "remember my selection..."
  5. Thanks for the info. The filter that was recommended for me was a IDAS LPS-D1 by Jon Rista. He also felt the CLS would not be beneficial. I will probably try that. Yes, I do go to Cherry Springs when I can. Only 4 hours away. And I do belong to a club in S. Jersey that has dark skies and is only 1 1/2 hours away. Jerry Lodgruss belongs to that club also. I have just had a tough time getting anywhere off site but am anxious to image from a dark site.
  6. 10 miles SE of Philadelphia
  7. Sorry it took so long to get back to you but was out for the day. Here is the link to the DARKS & FLATS: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tppnvstf47hap05/MasterDark_ISO1600_89s.tif?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/g0hb4p0v6eaityh/MasterFlat_ISO1600.tif?dl=0 Greatly appreciate all the help! Guy - Yes, Highest LP Zone. Depends on which map you look at. One map shows White Zone had highest. I am on the edge of that and red zone. Very high air temps also (90*F) running a sensor of about 108F. Your comment is what I was referring to - The night before I took 30" exposures and the histogram was perfect, yet everyone saying underexposed. Which I would imagine since a 30" exposure on M31 seems way to short. The 90" exposures (60) are almost all the way to right and can barley see anything on capture screen since almost white. Doesn't make sense when others can take 3-5 minute exposures and histogram is still good. Guess will have to try LP filter or dark site. Am sure that's what it is and the high temps.
  8. Yes 30" exposures. Here is a dropbox link to 1 CR2 Sub: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1jnnmg9ev5r5dsl/M31_LIGHT_Tv30s_1600iso_%2B95f_20160814-00h22m56s840ms.CR2?dl=0
  9. Thanks for the help. Here is all the info: Canon T2i hooked to Sky Watcher 80mm APO on SkyWatcher EQ6 Mount. Captured with BYEOS at 50 subs @ .30" ISO 1600. Stacked (all 50 had high scores) with DSS with no WB or RGB Calibration. Am trying Star Tools and they want the stack as virgin as possible. Have been told that Stacked Image Tiff is under expose. Way under.. Yet the histogram on BYEOS was a little over 1/3 from left. The CR2 file looked good as did the captured image on BYEOS screen. Thats where I'm confused. sounds as if the histogram needs to be more towards the right end (according to some). Am trying that right now with M15. Shooting at .90" ISO 1600. Image is over blown on capture screen so can't even tell if they are keepers or not. Histogram is near right end. I know that sensor temp is very high (hot here) and have heavy LP. Heres a screen shot of M15 now.
  10. Thats where my confusion comes in. Many imagers are saying that my stacked image is way under exposed and can only be stretched so much. Whereas your reply states that "if the details are seeing in BYE..." it should be okay. I'll have to try again and pay more attention to exactly how MUCH detail is showing. Here is a link to the stacked, non stretched sub. https://www.dropbox.com/s/o67qpiblsmxxwtq/M31%20for%20ST%20Embed.TIF?dl=0
  11. I have just started AP and have BYEOS. I'm sure this is a basic question that someone can help a beginner with. I was taking subs of M31 at .30". I know that this really isn't long enough but the histogram on BYEOS was showing between 1/3-1/2 from the left. The capture on the laptop screen was very good. Could see a lot of detail. I know that the screen is not the real indicator but am just giving some info. Yet when stacked the results are showing way under exposed. Wasn't the histogram reading correct?
  12. I have the trial version of BYEOS. Am using the Canon T2i with the 35-80mm kit lens. I am learning this program and following the You Tube tutorial that the author did https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3gkw8bx7Aw. At the 26:00' mark he talks about the fine focus adjustment arrows on the screen to help dial in the clarity. This does not seem to work with my Canon. The drivers are installed in the program and everything is on Manual including Manual Focus but clicking those arrows does nothing. In his tutorial he does NOT have the scope attached, just the DSLR. See photo.
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