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  1. Beautiful ! I wonder how that happened? I really only told it to remember my "Nikon" selection and dos't ask me again. As you directed went to Advanced and "ask drivers" , rebooted and fixed., Thanks . John pratt
  2. I just asked it not to ask me anymore after I choose the first selection-- Nikon. It's after this that the Problem started. it no longer gives me the choice of cameras. I've reloaded and thought that should have rebooted everything but still not asking for choice of cameras. After "connect" it sits with timing then goes bzzzt and tells me it can,t connect. All cables good.
  3. Sorry--- edition 2.0.11 premium. 810A WAS working fine till last night . reloaded 2.0.11 and still won't connect. Back to version 1 that does work.
  4. ridgesoar


    Strange--last night and today discovered that my 2.0 will not connect with my camera. Tried it with same cables on my old 1.0 and it works fine.??? Nikon 810 A premium edition
  5. ridgesoar


    Thanks. I'll try to find a nef to load. yes. I think! Trying to put yesterday's picture up to frame today's
  6. ridgesoar


    Now that I've got an image in preview the opacity doesn't do anything
  7. ridgesoar


    Just found out--it won't load a TIF but will a JPEG file too big?
  8. ridgesoar


    I have 2.0.1 and my tutorials are 3.?. I'm trying to load an image in preview to center a session image but it won't take it. does this feature need 3.? does 3.? Exist -- I can't find it. thanks
  9. ridgesoar

    Nikon 810a

    Curious thing that I finally figured out this winter. I charge and keep the 810 battery Inside so it's nice and warm but I keep the camera on the porch and cold. Time after time I've found that I can't live focus . Camera just won't come on. Solved by putting camera in plastic bag to avoid condensation and bringing in and keeping warm. You may all know this but was a breakthrough for me!
  10. Got it hooked up. Thanks
  11. Thanks. Sends me on right path!
  12. Dumb question--I have a Micro Focuser that I use before imagining but would like to connect it to BYN to be able to focus as I go. How do I hook it up? Thanks.
  13. ridgesoar


    Will FocusMax work with BYN?
  14. ridgesoar


    Thanks. I just got thinking about it and will have talk to the Micr Focus people about hookin up.
  15. ridgesoar


    I guess I'd better go do my homework. I remember when I got my electric Focus they said that BYN didn't support it. I'll be back! Thanks. John
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