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  1. I just bought a D40 and a D5300 yesterday... they should be delivered early next week.


    This brings my total roaster of Nikons to D40, D90, D5100, D5300, and D7000 for my own personal testing.


    I'm working hard on trying to release BackyardNIKON BETA 1 this weekend.  This initial beta will ONLY be to confirm camera connectivity issues... resolve them... then move on the BETA 2 for functionality testing a week or 2 later.


    Thank you for your support.



  2. Rick, thanks for the suggestions.  The time 3-6 minutes is from the time the exposure ended until it shows up on my screen.  In the meantime, the shutter opens on schedule and the next pictures is taken, leaving me with then 2 in the queue. I had 2 images in the capture plan, with a delay of 4 seconds between them. I do not believe that I tried live view as I focused the lens before I started the run.  I was not in the planetary section at all.  The images were all RAW; I didn't try jpg.  I turned off the PhD initialization on start-up as I wasn't connect to a mount and I thought that might make a difference but it did not. 


    I have sent the logs to Guylain.  Hopefully he will see something in them.




    I have not had the time to look at your log files yet... but in 3.1 -ALL- background processing will now be ran in a totally separate Windows process and will no longer be suspended because of a bulb exposure < 30 seconds.  All images will be processed immediately from the queue, one by one, in a first-in first-out fashion... with the exception of preview and snap images in live view... those will take priority and will always be processed first.


    If I can't find the root cause then 3.1 will solve you issues for sure.



  3. Ok, Guylain, as soon as you get BackyardNIKON done, it's time to start on BackyardCCD and create something to replace the junk that comes with the Celestron Nightscape that I ended up with.  I think everyone would be thrilled to see the BYE capabilities in something that would run various CCD cameras.  Just thought I'd toss that out there and give you something to think about if you aren't already!


    And BTW, I know software is NEVER done, but...  :)






    Yeah I know... I have a ST-8300, a QSI683, a ATIK 460ex... and I'm reminded of the lack of software each time I take them out for a night out.  I will get there someday.


    But... I must remain focus on BackyardNIKON which I hope to release a first beta next weekend for initial camera connection testing.  I estimate the BETA to last about 2 months and it should be good for production release.  Once that is done I must stay true to the long awaited autofocus stuff so that is where I will be focusing my effort post BackyardNIKON release.  Then... holly crap... the CCD stuff is going to itch me like crazy.



  4. UPDATE....

    Guylain got right back to me...    Seems it was a issue with Parallels.  I closed and restarted it and my CPU utilization dropped from 27% to 4% and BYE started working correctly again.

    Now I need to figure out what the heck was going on with Parallels...


    Guylain Rocks!

    Many thanks kind sir for the help late on a sunday night.







  5. Je commence l'AP et j'adore ton produit... petite question:


    J'ai fais des tests en planetaire sur Jupiter et je remarque que Jupiter est 2 fois plus sombre sur les fichiers CR2, TIFF ou JPEG que sur le liveview (BYE ou Camera), est ce normal?



    Salut, je suis pas certain de bien comprendre.  La fonction planétaire dans BYE ne genère pas les cr2 ou tiff... seulement les avi at jpg.



  6. While this JPG Histogram approach makes perfect for "imaging" purposes, where throughput is quite important and the usual use of the Histogram is to confirm one has separation from the Left edge, could you consider (as a future Feature) an additional routine (perhaps managed by a Settings Check Box) that performs a more extensive RAW Histogram Evaluation when the Imaging Frame Type is "Flats" ??

    (I'd suggest triggering it only for "Flat Previews", but those are only L-JPGs...)


    Yes Phil, I already have that on the new feature backlog.


    Thank you





  7. Van,


    There is absolutely nothing different between the trial and the purchase version.


    THEY USE THE SAME CODE so that can not be it, I guarantee it!


    Are you taking BULB shot under 30 seconds???  If yes that -could- be the culprit!


    Try taking TV images instead of BULB when you want to take < 30 seconds. 


    If you still have issues send me an email at backyardEOS@binaryrivers.com and I'll do a remote login to find the root cause and fix it.


    Again, this has nothing to do with trial versus purchase.








  8. I ran into problems with backyardeos after upgrading from windows 8.0 to 8.1. The program failed to open a file that was clearly available to it. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling that did not fix the problem. I then uninstalled and installed the program in the directory C:\backyardeos303v and that worked. Near as I can tell some sort of windows 8.1 permission issue was taking place with the default directory probably caused by the upgrade.


    Grrr.... windows (or .net) is messing up the config file again... which is a native .net feature <_>


    You can do 1 of 2 things to fix this error.


    (1) Install BYE in a new folder as you did or (2) go to the folder below and remove the configuration file.  The next time BYE starts it will re-create the file and you should be good to go.  BYE settings will be set to factory default when you delete this file, including your key.  This means you will need to re-enter your key.


    C:\Users\<<your user name>>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\BackyardEOSv3\


    The /AppData/ folder is hidden so you may have to set Windows so it shows hidden folders first.


    Hope this helps,









  9. Video encoding -large- files like that will take a long time, maybe up to 10 minutes each.  And if you closed BYE before they where all done... well it did not complete the AVI encoding process.


    You have not lost anything though.  Your individual jpgs files are still in "My Pictures\BackyardTEMP\downloads".


    In v3.1 I have changed the background process and it will be faster and you will be able to close BYE and the process will continue... as long as you don't close the PC :)


    I may even add an option in planetary to save jpg only (skip the avi encoding) for those rare instances when it's the only logical thing left to do.



  10. I noticed when doing plate solve in AT by File Open Dialog, it only looks for .jpg files and not the .cr2 RAW files that the Canon makes.


    So I changed the BYEOS setting to save both RAW+JPG

    Was that necessary?


    It is not necessary, BYE will automatically take a JPG image for AstroTortilla; you don't need to set it to JPG or RAW+JPG before hand.





  11. Hi Guylain:


    So what I designed uses the IR trigger mode for the D90 and similar cameras.  Just sending a single character out the virtual serial port will trigger the IR sequence once.  In timed mode, that takes one shot, while in bulb mode you trigger once for open and once for close.  The other software I'd mentioned handled all the timing, including inter-frame delays to allow the camera to write to the memory card, etc.




    If it operates as a standard serial cable it will probably work... I guess we will see very soon :)



  12. Hey guys, I dropped the bomb on this one.

    Phil is correct and I'm wrong... and drove Rick on the wrong side of things in the process.  sorry about that,

    The histogram in BYE is driven from the jpeg representation of the raw data and Phil is right, the flat is under exposed when looking at the histogram from the raw data.

    Sorry for the confusion.


  13. Keep in mind that I only load the JPG representation of the raw data, which is in 8 bits format.  I can get away with this because I don't do any processing to the image... so the 8 bits jpg representation actually speed things up when loading the image... and keeps memory/cpu consumption down.



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