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  1. says it all. I imaged last night to get used to BYEOS. I love the system and its potential but had issues saving files. I wanted to image the m81 area and did. shot my 10 60 second frames. and when session was finished I couldn't close the file/folder to save and open another folder to image the whirlpool region..  I haven't even begun to discuss the focus and tracking issues. a frustrating first couple nights


    What do you mean could not open another folder?


    BackyardEOS automatically download all your image files in "My Pictures\BackyardEOS\*" by default. 


    The target name will also be automatically added to your image file name... NO NEED to open another folder. 


    Can you please explain in more detail your workflow?



  2. I did another test after rebooting the computer.  Here's some files.




    Everything is working as expected with that config... which is wrong <_>


    You should NOT have your download folder and plan folder in the same folder as your BackyardTEMP folder.


    BackyardTEMP folder is a space for BYE to work on files.


    Your download folder is where your images will be at when BackyardNIKON is done working with them.


    Does this make sense?


    Change your config to something like this.


    Download -> "c:\BYN Images\Lights"

    Plan -> "c:\BYN Images\Plans"

    BackyardTEMP -> "c:\BYN TEMP"


    Note that BackyardTEMP is NOT pointing to the same root folder as downloads and plans.






  3. I took some shots of c/2012 K1 (PANSTARRS) a couple of nights ago. The RAW files have a 'stripe' along the right side of the image that is more pronounced when I stretch the image. I have attached a screen grab. Is this part of the overscan area?


    My best guess is your processing software, PI in this case. 


    Start BackyardNIKON again.  Drag that same RAW image file in the image picture box.  BYN should load the image.  Use the screen stretch in BYE and see if the stripe is still there.



  4. Two of my cameras (D7000 and D610) have a 'mirror up' mode. Can this be supported in BYN? Say, with a configurable parameter for the delay between the mirror up and the exposure start? Or is this not available through the API?


    Mirror up is not working in BackyardNIKON for now.  It's a bit more trickier than Canon.  It will probably not by is release 1.





  5. I created the folders I wanted before starting BYN.  Opened BYN then connected to camera.  Then specified folders.  William


    Send me print screen of the setting dialog.  I want to see to the folders to make sure I understand properly.  Looks like it may be a bug.



  6. Had another session that had same issues.  The memory card was not in the camera this time but had same results.  I specified a separate download folder but left the other two folders as original default.  It showed the image taken but did not save the photos in the specified folder.  Saved them in the original default folder.  If I specified all three folders it did not show any images at all after each shot and still did not save the images in the specified folders.  It also did not rename any images as any names I tried to specified.  I have yet to get any names I choose to work.  Regardless of what settings I do.


    Did you restart BYN after you changed the folder?



  7. Hello,


    I solved the problem. Under the Settings menu ->Advanced Settings -> Force serial cable made everything work properly!


    Everything was connected properly (bulb mode) and it was the right COM part (COM 1). I have a native serial port on my old Dell Laptop with Windows XP.


    So I got it to work and right now I am shooting a bunch of 60sec darks with my Canon 5D Classic. Thanks so much, this software is great :)




    Hi Tony,


    Glad you got it to work... but you should not have to set the 'force serial cable' with the 5D.  Is so I have a bug for that model.  I'll see if I can find it and fix.


    Again, glad you got it to work.



    Hi Tony,


    Confirmed.  This is a bug in 3.0.3.  You should not have to set the "force serial cable" for the 5D.  I have fixed it in 3.1.  Look for when I release 3.1 in 4 to 8 weeks.





  8. I bought Backyard EOS a couple of weeks ago and last night when I tried to get on it said it was invalid. I deleted the e-mail you sent with the key could you please resend.   Harold Hargrave.


    Hi Harold,


    I do not have any purchase under your name, only a trial request on April 25th... which expired about 1 week ago.


    Please send me an email to support@binaryrivers.com with your PayPal transaction and I'll see if I can retrieve it.


    Please note that key retrieval within 30 days of purchasing is free. 


    Beyond 30 days a $15 fee applies for key retrieval as per our policy here.







  9. Hi. I downloaded the last version of EOS. When I tried to rotate the crosshairs I realized that it was impossible to do in increments of +0,25 degrees (as said the user´s guide). Can you help me ?https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ydw7b98ol3uo7lr/AAB8XAk9aN5GR2hQIWty4udsa

    thank you !!


    I think it is a bug with having a comma (,) as a decimal point instead of a period (.)


    I run a few more tests. 


    In the mean time, if your change your decimal point in Windows to be a period does it work?





  10. Until very recently, when I clicked on the scope control button I got a pop-up Ascom direction control panel that worked great.  Now when I click on scope control the direction buttons are integrated into the BYEOS interface in the Camera Information Center and don't work nearly as accurately.  What am I doing wrong?





    Is this the same version of BackyardEOS? If yes you must have changed something if it worked fine a few weeks ago. Did you upgrade ASCOM?

  11. Hello,


    I solved the problem. Under the Settings menu ->Advanced Settings -> Force serial cable made everything work properly!


    Everything was connected properly (bulb mode) and it was the right COM part (COM 1). I have a native serial port on my old Dell Laptop with Windows XP.


    So I got it to work and right now I am shooting a bunch of 60sec darks with my Canon 5D Classic. Thanks so much, this software is great :)




    Hi Tony,


    Glad you got it to work... but you should not have to set the 'force serial cable' with the 5D.  Is so I have a bug for that model.  I'll see if I can find it and fix.


    Again, glad you got it to work.



  12. Hello,


    I am having the exact same issue with V3.03 and a 5D classic. I have a serial cable made from HAP astrocables and using the Test cable function it triggers it via Serial COM1 but I cannot make the software do bulb exposures. The software starts the countdown from 10:00 and even if I do a 45 or 60 sec exposure it has this error:


    ERROR EDS_ERR_NOT SUPPORTED: EDSDK.EdsSendCommand(cameraRef, 2,0)


    The camera connects successfully and works in manual mode up to 30 sec just fine. Images download and saves properly. I am just having issues it taking exposures in bulb mode. Again the Test cable function does work properly and triggers the shutter in the camera, but any attempt at "Start Capture" results in aborted image capture.


    Please help, I really need my camera to do long exposures. The reason I bought this software.




    Tony Blakesley


    Hi Tony... and welcome!


    Does the 5D have a "B" dial mode for BULB?  If yes you need to set the dial to B, it will not work if the dial is set to M.


    Hope this helps,



  13. Thanks for the input.  I'll have to take a look through some of my books - I had recalled that there was one (J. Lodriguss?) on DSLRs that recommended RAW but also setting camera to monochrome.  


    Setting the color style is irrelevant when taking RAW images.



  14. 4.) The next step involves trial-and-error. As each TTL-Serial USB plug has a different chipset, in addition to each USB port having its own designator, you will need to go through a process of elimination. Starting with Serial COM1, return to the Capture Plan center and initiate a 10 SECOND BULB exposure in the exposure control settings. This will determine the settings you will need to use.





    Great product BTW!


    Rather than trial and error, may be better to direct people to look in the Windows Device Manager application and see which COM port has been designated by expanding Ports (COM & LPT) - see enclosed below. Running Device Manager is simple enough - just type "Device Manager" in Windows run box - or find it in Control Panel.  Also a useful diagnostic step to ensure Windows has correctly identified device and installed the necessary driver.


    The COM port required in BYN will be the one in brackets after the USB Serial Port obviously :)

    If users have more than one USB Serial Port (due to some other connected device), it'll be the one added to the list when your cable is attached to their computer ;)






    That is not a question for Steve who builds the cable but rather for me (Guylain) who builds the software :)


    You bring a good point, but even if I would do that it is not fool proof by a country mile.  If you have 2 such cables or any other devices using a com port would would still need to manually look and guess via trial and error.  This is a catch 22.



  15. My understanding of LENR is that it applies the noise reduction (integrates its own "dark") to a single image with an exposure longer than 1 sec.  According to my 6D manual , it doesn't take a series of three images.  Regardless, couldn't you just build in a "Pause" in the Capture Plan equivalent to the shutter setting.  Wouldn't this insert a delay between shots?




    Hi Jack,


    This is a 6D feature indeed.  The 5D Mk II also has that feature if my memory serves me right.


    The reason why this is not currently supported in BYE is because BYE wait for the image to download before proceeding to the next image.  This special feature would need special care in BYE so it can send the next take picture command before the previous download is done.  The thing gets complicated because BYE is always aware of the current image in the session plan... now it would need to keep track of the previous 3 for renaming purposes and other stuff it does.

  16. I had my first session under the sky with BYN and my 610.


    I took a 120-second image. The EXIF data shows 121.2s, for example. Is this expected in DSLR imaging?


    I set BYN to take 6 120-second images, but it would only do one. Is this a limitation of the beta?


    Welcome to Windows timers, they are not an exact science <_>


    I'll run a few tests and see if there is anything I can do.

  17. BTW  this "hanging on busy"  issue I've been having only seems to occur in the imaging mode not the preview mode. It can occur at anytime during the exposure of the sub.  Sometimes it occurs after the entire exposure has been taken and other times in occurs before the entire sub exposure has been completed.


    This is odd.  Have you tried remove the SD card and imaging without a card?  I just want to see the a the card plays a role.  You may have to set a setting in your camera to allow it to take images without a card.



  18. Hi, Guylain.  Thanks, I will.  Just to be clear though.  Whether the intervalometer is hooked up or not, the fact remains that when I click on "PHD" in BYN, BYN reports that it cannot connect to PHD.  This is before any attempt whatsoever to press the shutter release.


    Clicking the PHD button in BYN does nothing; it does not even attempt to connect to PHD so no message error/success can/will be displayed.


    The PHD button in BYN is a toggle button on/off used during an active imaging session to dither or not.  The connection is established between 2 images, dither is performed, then the connection is closed.


    In your case, since you use and intervalometer, the connection to PHD should not be initiated... unless you press the TEST button in the setting dialog.

  19. Good morning Guylain,


    Last night I was out imaging from 10:30 to 2:30,exposures ranging from 15 to 30min.,at the end of my session,I decide to take some 1min. exposures,it took the first one but hung up on image download..could not abort,camera disconnected.It was late went to bed.This morning,started the computer,and camera was not found...I disconnect everything,reconnect after reboot,now D5100 found:).went to capture plan and executed a successful session.Like you stated before,it's probably Windows going to image download mode instead of camera control mode.I also noticed that it wouldn't connect with PHD2.Sorry for loading you with all these log files but here they are in case you need them, thanx Richard




    CelestronAVX mount

    Sky-Watcher 150mm reflector

    Orion autoguider w/short tube 80

    Nikon D5100


    Windows 8.1

    BackyardNIKON beta01d


    Orion autoguider driver ver. 04

    -everything works on either usb 2.0 or 3.0


    That is what beta testing is all about, don't be sorry or reporting issues.  I need to hear about them sooner rather than later.  I can only try to fix issues that I'm aware of :)


    Since it required a reboot for Windows to see the camera again this looks the classic Windows/Nikon drivers not behaving again.  If windows does not see the camera BYN won't either.  I have a feeling this will be my biggest issue with BackyardNIKON and sadly it looks like there is not much I can do because the issue resides in the Windows driver itself as far as I can tell <_>


    Send me the log files at support@binaryrivers.com and I'll take a look for the PHD2 thingy.



  20. I'm also running into a bug that crashes BYN but inconsistently when doing the following:


    (1) Start BYN

    (2) Connect to D7000 (through a regular USB cable)

    (3) Physically pressing the shutter release on the camera. 



    Did you accept the firewall warning in PHD when you set the enable server settings in PHD? Guylain.



    Hi, yes, I believe so.  Here is a screen shot of the firewall settings.  It looks like it's in order...


    Okay, but why are you pressing the shutter release manually?  I mean it should work (I'll run a few more tests pressing the shutter release myself, but this is not necessary for PHD dithering.


    Can you clarify the issue?  Is it that it crashes when you press the shutter release OR is it that PHD dither not working... or both.





    Hi, I'm using an external intervalometer to release the shutter.  I'm on a budget and don't want to purchase the special USB cable required to connect the D7000 to get exposures longer than 30"... for the time being at least.   The intervalometer allows me to shoot 5 or 10m subs, etc. but I think the inability to dither using PHD and the inconsistent crashing of BYN when I release the shutter are probably two different things.


    Is there anything I can do to get dithering working?  Are there any settings that I may have overlooked on my end?


    Many thanks


    Dithering will never work with an intervalometer.  Dithering is part of the running active session plan and since you are using an intervalometer to take the exposures the capture plan is not running therefore dithering and any other benefits resulting from a capture plan are not executed.


    As for taking images with an intervalometer it should work.  Please send me your log files at support@binaryrivers.com and I'll take a look.  Log files are located in "My Pictures\BackyardTEMP\logs"



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