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  1. ridgesoar


    Thanks. I'll try to find a nef to load. yes. I think! Trying to put yesterday's picture up to frame today's
  2. ridgesoar


    Now that I've got an image in preview the opacity doesn't do anything
  3. ridgesoar


    Just found out--it won't load a TIF but will a JPEG file too big?
  4. ridgesoar


    I have 2.0.1 and my tutorials are 3.?. I'm trying to load an image in preview to center a session image but it won't take it. does this feature need 3.? does 3.? Exist -- I can't find it. thanks
  5. ridgesoar

    Nikon 810a

    Curious thing that I finally figured out this winter. I charge and keep the 810 battery Inside so it's nice and warm but I keep the camera on the porch and cold. Time after time I've found that I can't live focus . Camera just won't come on. Solved by putting camera in plastic bag to avoid condensation and bringing in and keeping warm. You may all know this but was a breakthrough for me!
  6. Got it hooked up. Thanks
  7. Thanks. Sends me on right path!
  8. Dumb question--I have a Micro Focuser that I use before imagining but would like to connect it to BYN to be able to focus as I go. How do I hook it up? Thanks.
  9. ridgesoar


    Will FocusMax work with BYN?
  10. ridgesoar


    Thanks. I just got thinking about it and will have talk to the Micr Focus people about hookin up.
  11. ridgesoar


    I guess I'd better go do my homework. I remember when I got my electric Focus they said that BYN didn't support it. I'll be back! Thanks. John
  12. ridgesoar


    Haven't been on the forum for a while and wondering if you were still working on making BYN computable with some autofocusers? Thnaks.
  13. ridgesoar


    I meant upgrade to 2
  14. ridgesoar


    I'm trying to upgrade from 1.03 to 2 but when I do what I think is right it asks me to "get a key". I can,t find any way to enter my key for the Premiumupgrade to 3
  15. ridgesoar


    New question. If I used the starizona Micro Touch and loaded just their MicroTouch software and not any Focusmax, would I be able to use the focus arrows on BYN to manually focus?
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