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  1. These two Cameras will also need to be mounted Side-by-Side on the same Mount with the AutoGuider for this Split Trigger Cable setup to work.  (But, hopefully that was the intended configuration of this whole thread...)


    BYEOS, as of v3.0.3, currently only supports communication to a single instance of PHD, although support for PHD2's multiple instances is said to be available in the upcoming v3.1.



    Yes, I have added the ability to configure a host in addition the the port number in 3.1 in the PHD setting section of BYE.





  2. Rick, I have spent the last couple of days testing various versions of the program and scanning the detailed logs and have not found any solution.  Yes, skipping the EXIF write and read sections does save some time as it seems to take a minute and a half to read the EXIF and another half minute to write the exif. But whatever version I use, with or without EXIF, I am still running into abnormally long download times.  Even restoring the test version that I used to test the 500D before Guylain released 3.02, which gave me in November CR2 load times of 3000-6000 ms per image with minimal delay in reading EXIF, is now giving me CR2 load times of 80,000-106,000 ms. Then the EXIF adds another 2 minutes and then another minute to show up with a name and thumbnail on the screen.  Something has changed somewhere.  If you have any other ideas I might try to pinpoint the problem, I will definitely try them out as I really like BYE. 


    I used BYE to do alignment last evening and it was very jerky.  I used another capture program to actually capture the images because if it takes 3-4 minutes to download an image in BYE when I am taking 40 2 minute images, I will have a slew of unloaded images at the end of the session, to which I would have to add flats and the other calibration images - an unworkable situation for me. 


    Guylain has indicated that version 3.1 is the answer so I hope it comes soon.


    Thank you for all your help.


    Leslie, I've looked at your log files and the issue is NOT downloading images and not reading/writing exif data.


    Physical download takes about 10 seconds consistently according to your log files.

    Reading/Writing exif date takes about 8 seconds consistently according to your log files.


    THE ISSUE is actually the Canon SDK is taking waaaayyyyy to long to read the .cr2 and recreate the image.


    2014-03-31 16:11:51,106 [img_0001.CR2] INFO  - Running (log): EDSDK.EdsGetImage(img_ref, imageSource, bitmapImageType, imageInfo.EffectiveRect, outputSize, stream)
    2014-03-31 16:12:56,143 [img_0001.CR2] INFO  - Success: EDSDK.EdsGetImage(img_ref, imageSource, bitmapImageType, imageInfo.EffectiveRect, outputSize, stream)


    The call to EdsGetImage() is taking over 1 minute and the call to release the image is taking of 15 seconds.


    This is where the time is spent, it should not take more than 10 seconds, even on a slow computer.


    THE GOOD NEWS... it's not the camera!


    THE BAD NEWS... it's the SDK that is crapping on you because the calls to the SDK are taking for ever to return.


    I see you are running off a 1 CPU laptop... I don't think this is an issue.  BUT, how much memory do you have?  My best guess is that you are running low on memory and that leaves Windows using the swap file (on disk) to use as virtual memory... which would have Windows spend ridiculous amount of time pushing/pulling stuff in/out the the virtual memory swap file.


    If you monitor MEMORY and DISK activity during that time with task manager... what does it say?  Is the disk activity through the roof?  If yes that would confirm my theory.


    Does this make sense?



  3. Just to confirm, if I get Hap to make the cable then I will be able to control two cameras and dither both cameras as well.  I want to be sure before I spend money on a cable that will not work.


    Yes, it should if the cable wired properly.  I have implemented this feature for Jerry Lodriguss and he has used it several times in the past.


    Basically what it does is BYE Instance #1 will trigger the open shutter and close shutter as per the capture plan... and since the signal will be received by 2 cameras both will open its shutter and close at the same time.


    It is not a perfect implementation like I have said in the past.


    1) Both cameras must have mirror lock set to the same value (ON or OFF)

    2) Both cameras must have noise reduction set to the same value (ON or OFF)

    3) Instance #1 will download images as it does does normally (including rename) This is your ACTIVE instance.

    4) Instance #2 will download images BUT will not rename... this is because the second instance does not have an active capture plan... it is only there to provide connectivity to the camera.  This is your passive instance.


    Hope this makes sense.



  4. I'm not a Nikon user, and yet I'm still EXCITED !!


    It's GREAT seeing Guylain's Efforts coming to Fruition !!


    Hopefully, this Beta Effort will be relatively short and productive...


    (And yes, once BinaryRivers has opened up "the Backyard" to Nikon Users, too, that BYEOS v3.1 will then soon be delivered with another batch of Features and Updates for us Canon Users...  You didn't think I was all that generous, did you ??  :rolleyes: )


    So true :)



  5. YOUPEE!!!


    In this initial BETA release my only goal is camera connectivity, basic image acquisition, and live view.


    Please report the following issues ONLY for now.

    1. Camera connection issues
    2. Live view not working issues
    3. Taking picture issues (not BULB unless you have a DSUSB cable which does work in BETA 01).  TV pictures in ‘M’ dial mode are working so please report any issues if taking TV images does not work.

    1. BULB over USB does not work yet, for any models.  BULB will only work if you have a DSUSB cable in this initial BETA 01 release.
    2. NEF images download but will not be displayed.  For this reason I have set the default image setting to RAW+JPG so images can be shown in BackyardNIKON.

    The BETA installer comes pre-compiled with a BETA license.  The BETA installer will NOT install over your current BackyardEOS so fear not.


    I have personally tested camera connection with…

    • D90
    • D5100
    • D7000
    I also expect the following camera to connect properly, but I can’t be sure.

    • D5200
    • D5300
    • D7100
    • D800
    All other models I’m not sure… BUT it may connect and if it does you will get a message like the following and liveview will not work, but taking pictures should/might.


    Device(#####) Module(Type###) found!

    PLEASE CONTACT US with the above information.


    We may be able to hook it up properly in BETA 02.



    This is exciting, thank you for your support and interest,


    Guylain & Chris





  6. I echo what s3igell just said. 


    I would start with the camera connected to the PC directly, no hub to start with and with a known good < 6 feet USB cable.


    ALL CAMERA DISCONNECT are always attributed to a bad cable/connection.


    The Canon SDK is extremely sensitive, if the connection between the camera and the computer is temporarily interrupted, even if it's only for 1 millisecond, it will fire a camera disconnect event.


    This will also occur if the USB cable is saturated with data at any given time.  So if you have -all- your devices connected to a hub and the hub into a single usb port on the computer sooner or later the cable will be over saturated with data and the camera will disconnect.  Almost -all- reported camera disconnect falls into this category <_>


    Hope this help,



  7. I have two Canon T3i cameras and just tested using the second instance of BYE.  When I open the second instance of BYE, power on the camera and click connect the Camera Selector dialog shows 2 cameras with the same name and there's no way to tell which one is not connected.  In my testing the camera that's powered on last seems to appear at the top of the list every time.  Is there any way to filter the list and exclude cameras already connected to instance #1?  Or is there some way to give them unique names and show in the UI which camera an instance is connected to? Is there any risk if I pick wrong?




    Sadly there is no property in the Canon SDK to -know- if a camera is connected or not <_>


    The only information I have is the camera name (which I display) and the usb port where it is connected.  I would have to do some gymnastic with the usb port and try to identify which camera is associated to which port and then try to exclude from the list the ones that are connected... but that would be messy, doable (I think) but messy <_>



  8. I have read several other posts similar, but none seem to explain my issue.  First, this is intermittent.  Sometimes i have no issues for a whole evening, other times i never get a single picture in a whole night of trying.

    Basically the system seems to work fine as i take preview images.  Once i set up multiple images and start imaging, things appear to go well, but the camera locks up when it should be downloading the image.  If i power cycle the camera, it says it is still busy downloading an image.  Nothing happens and eventually BYEOS disconnects.  The only way out is to pull the battery out and restart the PC.  Sometimes it will work later, other times the problem continues every time i try to start imaging.  I have replaced the usb cable and the battery.  I don't typically have a memory card in the camera because i save straight to the PC.  Do i need one?  Or should i just save to a card instead?  I am very frustrated because i cannot figure out the cause because it is intermittent in nature, but still very frequent.

    Please help.  I would like to image tonight, but am tired of staying up all night only to get no images for the effort.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.



    What is your camera model?


    This looks like a rare but semi-common issue that I have seen once or twice with some camera model where the camera fails to fire the _image_ready_for_download_ event and when this happens BYE is in limbo because it is waiting for the image to download but the camera never notifies BYE that an image _IS_ ready for download.


    This is a camera issue (or Canon SDK) and there is not much BYE can do sadly <_>


    However, if my theory is right, if you set the SAVE TO field to "Camera Only" it should work.  The downside is that your images will not be downloaded to your computer... but you will be able to complete an imaging session.  It's a compromise for sure and it is far from being ideal... but this is the only solution for this issue <_>


    Hope this help,








  9. Getting a Master instance and Slave instance of BYE to follow suite is a MAJOR feature.  This is why I'm recommending the split cable for now if you want to dither.  If not you can already start and connect 2 cameras at the same time with the Premium Edition... but they are separate instances without one knowing the other one is there


    My Priorities are...

    1) BackyardNIKON

    2) Completing Auto-focus


    These 2 well take all my time for at least 6 to 10 months... which means I will not (and can  not) entertain any other big feature until 2015 for sure.


    BYE is a weekend and weeknight gig for both Chris and I.  I have 3 kids and Chris has 2... time is limited at both ends <_>





  10. I'm sorry, just saw this already has been asked on the fórum BUT:


    - Is there really a need to split the cable, if each camera can be connected

      by it's USB cable to a HUB?

    - Wouldn't it be much simpler to just start 2 instances and let the second instance

      just be a slave of the first one?


    If Astrotortilla can take control of BYE, why wouldn't it be posible to do the same

    for a second instance? ( of course the 2nd instance has it's capture folder different

    then the first instance )


    Hmmm, just thinking what am I missing???






    It all depends what you want to do.


    If you want to dither and use both cameras you need a split cable otherwise they will not be in synch.


    If you do not dither and just want to control 2 cameras then just start 2 instances.


    One with camera1.exe and the second one with camera2.exe.  This will ensure that they each have their own config settings.


    If you want to use AstroTortilla with each instances set a different port in BYE -> Settings -> 3rd Party Integration.


    Hope this helps,



  11. Frank,

    Not sure if you got my last email so here it is just in case.

    The check cable is for SERIAL cable only, not for USB camera cable.  If you have not set a serial cable then that option will always be disabled... BTW you do not need a serial cable for the XSi so that button is not for you anyway :)
    If it worked flawlessly for years and with the same version it now does not behave the same... it has to be environment related, there is no doubt about that... but finding the root cause can sometime be slow and painful <_>
    Remove the battery for at least 5 minutes, use a -new- less than 6 feet usb cable connected directly into the computer usb port.  If that works work your way up by adding one component at a time until you get the exact same setup you have for years... eventually you will get the device/cable that is causing your grief. 

    If you need a exact older version to run some test I can provide you with download links, I still have all of them.
    Guylain Rochon

  12. I just bought a D40 and a D5300 yesterday... they should be delivered early next week.


    This brings my total roaster of Nikons to D40, D90, D5100, D5300, and D7000 for my own personal testing.


    I'm working hard on trying to release BackyardNIKON BETA 1 this weekend.  This initial beta will ONLY be to confirm camera connectivity issues... resolve them... then move on the BETA 2 for functionality testing a week or 2 later.


    Thank you for your support.



  13. Rick, thanks for the suggestions.  The time 3-6 minutes is from the time the exposure ended until it shows up on my screen.  In the meantime, the shutter opens on schedule and the next pictures is taken, leaving me with then 2 in the queue. I had 2 images in the capture plan, with a delay of 4 seconds between them. I do not believe that I tried live view as I focused the lens before I started the run.  I was not in the planetary section at all.  The images were all RAW; I didn't try jpg.  I turned off the PhD initialization on start-up as I wasn't connect to a mount and I thought that might make a difference but it did not. 


    I have sent the logs to Guylain.  Hopefully he will see something in them.




    I have not had the time to look at your log files yet... but in 3.1 -ALL- background processing will now be ran in a totally separate Windows process and will no longer be suspended because of a bulb exposure < 30 seconds.  All images will be processed immediately from the queue, one by one, in a first-in first-out fashion... with the exception of preview and snap images in live view... those will take priority and will always be processed first.


    If I can't find the root cause then 3.1 will solve you issues for sure.



  14. Ok, Guylain, as soon as you get BackyardNIKON done, it's time to start on BackyardCCD and create something to replace the junk that comes with the Celestron Nightscape that I ended up with.  I think everyone would be thrilled to see the BYE capabilities in something that would run various CCD cameras.  Just thought I'd toss that out there and give you something to think about if you aren't already!


    And BTW, I know software is NEVER done, but...  :)






    Yeah I know... I have a ST-8300, a QSI683, a ATIK 460ex... and I'm reminded of the lack of software each time I take them out for a night out.  I will get there someday.


    But... I must remain focus on BackyardNIKON which I hope to release a first beta next weekend for initial camera connection testing.  I estimate the BETA to last about 2 months and it should be good for production release.  Once that is done I must stay true to the long awaited autofocus stuff so that is where I will be focusing my effort post BackyardNIKON release.  Then... holly crap... the CCD stuff is going to itch me like crazy.



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