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  1. Okay, so I also found why the AVI was not copied.  The AVI was not there when the try move occurred.   This is probably a timer issue where VirtualDub (or Windows) may take a few milliseconds after the AVI encoding process is complete and the actual file showing up in the folder.


    I will add a few seconds wait time between the AVI creating and the actual copy to take place.  This should resolve the issue.


    Thanks for reporting it.



  2. Okay, so there are a few things here.


    Thanks to your log files I was able to determine that a bug exists when using the SEQUENCE instead of the default TIMESTAMP in the file name configuration.  When SEQUENCE is chosen images never gets copied in the final download folder.  I'll fix that in RC04.


    The log4net log file is irrelevant, you can disable it in Advance Setting.  This is used only when the log files are not created, it helps me find why they are not... but since the log files are created on your system you can disable it that in Advance Settings.


    As for the planetary losing fps when recording a second session while the previous is encoding this is normal, unwanted but normal.  The background worker does run a lowest priority thread, but it may take -some- cycle from the main UI thread still <_>


    As for the AVI not ending up in your download folder I do see an error in the log file indicating the file move has failed.  I'm not sure why at this time but I'm investigating... I'm almost tempted to have the AVI being creating directly in the user selected download folder instead of in the TEMP folder.  The only benefit in having it created in the TEMP folder is that I know it is a local folder and is always available.  The end user download folder on the other hand could very well be on a network folder / NAS / or USB drive... which may become unavailable and then all sort of side effect can occur <_ i on the fence. would rather find root cause and fix. continue looking for cause.>


    Thank you for your time testing, I really appreciate it.



  3. I have managed to successfully take pictures at different speeds. The only issue appears to be on the Bulb setting.


    I have also managed to take pictures using Steve's cable, using the button on the cable. Everything works again except when the camera is on the Bulb setting. THe camera latches open and does not release unless swithed off.


    Is there perhaps a software setting on the D90 that controls that?







    Your issue is not software, it is either COM port, the cable, or a bad connection.  It looks like the Windows is failing to close the COM port somehow <_>


    Try assigning a difference COM port to your cable in Windows.


    Try on another computer and see what happens.


    Keep up posted,



  4. I'm having problems with the Background Worker Task, which does appear to startup/execute (per BYE and per TaskManager) but which doesn't succeed in placing the resulting files into the expected Folders.
    For Imaging mode, the Preview Image that I took ended up in the proper destination Directory (User\My Pictures\BackyardEOS\2014-08-12\Pool Wall; I'm using Date#1 format and shooting test shots of my "Pool Wall").  However the resulting Images of a 4-shot Capture Plan ended up stuck in the BYE Temp Diretory (BackyardTEMP\Download).
    For Planetary Mode, I shot a short 100-frame Movie and allowed it to complete the Background Worker Task (task popped-up a Security Warning upon start which I resolved by unchecking the "Always Ask for this Program" and Allowed it to proceed.  I then shot a longer 1000-frame Movie, followed 60-sec later by a short 100-frame Movie.  I noted that while each of the first two Planetary Capture Sequences were timed at 9.9FPS, once the Background Worker Task was active the 3rd Capture was timed at 7.9FPS (a rather substantial drop in FPS for a i5-2430M running at 2.4GHz with 8GB).  Neither of the latter two Captures triggered a Security Popup for the Background Worker Task, and I was able to confirm from TaskManager that the Task was present and working away.  The Camera Info Center Queue showed the 2 in-queue and then 1 and then none.  However, I ended up with no files in the expected destination directory, but rather there are a number of "task-#PID#-callback.dat" files in the BackyardTEMP\BackgroundWorker directory.
    I scoured my HDD for any other locations where the missing files might be hidden, based upon Datestamp.  I found the v3.1.0 RC3 logfiles, as well as those for my "comparison test" startup of v3.0.3.  And, as a surprise, I found active log4net logfiles for both versions - even though neither instance has the Log4net Debug Advanced Setting checked.
    Standard Logfiles attached:

    zip v310rc3 140812 Logs.zip     


    BYE Log4net logfile attached:

    txt 7d30f4d5-8585-4cd4-b2be-5320aba9cb38BackyardEOS-log4net.txt     


    BackgroundWorker "callback.dat" files:

    DropBox Folder



    I do see an error trying to move the file to your final download folder.


    I also noticed that you have a space in your file name "Pool  Wall"... I wonder if this is the actual bug preventing the move?  I'll run some tests with and without space and see what happens.





  5. Should it be possible to add a button in planetary mode (or in the settings), that will desactivate the live view before beginning of the pause, and re-activate planetary mode just after the end ?


    this way, it would be possible to do automation (like a plan in imaging mode) for several hours in order to track the best pictures without having to activate every 10 minutes the mirror


    "Re-activate planetary mode just after the end"... the end of what? <_>



  6. Guylain, can you confirm that the Camera remains in LiveView mode throughout ALL the time that the User is in the Planetary or Frame&Focus Modes ??  Or, does the "Pause" actually drop the Camera out of LiveView ??  While hitting the Pause in either does result in the LiveView display image no longer updating, I only hear the Mirror Drop when I move out of those Modes by selecting Imaging Mode.


    Yes, it remains in live view.  You need to move to Image capture to leave live view.


    Pause simply ignores the sensor readings... so it will continue to heat up the sensor.


    Hope this helps,





  7. Hi Guylain,


    Not been about for a while (moving house etc...)

    Any chance I can have my copy of Backyard Nikon activated so I can have a play.


    I never thought you would create BackyardNik after I suggested it years ago!






    I don't know what you mean!  BackyardNIKON beta releases come with a built-in license key, they are automatically active. 


    Yours is not?



  8. I'm interested in buying your program, but can't tell from the discussion groups nor your web site if one can control image capture via ASCOM and Astronomers Control Panel.  Essentially, replace MaxIM DL as the camera control software solely for camera control.  Your ASCOM references are for focusing and filter wheel control. 


    Thanks for any input.




    BackyardEOS is -NOT- an ASCOM camera control program.  It is a Canon DSLR camera control program and it uses the Canon SDK/drivers to communicate with the camera directly.


    The ASCOM component in BackyardEOS is mainly used to controlled motorized ASCOM compliant focusers.  You can also use it to control your ASCOM compliant filter wheel and telescope for nudging your scope during frame & focus.


    That is the extent of the ASCOM component... to control focusers/filter wheel/telescope... but not the camera.


    Hopefully this makes sense and helps demystifying the ASCOM component in BYE.



  9. Thanks for your answer; I didn't think about sensor temperature...B)



    in fact, I take only 2mn or 3mn long clip (around 3000 frames to 4500), but I was thinking to take 2mn clip, then wait 10mn, and so on;


    another thing is that I remote my scope and when the planetary mode end after 30 minutes, you have to go to the camera to do an off/on cycle (no way to do it with remote command)





    No need to power off/on the camera.  Just go into Image Capture mode during your 10 minute wait.  This will flip down the mirror and the camera will cool down... then go back in planetary mode for your next 2 minute recording.


    Hope this helps,

  10. Hi Guylain,


    As a Nikon user I have just downloaded BackyardNikon Beta 02d to try out when the weather clears...Ha Ha..:D


    I see that it is not possible to purchase a license yet for this package so how long does the trial period last for?


    Many thanks.




    BETA 02d is good until early September.  I will probably release BETA 02e this week with an extended license.


    Thank you



  11. I use BYN with a D5100 and my laptop. I have the Shoestring shutter cable. I have been unable to get a clean startup of BYN. If I try to start the camera first, the camera won't be recognized by the laptop with the cables connected. If I start BYN, then turn on the camera BYN fails to link to camera giving USB hub message. I do use a new, mid level hub I purchased for this as well as all new cables. I need the hub because I have 2 USB ports on the laptop and one is needed for the mouse, one for the camera and one for the shutter controller. Leaving BYN running, I unplug the hub, and plug it back in. This usually causes the USB hub drver to load, and most of the time a driver for the D5100 as well. Sometimes this cycle must be repeated. Once the icon for the camera shows on the laptop, I select "connect to camera" this is usually successful, although I sometimes have to close BYN and open it again before camera will connect. BYN indicates Nikon drivers are loaded at startup, so why can't I connect immediately? This can be frustrating. I realize it's probably me, but whatever it takes. Thanks


    The issue is not BackyardNIKON at first glanced.  BYN will not see/connect to the camera if Windows does not see the camera, which seems to the the issue.


    In BackyardNIKON the message "drivers loaded" simply means the SDK libraries have been loaded and ready to connect to the camera... but only if Windows sees it first.


    Try removing the SD card in the camera.  That may do it.



  12. Guylain:


    Would it be possible to change the camera display on BYN to be consistent with Nikon language?  For example: You're still calling out Tv and Av for shutter and aperture, this is Canon Speak.  Nikon uses "S" for shutter and "A" for aperture.  Ultimately, this may be confusing some Nikon users who aren't hip to Canon Speak. 


    Hope this was useful.  




    Yes, I will get to that later, it's on the to do list before production release.



  13. Guylain:


    Great interface!  Everything seems to be working has promised.  However, the battery level display doesn't seem to be showing up on the "Camera Information Center".  Do I need to configure something in settings?  Other than that, I think you have a solid piece of software that should warm the hearts of Nikon users.  I'm testing with a Nikon D5100, Win 7 x64 OS.   Great work.




    I could not get the battery level using the Nikon SDK easily.  I'll try to add this in a later release.



  14. Hi,


    Just a little question; when I hibernate the PC, I noticed that the BacyardRED slider is moving each time to the right of the screen (if you shutdown, you won't have this problem).


    Is there a way to move back the slider to the left/center of the screen (I tried combo like Ctrl+Maj but nothing work for me).






    Hi François,


    Unfortunately there is no way right now <_>





  15. Since Guylain makes heavy use of Visual Studio, it'd take a lot of heavy rewriting to support a Mac OSX version.  And it would expose him to being one of the first to plow through and debug the OSX Version of the Canon ESDK.


    All of that effort, and it would still leave Mac-based AP Imagers in the conundrum that so many other of their AP Imaging Needs can only be satisfied in Windows-based Software.


    Myself, being selfish, would first hope that Guylain can find the time to continue on his current course and finish development of BYN, secure the internal Image Handling Library Changes occurring in v3.1 for both BYE and BYN, and make progress on the commitments of an Auto-Focus System (plus whatever additional Features and Tweaks).  That would seem quite enough of a Workload for the little Binary Rivers shop.  


    But, Guylain might have bigger plans...


    A good summary :)


    As I have said before I may try to compile it against the mono framework in the future but this is not for tomorrow.  My current plans are to release BYE 3.1, BYN 1.0, then complete the auto-focus.  Those plans will carry my into 2015 as-is.


    Thank you,



  16. I just download the Beta BYN and must say it rocks over Images Plus.  However, there's that annoying issue with the Inferred senor that I really hate (I'm about ready to pick up a 2nd hand Canon!). Everything seems to be working except the Bulb function which I need if I'm going to test this bad boy in the field.  Does  BYN support Shoestring Astronomy's DSUB-IR1 set up?  That's the one thing I really dislike about my Nikon D5100. 


    It supports the DSUSB from Shoestring (not the DSUB-IR1).


    It also support this cable, made by a BackyardNIKON user.  I have no affiliation with Steve.


    Hope this help,

  17. I've been asked this question frequently lately so I decided create a simple how-to.

    Follow these steps to
    zoom in/out images in BackyardEOS/BackyardNIKON.

    If you have a mouse with a center wheel...

    1. Place the mouse over the image, the zoom will be centered where the mouse cursor is (just like Google Map)
    2. Use your wheel mouse to zoom in/out.


    If you do not have a wheel on your mouse...


    1. Using the mouse (or mouse pad) on your laptop, place the cursor over the image, the zoom will be centered where the cursor is (just like Google Map)
    2. Use your keyboard page up/down button to zoom in/out. 


    You can go as high as 1000% and beyond.

    This zoom method is available in all modes, including Frame & Focus when live view is enabled.

    Hope this helps,

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