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  1. I'm not sure about your D5500 and 5x specifically but it looks like it make not work according to the behavior you get.

    4 seconds is normal.

    As for bulb versus time priority shooting, they should both work with the D5500.

    I'm still perplexed with the camera reporting a value of "1"for mirrorlock.  I find this odd.

    Can you perform a camera factory reset to ensure all setting are at their default values and try again.  I'm wondering if over time a setting was made that could be the cause of this. 


  2. Please provide your full version number when reporting issues.

    Lets deal with the timeout first. You have a download timeout error in your logs. 

    1. Please verify that in-camera noise reduction is not turned on.  If it is turn it off.
    2. You have mirror lock enabled, you need disable it.


    2020-01-23 22:36:05,949 [Main] INFO  - CameraPropertyChangedArgs fired: MirrorLock           = '1'


    2020-01-23 22:38:53,935 [CameraTakePictureOnMessageRecieved] ERROR - Image download timeout, process terminated after 59 seconds
    2020-01-23 22:38:53,935 [CameraTakePictureOnMessageRecieved] ERROR -    at BinaryRivers.Common.Model.CameraModelBase.WaitForImageToDownload(Single durationseconds, Boolean isbulb)
       at BinaryRivers.Common.Model.CameraModelBase.TakePicture(Single mirrorlockseconds, String progresstext)
       at BinaryRivers.Common.Model.CameraModelBase.<>c__DisplayClass79_0.<CameraTakePictureOnMessageRecieved>b__0(Object state)
    2020-01-23 22:38:53,935 [CameraTakePictureOnMessageRecieved] INFO  - Timespan 65.911
    2020-01-23 22:38:53,945 [CameraTakePictureOnMessageRecieved] INFO  - Imaging session cancelled
    2020-01-23 22:38:53,950 [CameraTakePictureOnMessageRecieved] INFO  - Image download timeout, process terminated after 59 seconds
    2020-01-23 22:38:53,950 [CameraTakePictureOnMessageRecieved] ERROR - Image download timeout, process terminated after 59 seconds

    For 5x liveview, this do not work for some older Nikon camera. 


  3. 45 minutes ago, gianpri said:

    Wouldn't it be possible to integrate AllSkyPlateSolver into BYE?


    I'm working on plate solving right now.  I think I should be able to upload a pre-release in about 1 to 2 weeks.  I have it working with ASTAP only for now and I'm doing final round of testing with the simulators. It's cloudy here right now so I can't test it outside.

    Does AllSkyPlateSolver support dslr CR2/CR3/NEF files or only jpg and fits?


  4. To corroborate my statement above, I looked at your log file and they confirm what I was thinking.  The camera is loosing USB connectivity and it fires a disconnect event.  Immediately after the camera fires its disconnect event BYN started to report SDK errors.  Looking at the time stamp there is only 11 milliseconds between the disconnect event and the errors.

    2020-01-20 16:09:05,356 [12] INFO  - Camera action fired: 'MaestroDisconnect'
    2020-01-20 16:09:05,367 [NikonScheduler worker thread] INFO  - NIKON SDK ERROR: [kNkMAIDResult_CameraNotFound] (kNkMAIDCommand_CapStart, 20, kNkMAIDDataType_Null, 0)
    2020-01-20 16:09:05,367 [NikonScheduler worker thread] ERROR - [kNkMAIDResult_CameraNotFound] (kNkMAIDCommand_CapStart, 20, kNkMAIDDataType_Null, 0)
    2020-01-20 16:09:05,368 [NikonScheduler worker thread] ERROR -    at BinaryRivers.Camera.Nikon.Wrapper.NikonObject.CallEntryPoint(IntPtr pObject, eNkMAIDCommand ulCommand, UInt32 ulParam, eNkMAIDDataType ulDataType, Int32 data, IntPtr pfnComplete, IntPtr refComplete)
       at BinaryRivers.Camera.Nikon.Wrapper.NikonObject.CallEntryPoint(eNkMAIDCommand ulCommand, UInt32 ulParam, eNkMAIDDataType ulDataType, Int32 data, IntPtr pfnComplete, IntPtr refComplete)
       at BinaryRivers.Camera.Nikon.Wrapper.NikonObject.CallEntryPointAsync(eNkMAIDCommand ulCommand, UInt32 ulParam, eNkMAIDDataType ulDataType, Int32 data)
       at BinaryRivers.Camera.Nikon.Wrapper.NikonDevice.DataItemAcquire(NikonObject data)
       at BinaryRivers.Camera.Nikon.Wrapper.NikonDevice.HandleAddChild(UInt32 id)
       at BinaryRivers.Camera.Nikon.Wrapper.NikonDevice.HandleEvent(NikonObject obj, eNkMAIDEvent currentEvent, UInt32 data)
       at BinaryRivers.Camera.Nikon.Wrapper.NikonBase._object_Event(NikonObject sender, IntPtr refClient, eNkMAIDEvent ulEvent, UInt32 data)
       at BinaryRivers.Camera.Nikon.Wrapper.NikonObject.EventProc(IntPtr refClient, eNkMAIDEvent ulEvent, UInt32 data)
       at BinaryRivers.Camera.Nikon.Wrapper.NikonObject.CallEntryPoint(IntPtr pObject, eNkMAIDCommand ulCommand, UInt32 ulParam, eNkMAIDDataType ulDataType, Int32 data, IntPtr pfnComplete, IntPtr refComplete)
       at BinaryRivers.Camera.Nikon.Wrapper.NikonObject.CallEntryPoint(eNkMAIDCommand ulCommand, UInt32 ulParam, eNkMAIDDataType ulDataType, Int32 data, IntPtr pfnComplete, IntPtr refComplete)
       at BinaryRivers.Camera.Nikon.Wrapper.NikonManager.Async()

  5. 11 hours ago, deansj said:

    The cable I am using should be up to the task.  It is a StarTech.com 15m USB 2.0 Active Extension Cable - M/F - 15 meter USB 2.0 Repeater Cable Cord - USB A Male to USB A Female - 15 m, Black (USB2AAEXT15M)   Granted it is 15 m and does not have a mid-length device, nor is it what is indicated as a preferred 2X 7m lengths.  However it is used for this purpose by others and I have yet to identify an specific concerns about it. 

    That is the thing, it is not up to the task.  It is 3 times longer than what the underlying protocol was technically designed for. Granted, StarTech is a good brand, but at 45 feet there is simply not enough signal to maintain the full 480 Mbit/s data transfer IMO.  It might be good for a while under light load, but as soon there just enough data on the wire some data will get lost and then all bets are off, the active repeater is simply unable to amplify the weak signal at 480 Mbit/s. This is a physical limitation of the USB2 capability, no amount of cable quality can reconstruct lost signal.


  6. The Canon Ra is supported in version 3.1.18.  If you have a version prior to 3.1.18 you need to download and install the latest and the Ra should connect.

    The Ra will work with both the Classic and Premium.

    You can use the same key on more than one computer, no need to purchase again.

    All keys issued since 2015 are stored online here on the website under "My Purchases -> Orders". 


  7. 1 hour ago, deansj said:

    Replying to both queries above: 

    Long Exposure NR is OFF as are most Nikon features.  Exposure delay is .5 seconds to reduce possible camera vibration.  

    A retest failed after attempting a SINGLE image capture a single light and record it to PC + Camera.  I aborted the session successfully, reconnected the camera and successfully captured a single image to Camera only, and then successfully captured a single image to PC + Camera so the results are not consistent. 

    To eliminate possible issues, I have removed the unpowered USB hub and have directly connected the D5300 to the powered USB cable.

    Two log files are attached for reference.

    Again, my thanks.

    logfile-[20200120-16h30m28s850]-[8220]-2020-01-20.txt 30.48 kB · 0 downloads logfile-[20200120-16h02m17s453]-[7144]-2020-01-20.txt 103.12 kB · 0 downloads

    When you get a Nikon SDK error it's not sufficient to simply close the app and try again.  In order to make sure the camera is set back to a known state it is necessary to remove the battery fro about 30 seconds to completly power cycle the camera.  This could be the cause for the inconsistency.

    Going forwards, make sure to save to PC only and if it fails again send me that log file.


  8. This is a core Nikon SDK failure, the camera seems to to be stuck and not able to provide an image.

    The above snippet is NOT a log file, there is not much I can do that.  Please provide more detail.

    What are you doing leading to this error?

    Does it always fail?  

    Does it work for a few images then fail?

    Please try saving to CAMERA only, not CAMERA+PC and see if this makes a difference.



  9. This has been discuss several times here already. It is a Windows Permission issue.

    The simplest way to fix this is to re-install in a separate folder, this will force Windows to store settings in a newly created folder with your current folder permission.


  10. This particular cable has the active repeater device at the end of the cable, at the 15M mark (45+ feet).  StarTech is a top brand...but even a top brands are subjected to the limit of the actual USB2 protocol.

    The maximum for a USB2 cable without a repeater is 15 feet.  Anything beyond 15 feet the signal weakens considerably, so having a repeater at the 45 feet mark is not really useful, the signal is already too weak to be amplified... resulting in data lost beyond recovery - this is most likely why you are getting camera disconnects.

    To put it simple, you must have a repeater every 15 feet; that is the best approach.

    A powered hub is to provide power to the connected USB devices if they don't have an external power supply. It does not amplify the data signal; only an active repeater can do this and as stated above, you should amplify the signal every 15 feet. Your camera has its own power source so it does not draw power from the hub itself so in this case it does not matter if the hub is powered or not; albeit the repeater electronics may benefit from it... but the fact that it is at the 45 feet mark makes it irrelevant IMO as power is not the root issue, data weakness is.  


  11. 19 minutes ago, mhamburg said:

    Thanks for the response. I am running v.3.1.16 Premier Edition with a modded Canon 6D.

    Thank you.

    49 minutes ago, mhamburg said:

    At the end of my last capture run, the sequence began again! This happened not only with light frames, but with flats and darks as well. I could stop the run with the abort button, but this is a first. In fact, I set BYEOS to capture 25 dark frames and then left my observatory for the night. The next morning I discovered that BYEOS had repeated the 25 frame sequence had kept repeating until I hit the abort. This has never happened before. Please advise and thanks for the help.


    You probably enabled the "LOOP" button just to the left of the "Start Capture" button.  Disable it and you should be fine.


  12. 1 hour ago, astrograph said:

    thank you for your very fast reply!

    The version I use is BackyardNikon 2.0.11 Premium, but in the meantime I have found the problem. In the advanced settings I had accidentially(?) activated the "Camera Force Use Serial Cable" option, now that I deselected this setting everything works as expected, thank you!


    Yep, that would do it.  Glad you got it to work.

  13. As mentioned above, please provide full version number.

    The Z6 does not have a mirror box, it's a mirrorless camera.  I suspect you have activated virtual mirror lock in advance settings... but first we need the full version number of BYN you are using otherwise it's all speculation.

    EDIT: You may also have chosen (by mistake) a serial cable in the capture plan (cable support pulldown). This needs to be set to "Camera USB" for the Z6.


  14. 4 minutes ago, trevor@woldsweather.co.uk said:

    That's great thanks. I have installed it on my PC but will need it on my laptop. Something tells me it wont let me!


    Based on what?  Just download on the laptop, install, and use the same key. You are allowed to install the trial on more than one computer.  There is no need to request another key from the store since you already have one.

  15. Oh, then you need to go to "My Purchases -> Orders" from the website top menu bar, your trial key is there.

    The key is also displayed on screen after the transaction but sometime it gets missed and people continue to browse; the "My Purchases -> Orders" is there 24/7.


  16. 49 minutes ago, SickL said:

    I had the exact problem today after updating from 3.1.17 to 3.1.18 (Win10, newest updates and patches installed). Reinstall of 3.1.17 or 3.1.18 did not work. Uninstall and reinstall of 3.1.18 in a new folder solved the issue for me.

    This is the classic Windows having messed up the permission on the folders where the settings are saved.  Glad the re-install solved it.


  17. 50 minutes ago, Brian Clark said:


    Thanks, I had to download it twice, first attempt didn't install correctly, but the second install went well and seems to like the new T7 just fine... I've really missed Byeos since my T3 failed.

    I feel so much better now.😃

    Glad you got it to work.

  18. Which version of BYE are you using?  Please download the latest from the download section and try again.  The T7 should connect with the latest 3.1.18.

    Always state you current version when posting, otherwise I can suggest any sort of upgrade path because I don't know what you are currently using.


  19. 30 minutes ago, JohnRWoods said:

    I just downloaded the latest software version and some things are very wrong. 

    The opening screen is red as in night time mode and there is no menu for selecting my Canon 90d. Actually there is nothing displayed in the box that in previous versions allowed you to select from 2  or 3 Canon sensor choices.

    How do I revert back to the previous version?

    This is an install issue.  Please re-install the latest version and you should be getting the menu to select the Canon SDK.  

    Keep me posted please.

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