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  1. eagha50

    D610 Problems

    No disagreement there! I'm sure he's swamped! It was just the tone of the comment I found surprising.
  2. eagha50

    D610 Problems

    Astroman 133, Thanks for your response! Interestingly MY instructions do NOT include the second line about turning Autofocus back ON! That line appears to be missing from the PDF file that came with my software, so thanks for that clarification. Admin: I assumed that the LATEST SDK would work with the LATEST BYN upgrade. It doesn't. I thought you should know. If it doesn't matter to you, I guess it doesn't matter to me. Regards.
  3. eagha50

    D610 Problems

    Actually just upgraded to 2.0.5 with the same results. As I mentioned I have tried significantly shorter cables with no change in results. Re Autofocus vs manual you are absolutely correct! Putting it in A/F solved the problem of the missing arrows! BTW the Instructions sat turn Autofocus OFF!! One problem solved, one to go! Thanks!
  4. Hi, I'm connecting BYN Version 2.0.4 to a Nikon D610, and am having a few problems. I am using a 15' cable, but have used two other shorter cables with the same results. The camera has been upgraded to the latest firmware version 1.009. Camera AND Lens set to Manual Focus. Camera is on Manual, and Sutter release is on S (Single) When I try and connect using the Nikon Bar as opposed to the Nikon 2015 bar: 1. It connects with my Microsoft Surface 2. It does NOT connect with my Lenovo Ideapad (it WILL connect here with the Nikon 2015 Bar!) Also on
  5. Thanks Gyylain, That did the trick! I uninstalled first, and put in 1.0.4 To install the latest will I have to upgrade the firmware in my Nikon? Pros or Cons of doing that? Thanks, Eddie
  6. Hi Guylain, Thanks for responding. Just getting back to this: Do I just re-download the older version? Do I need to uninstall the new one first? Also, Should I uninstall the beta? Thanks, Eddie
  7. I have just bought downloaded the latest premium version of BYN. Have hooked up my D610. Software says not connected. I am using Win 10. Yes I have disconnected the SD cards. I used to have the Beta version of BYN, and it worked just fine. Help!
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