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  1. tmarsala

    EOS -Ra

    Thank you s3igell and Guylain for your kind responses! Guylain, your last post was my thought as well, but I just wanted to hear it from you! R does not necessarily imply Ra. I will stick with my tried and true 6D for now... And, thank you for all of your work in giving us BYE; it has become just an extension of my right arm over the last four years in my work! Kind regards, Tom M
  2. tmarsala

    EOS -Ra

    Thank you for the reply! I obviously missed that post (and hence the Paul Lorenz question) as the auto reply from the "contact us" link sent me to the forum home page to start a new question. In any event, understood. Regards, Tom (four-year member)
  3. tmarsala

    EOS -Ra

    Hello- I have seen another discussion here about the EOS-R compatibility, but I never saw a resolution. With the EOS -Ra just out, I am wondering if BYE is indeed compatible with the EOS-R? Thank you! Tom M
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