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  1. Hi All, I am now using the ASCOM-SGL FocusDriver under ASCOM6 The unit is working correct with its own stand allone software, means, I can move the stepper in any direction and with any steps. When using the unit in BYN 2.0.1 the functionality is disturbed: - mostly the stepper is not moving by the arrows <<<<< II >>>>> - mostly the position indicator does not increment / decrement by the correct n° of steps. - sometimes the moving direction is not as it should be. Same happens when I use "SGL Focuser Control Absolut" window, that is opened by BYN in the backgrond. Since I had many stange problems in the past after upgrading to WIN 10 (see my previous postings) my question is, if this falls in the same category. Any advises? regards, Willi
  2. williR

    Setup loss

    Hi all, I have installed BYN2.01 in an new directory and verified that all directories are enabled for read and writing. So far it works, the setting parameter remain stored and BYN is working normal. Hopefully it will not change. Thanks for your suggestion. Willi
  3. The display does not start allways at 100% as reported above, It starts with the correct battery value, but remains unchanged. That is my problem. regards, Willi
  4. williR

    Setup loss

    @Rick Do you mean that BYN is not saving changes that you make to parameters in the Settings dialog? YES @Guylain I will reinstall in a different folder, please give me a day. regards, Willi
  5. Hy all, The camera battery status will be displayed on the PC allways when connecting the camera, but that's it. Never during the entire connection time the value will be updated. This is a Problem during a long night, when I am monitoring the PC only, there is no warning for a low battery. Is there any setting or what can I do? regards Willi
  6. williR

    Setup loss

    Hi all, I am using BYN under WIN 10 for a few month. There is one problem with the setup, I cannot solve and only came up after I changes to WIN 10. All my setup's are getting lost when turning my laptop off. In the beginning I thought it would help to run BYN in administrator mode, but no more. I also run the compartibility check under WIN 10 and I am not aware of other WIN-settings that prevent from saving the BYN settings. To make the story short, Isn't it possible to save all settings in a seperate file, whitch is a very simple and safe solution in my opinion. Any suggestions? Willi
  7. williR

    BYN settings lost

    Got it to work ! Problem solved Opened BYN with right click "handling compartibility problems" and went through the procedure. finally it saves the setting again. Thanks to all Willi
  8. williR

    BYN settings lost

    You all may me correct and bring me on the right track. I have updated to WIN 10 before that session but have tried BYN with WIN 10 after. The setting loss happened during the night, when the the battery was flat and I have changed to a spare one. I will go again through the PC settings but suggestions are welcome. Is it recomended to install BYN again instead? regards, Willi
  9. Hi all, I am using BYN successfully for monthes. During one of the last sessions I have suddenly lost all settings and cannot store them since. Tried several times to restart the program, enter my settings like quality, cable support, filter list and filename template, save all settings and capturing is ok. After closing and restarting the program all settings above are gone. Any idea ? regards, Willi
  10. Hi all Today I have got my new field laptop. There, the program is working correct; it stores all pictures (Previews and Captures) in the BackyardNikon + sub folder. Now I understand, that the post process after first downloading the files into the BackyardTemp\download directory was not carried out for the Captures. They stayed there and because of that I supposed, the storage directories were mixed up. But it was exactly what Rick wrote on Dec. 22. The reason is still not clarified, but it works fine for me on the laptop, I only use for the field. Thanks again to all and happy new year Willi
  11. Hi all, thank you for your support so far. Here my comments on your suggestions: 1. Rick wrote: Either I misunderstood the OP's comment or you have. I believe that he typed .ext to avoid typing .nef/.jpg. He has not found a way to change the file extension of the image files, I was simply using .ext as a placeholder to mean "the raw or jpeg extension". If I am incorrect, hopefully he will let us know. ----> You understand correct. Sorry for the confusion. 2. directory change from d: to c: It iremains to the same behavior like from the beginning if I save either on c: or on d: ---> the CAPTUREs will be stored in the BackyardTEMP directory ---> the PREVIEWs will be stored in the Download ans Sub-folder (see also my screenshots in the file I have sent previously) This remains unchanged also after setting the full permission to the subdirectory tree in the properties. I believe the problem may have something to do with my PC. Since I have ordered a new Lap Top for the field there is another chance to verify. To date I have no notification of delivery time, but I would come back in this matter and inform you in any case. For now, thanks to all for your efforts and all the best for the new year. Willi
  12. Hi all, many thanks for your suggesttions. OP system is WIN 7 on PC (not Laptop) Filenaming .ext extension was my place holder for .nef or jpg, no worries ;-) trials: 1. skiped EXIF read and write ---> no change 2. changed download drive from D: to C: ---> stores in c: now but not solving the problem. As requested I send the log files and settings by seperate mail regards, Willi
  13. The same request I have. I am sure ther are SDK commands because the HELICON remote for Androit has the motorised lens function implemented. It is very useful but I don't like to swap between hardware / software during focussing. Hope you get the SDK support one day Willi
  14. Hi Guylain I am using the premium NIKON 1.0.3 version. The program is very usefull since it helps me with manual focussing my Nikon equipment. Only disadvantage is the missing support of the lens focussing as it works for Cannon. I would appreciate very much, and most likely also the other NIKONIANS, that this feature will be implemented one time. There is one issue I cannot fix with the settings. In Imaging, starting a PREVIEW, -----> saves the picture in the download directory as PREVIEW_+filename templates.ext starting a CAPTURE, -----> saves the picture in the BackyardTEMP/Download directory as img_n.ext How can I fix it? It seems that there is something mixed up. Willi Germany
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