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  1. ridgesoar

    Nikon 810a

    Curious thing that I finally figured out this winter. I charge and keep the 810 battery Inside so it's nice and warm but I keep the camera on the porch and cold. Time after time I've found that I can't live focus . Camera just won't come on. Solved by putting camera in plastic bag to avoid condensation and bringing in and keeping warm. You may all know this but was a breakthrough for me!
  2. Got it hooked up. Thanks
  3. Thanks. Sends me on right path!
  4. Dumb question--I have a Micro Focuser that I use before imagining but would like to connect it to BYN to be able to focus as I go. How do I hook it up? Thanks.
  5. ridgesoar


    Will FocusMax work with BYN?
  6. ridgesoar


    Thanks. I just got thinking about it and will have talk to the Micr Focus people about hookin up.
  7. ridgesoar


    I guess I'd better go do my homework. I remember when I got my electric Focus they said that BYN didn't support it. I'll be back! Thanks. John
  8. ridgesoar


    Haven't been on the forum for a while and wondering if you were still working on making BYN computable with some autofocusers? Thnaks.
  9. ridgesoar


    I meant upgrade to 2
  10. ridgesoar


    I'm trying to upgrade from 1.03 to 2 but when I do what I think is right it asks me to "get a key". I can,t find any way to enter my key for the Premiumupgrade to 3
  11. ridgesoar


    New question. If I used the starizona Micro Touch and loaded just their MicroTouch software and not any Focusmax, would I be able to use the focus arrows on BYN to manually focus?
  12. ridgesoar


    I see that I've jumped into an ongoing process. I stand anticipating a solution . Thanks. John
  13. ridgesoar


    Just been talking to Starizona about using their MicroTouch auto focus and discovered that their Focusmax software does not work with BYN. Is there any plan to make these compatable?? Seems a shame to have such a GREAT capture program but miss the chance to have the computer constantly focus and adjust for temp.
  14. ridgesoar


    Thanks. I'll also google the site
  15. ridgesoar


    Can anyone help me here? Just lately as my DSS is computing final picture it gives me the warning "DSS out of memory" and quits. What am I doing wrong? Thanks. John
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