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  1. That is great news, thank you for all of your efforts! Will you be able to post here when the next version of BYE with these updates are available?
  2. RAW only is what I wanted in the first place and when that didn't work(because the RAW files are .CR3's) I attempted the RAW + JPG as when I do a Snapshot it saves the file as a L JPG downloads and displays perfectly in BYE. Working or working perfectly... I agree, BYE is not working perfectly as the .CR3 raw files are not supported yet so they are not able to be displayed in BYE after they are captured(I have offered to assist with this awesome feature of BYE). But it is working to a point where BYE can connect to the EOS R, execute a capture plan(setting exposure time, setting ap
  3. With the updates that you have made so far I am able to use my EOS R with BYE. I understand that you just can't go out and purchase every new camera or have a loaner available to develop and optimize BYE. I am willing to use my EOS R as a testbed for your development efforts and will share all log files along my observations during testing. If there are specific tests that you need ran, please let me know and I'll execute them. Do you have a specific QA workflow that you use for testing and validating?
  4. That my friend is the million dollar question. When you say it doesn't behave like this in others, do you mean in other EOS R's or other cameras like when I tested with the 5dm4? For another test I am curious to see what happens if I have BYE save it to the SD card instead of downloading to the laptop. I have used the EOS R in this configuration when shooting regular photography not connected to BYE and it was able to write both files to the SD card.
  5. Neither image was displayed in BYE. The raw file is available on the hard drive for me to view using another application. The jpg file is not available on the hard drive.
  6. Generally speaking I agree with your thought process here, but the EOS R is a little different as it is a new platform for Canon and they are releasing and or improving existing features via firmware updates and someone has to install the latest firmware and report back to the community as to whether it broke the ability to capture tethered. I do plan on testing out the 1.3 firmware at some point after Guylain has reviewed the latest log files
  7. Log files from this mornings testing have been sent.
  8. Thank you for your work on adding this, but I am still having the issue with displaying the last image taken. In my configuration even if I have RAW + JPG selected to save the files, only the RAW files are saved to the hard drive and the last image taken is not displayed in BYE. I can work around this as I have the Canon apps loaded and can just view the RAW(CR3) files there. Not sure if this matters, but I am using a Windows 10 laptop that doesn't have USB C. The EOS R only has a USB C connection. I bought a USB C to USB 3 adapter off of Amazon to connect the EOS R to the la
  9. Ruilo, I have confirmed that BYE 3.1.18 RC4 is working with my EOS R with firmware 1.2 running on the EOS R. Canon just released firmware 1.3, but I have not tested that version yet. What version of the firmware are you running on your EOS R?
  10. I can confirm that with BYE 3.1.18 - RC4 it is possible to take exposures longer than 30 seconds using the EOS R with firmware 1.2 and save the RAW files to the hard drive.
  11. I have downloaded the RC3 version posted above. I removed the current version of BYE that was installed and installed the RC3 in a different directory as suggested before in this thread so that it will remember my settings(this worked for me) I also checked the box for processor affinity as others have suggested. I did the first round of testing with a Canon 5dm4. Everything works perfectly with the 5dm4. If raw+jpg is selected it will save both files to the hard drive. It also shows the last image taken in BYE. If raw only is selected, it will show the raw file that was
  12. Thank both of you for your feedback. I am looking forward to testing out BYE 3.1.1-RC3 when it's available to try. Yes, I have all of the latest Canon apps installed and can view the RAW(CR3) files in DPP4 I don't have any processing or LENR enabled in camera. Agree, I only use RAW for post processing. Only tried the RAW + JPG to see if that would assist with viewing the images as they were captured. Thank you!
  13. That is correct. If I configure BYEOS to save both RAW + JPG it will only save the RAW files to the hard drive. The JPG's are never saved. I am assuming that BYEOS can't display the JPG's as they are not saved? S3igell posted this above: Thank you
  14. Thank you for your detailed response! I guess that I just assumed that since the .CR3 format works in Lightroom and on Mac's that it was available for everyone to use. A really nice feature of BYEOS was to be able to view each sub that was taken in near realtime in the app. I used this all the time with my Canon 6D easy to spot a plane or satellite trail and remove it while capturing. As far as my question about RAW + JPG's, I really don't care about the JPG's, I use the RAW files for post processing and was just testing to see that if I saved in both formats BYEOS could displa
  15. Thank you! I discovered that solution while browsing thru the forums after I posted. I had upgraded to a dedicated cooled astro camera(ASI1600) a couple years ago and have not been using BYEOS with my DSLR's. That setup is going to be installed at a remote observatory in New Mexico next month so my interest in capturing local stuff with the Canon's and Backyard EOS has resumed. Any thoughts on the saving/displaying of the RAW(.CR3) and .jpg's?
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