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  1. I updated the version and it seems to work now. I started it and took a bunch of lights and darks without issue. I'd like to say updating fixed it, but now I'm wondering if it was related to PHD dithering. At the end of imaging, I would shut down the PHD software, but I don't think I unselected the dithering button in BYE. If that was the problem, then I'm the dummy and apologize to those that answered! Either way, my issue seems resolved so thank you for the prompt replies and help. It's a great program by the way, I've been quite pleased with it.
  2. I know it doesn't make sense, it's driving me nuts. I just built an observatory, so I don't have to pack up my gear every night. I used to just use BYE for lights. I'd unpack and cover the camera and just use a remote release to get my darks for the night in my house, so using BYE for darks and flats is new. I will double check cables but they are all new(not that there couldn't be a cable problem still). I will follow up after I update the version, and try again.
  3. Ok , my bad. I'll update the version and pick the other setting. Very strange that it is only an issue with darks and flats. I can understand flats as it makes different camera settings, but darks are identical minus the PHD dithering. I will followup so people will know in case someone else makes the same mistake.
  4. Hi, it is version 3.1.7. I haven't installed the latest version. I will do that today. I'm not at the computer right now, but I pick the top selection in the window that opens when you select "connect", which, I believe is the correct one for my camera(everything else works fine). With Darks, it stops after two exposures and says "session aborted", I will have to look at it when I get home to tell you exactly what it says. With flats, I get several images and then the program locks up and I have to use Task Manager to terminate it. Yes, PHD is shut down. Yes, I change the frame type to Dark or Flat as appropriate. I didn't realize that a new version is out, I just downloaded it and will install it, try it again, and report back here. thank you
  5. Hello, I have no issues with disconnects or using BYE to capture light frames and using dithering with PHD/PHD2. The problem occurs when trying to capture Darks or Flats(I'd like to use BYE for Darks because of the great file naming options). Usually, my procedure when I finish capturing light frames is to use the same capture sequence for Darks(i.e. ten exposures at xx seconds, followed by ten exposures at another exposure). However, the sequence aborts after two frames and disconnects? If I shoot Flats, I manage to get several frames in, but then the whole program hangs. I do have around 16 feet of USB cable with 12 feet of that being an active USB cable. My computer is new with lots of free space, and the USB cables are connected directly to the machine with no hubs. The computer is a laptop connected directly to AC power. Additionally, I install a fully charged battery before starting the dark sequence. Oddly, the issue doesn't occur with light capture, only with darks and flats, so it doesn't seem like a cable problem? I wondered if there needs to be a delay between exposures, but since it is the same sequence as a light capture, that doesn't make sense? I apologize if the answer is here somewhere, I didn't see my particular issue mentioned. Any ideas? Thank you
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