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  1. BYN 2.06 premium edition. Nikon d5500. I recently upgraded to premium edition so that I could save a lengthy capture plan for the solar eclipse. I upgraded to 2.05 when I went to premium edition and now upgraded to 2.06. Saving capture plan is only possible with premium edition so I would not have seen this issue on earlier versions but it did occur on 2.05 and 2.06. The problem. I entered multiple lines in the capture plan so that I could save them for the eclipse. The first line I used 600s for pause between shots. The lines after that have zero pause as I want to take various shutter speeds as fast as possible when the total eclipse occurs. When I save the plan, BYN plugs 600s pause into all the lines I left zero. If I plug something other than zero in those lines, they remain untouched. It appears to be a bug and I do have a manual workaround by manually editing the plan text file. Thanks, Mark
  2. The visual c++ I was missing was 2013 x86. That did the trick For me. I just checked and Whether I need them or not I have visual c++ x86 versions for 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013. I also have the x64 version of 2008. However before I downloaded the 2013 version I was able to connect VMware to the camera. BYN just did not see it.
  3. https://www.otelescope.com/index.php?/topic/1913-new-d5500-wont-connect/?hl=visual#entry12575 Here is the link. It is 2010 and 2013 x86 versions. Scroll to the bottom of the link.
  4. I have a D5500 using VM Fusion on a Mac pro with Windows 10. It took me months. I gave up twice but eventually someone on here knew the secret. BYN requires two Visual C++ libraries. I believe they are 2010 and 2013 but I'm not positive and am not where I can check it. Guy and others know. I found that I was lacking one of them. I went to MS site and downloaded the missing one... and that solved the issue. Hopefully this will for you too. I had to do a lot of googling to figure out how to check if I had the libraries but if I recall it wasn't too tough to correct the issue. You might be able to search and find the thread that helped me.
  5. ok. Thanks. When I move to a laptop whether PC or MAC the WIN 10 install will be new. i'm hoping someone that runs VM on a MAC can give me a tip on why the application wont get to the USB port. I know there is a way. The software runs great on the MAC otherwise (except for getting to the camera which is kind of a big deal) :-)))
  6. I upgraded from Windows 7. I marked it in properties to run as administrator each time I open it so that I can test it. This is a desktop I'm trying this out on, so I'm either going to have to buy a Windows laptop or get this to run under VMware fusion on my MAC. So far the software doesn't find the camera on the MAC option even though Windows 10 sees it. Probably forcing me to buy a windows laptop. At least I can now see why everyone loves this software. I just have to decide on a laptop now. Thanks for the quick response.
  7. I'm good for now. It was a permissions issue. Under Windows 10 I had to tell it to run as administrator for administrator permissions. I guess it does not install that way automatically??? I will keep testing but I'm in a a better place now.
  8. My D5500 connects using the 2016 D5500 drivers. Live View works fine. When I snap a picture the download never completes and times out at 119 seconds consistently. As I've been testing I found that I had to create several folders manually including BackyardNikon and BackyardNikon/Plans. I'm wondering if the download issue is also a directory problem. I cannot save a Plan either. It says says testplan.txt denied when I try to save. I have tried shutter speeds and bulb but it never completes download. What am I missing? Thanks, Mark Nikon D5500 (current firmware according to Nikon site) C 1.01 L 2.013 Windows 10 Home USB cable that came with the NIkon
  9. Is anyone using VMware fusion to run Backyard NIkon on a MAC? My issue is connecting the camera. I have a late 2011 Macbook Pro running the latest OSX. I'm running VMWare fusion version 8 and I just installed Windows 10 from the Microsoft website. Everything runs beautifully. The theory on a VMware machine is that everything is wrapped in Windows such that an application can't tell the difference. However, Backyard will not connect with my Nikon D5500. Windows itself recognizes it and I can look at pictures on the camera using the included Nikon USB cable but Backyard will not connect. I did install backyard Nikon on my old Gateway desktop running the same version of Windows 10 and it does work so I know my cable and camera are good. I believe as long as the SDK is using all Windows components it should be transparent. I know a lot of people would love to run this on a MAC and this would be an easy way to allow that. Guy wouldn't have to lift a finger and it would open this up to a lot of folks. I've seen the results of this software from a buddy and it's amazing. My question is if anyone else has successfully done this? My second thought is that I have read many of these threads and I see that people have been able to run this on one windows machine but for some reason a problem on different machine. So my issue may have nothing to do with VMware on a mac so if anyone has any tips to try, please let me know. My system: MacBook PRO 8,1 late 2011 model Intel i5 processor 16GB memory OSX El Capitan version 10.11.5 VMware Fusion 8.1.1 Windows 10 Home 64bit version 1511 Build 10586.494 NIKON D5500 Backyard NIKON 1.5 ( I tried 1.4 as well) Thanks, Mark
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