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  1. I found the upgrade process to get the new key for V3, that problem is solved, I have one other issue I'd like to get help with, I purchased a complete telescope rig with mount, scopes and Canon EOS DSLR, the person I bought it from provided me with this software and license, he no longer has any copies or even a camera to use it with, I would like to have the license transfered into my name if this is possible...


    Any help with this matter would be sincerely appreciated...  Ken


    LOL Ken, I guess our post crossed each other.


    Glad you are up and running again.



  2. PoppaChris said:
    I know this is off-topic but I couldn't resist:

    Guylain - "Spiderman" for an ID?  Really?  I always thought of you as more of a "Spock" kind of guy... :D

    Forrest - You are our "Scottie"!


    lol, I was having a beer when I set the alias :)


    Right now those alias are standard from the forum config.  I will be changing them to something more astro-like soon.  They are based on your total number of posts/activity on the forum.



  3. Good question... and I'm not 100% sure what the answer really is <_>


    But, I'm the one that sets the actual y-axis scale and I set it to the maximum value in any of the rgb channels.  This way the histogram humps are always visible.  If not the scale would be so great that the humps would be almost always flat to the bottom.


    The x-axis is always from 0 to 255 (the pixel value in 8 bits representation)


    The y-axis is the total number of pixels for each x value, the y-axis varies for each image to ensure the humps are visible.


    Does this make sense?



  4. You are all young at heart :)


    Actually it's an alias given to you automatically by the forum based on your total number of posts.  It changes with time.


    I do have the option to set those alias.  I'll probably to later on and I'll based them on astronomy for sure.



  5. Salut Guylain, est-ce que tu prévois avoir une section où les membres vont pouvoir afficher les photos avec les méthodes, les équipements et les conseils.


    Non, mais vous pouvez télécharger des images à vos messages ; la taille est limitée à 256 KB par images.


    L’espace internet avec forum est dispendieux et nous voulons maintenir le coût du forum aussi bas que possible ... pourquoi ... eh bien ... parce que nous ne voulons pas vous faire payer pour le soutien, jamais!


    Je pourrais autoriser la publicité sur le site pour compenser le coût d'hébergement, mais je suis ici pour offrir un soutien sur un logiciel que vous avez déjà acheté ... Je ne veux pas vous inonder de publicité.


    Nous vous encourageons à héberger vos images et créer un lien dans votre message à la place. AstroBin est gratuit et dispose d'une fonction très cool des vignettes pour lier des images. Vous pouvez également utiliser flickr qui fournit maintenant un 1 GB d'espace de stockage gratuit pour vos images coqueluche.


    Avec la collaboration de tous, nous pouvons maintenir le coût de ce forum de support faible et par conséquent libre d'annonces publicitaires et libre d'utilisation pour tous les membres.



  6. Not really, that is what it boils down to.


    Aun = 3 characters

    Duration = 3 characters

    sequence = 6 characters.


    You get 12 characters in total with this config.


    You could type in an underscore after the '<duration>' so it reads '<duration>_'.  It would add an extra character but it would separate the duration form the actual sequence number.



  7. Ok Guylain, so am i good to try again.

    and somebody is asking about the Jpg name??



    TEST100000006.JPG = stills


     and .........


    Planetary_12800iso_1056x704_20140326-11h08m16s.avi  = AVI


    does this help.

    please do go to fast with answers because im old and slow..

    one person at a time and one answer at a time so i can try it.

    thank you gentlemen.



    Please post an image of your file name editor screen.  See image and click that [...] button and post that screen :)


    Guylain Untitled.jpg 

  8. here are the 3 images above here, showing what BYOS is set at. does this help.

    in terms of naming and path...



    As suggested earlier, please post an image of the actuall file name template editior.  All those ' | ' back to back in your name structure leads me to believe the issue is in the editor.



  9. Look at your TEMP folder as well.  It is not pointing to any drive?  That will cause issues.


    Make sure to select a valid BackyardTEMP folder and make sure it is on a local drive like C:


    The BackyardTEMP should never be on a network drive or on a removable hard drive, I depend 100% on its availability.



  10. Mike, that flat is over exposed in the blue channel; the blue is falling off the right side (the highlights).

    You need a smaller exposure, not a longer IMO.






  11. You seem to be doing it right.  Why do you think you flats are underexposed?  Can you please post an image of your flats?

    The key with flats is that no pixels falls off either side of the histogram.  If you get the Luminance about half way and then just glance at the R, B, and G individually to make sure none are touching either the left or right edge you are good to go.

    I do not calculate the ADU, to be honest I would know where to start... but if someone can provide a concise formula I could implement it for sure.


  12. Hello
    Before I buy the full version, I wanted to test the trial version.

    But this I can not download.

    After filling out the registration form happens not at all more ... download.

    How can I get the trial version?


    Thank you





    How many times did you try?  If you tried more than 2 times the anti-spam system I have on the web site will flag you and all  your requests will be ignored.


    If this is the case send me an email directly to backyardeos@binaryrivers.com and I'll do it manually.


    Thank you



  13. Guylain,


    Thanks for your quick reply. I failed to mention, that I had been using a small free app called Meade LX200GPS Mini Control to control my mount while you investigated this issue. I have to say that it works perfectly. Is it possible to talk the code writer for this app to get the specifics on the correct instructional calls? It would be great not to have multiple apps running on my small laptop. I would prefer to just have yours running.




    Thanks for all your help.




    Thanks Mike. 


    I'll skim through his site but he is probably using the Meade protocol to communicate with the mount, not ASCOM.  If he uses the ASCOM driver than there may be light at the end of the tunnel.



  14. Mike, I did look a bit deeper and the only ASCOM command I can send to the mount to move a single axis at a time is the ascom moveaxis command.


    All ASCOM drivers seems to implement the 'goto target' function but not the 'moveaxis' function; it does look like your ascom driver does not implement the moveaxis command.  I would need to do some intensive ra/dec calculation to use the goto target function to move only one axis. 


    It is quite possible that I missed something in the ascom documentation though <_>



  15. The control simply does not render properly.  All item in the control are the right size... but the L RGB buttons are not being rendered completely to the right as they should.  I have a few thousands v3 in circulation right now and this is the only reported occurrence of this odd behavior.



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