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  1. This has been plaguing me for a while but I've managed to work around it until now. You just saved me hours of stumbling around. I didn't even know these PixInsight settings existed. Thanks!
  2. Rick, thanks for the super detailed (and a complete overkill for my question) . Definitely an interesting read that can be applied to any ASCOM drivers in the future.
  3. Ok thanks to both of you. I just installed the 32bit driver and it picked the right drivers automatically. I didn't realize that BYE was 32bit and launching ASCOM in 32bit - useful to know this for next time with other drivers as well.
  4. I'm trying to launch the auto focuser from BackyardEOS 3.1.17 (focuser is Sesto Senso though I think that's irrelevant). Ascom Focuser Chooser pops up, I select the Sesto Senso from the drop down and it gives me a "This is a 64 bit driver only and is not compatible with this 32 bit application." If I launch the ASCOM Diagnostics it comes up in 64bit mode and I'm able to choose and connect with the focuser just fine. So it seems like BYE is launching the ASCOM Focuser Chooser in 32bit mode? If so can I make it do 64bit? I'm running under Windows 10 64bit mode. Anyone has experience with
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