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  1. RC05 Preview Mode - another Niggle...


    The Mouse Cursor Icon during the Drag / Drop in Preview Mode remains a "Invalid" symbol (Slashed Grey Circle) even when hovering over the proper Preview "window".

    Shouldn't the Mouse Icon turn to a "Permissive" Icon when one is hovering over the correct area which WILL allow the Drop ??



    All of the issues seems to be UI rendering, it's almost like your GPU can't handle it, but that seems unlikely, I'm not sure <_>


    EDIT: Is your .net framework up to date.



    Guylain, I've just tried it again with Preview button highlighted and I had no problem to drag & drop. The cursor was "+" sign all the way. I get that European One Way road sign only when Preview is not highlighted.



    Oh, the is works as designed.  When Preview button is not highlighted you are not in preview mode and you can not drag any images... because you are still on the home/disconnected page.



  2. RC05 Preview Mode - another Niggle...


    The Mouse Cursor Icon during the Drag / Drop in Preview Mode remains a "Invalid" symbol (Slashed Grey Circle) even when hovering over the proper Preview "window".

    Shouldn't the Mouse Icon turn to a "Permissive" Icon when one is hovering over the correct area which WILL allow the Drop ??



    All of the issues seems to be UI rendering, it's almost like your GPU can't handle it, but that seems unlikely, I'm not sure <_>


    EDIT: Is your .net framework up to date.



  3. camera1.exe is much better with its CPU load but still about 50% of a core on my 2.4GHz dual core.  So approx 100% better than 2e.  


    No idea if camera1's talking to PHD is the cause now .. seems possible but unlikely.  I am guessing the timer / sleep routine isn't quite there?


    It's there, tried, and tested.  Mine are idling... even during bulb.. just a few % of usage.  It peeks at post download for about 5 seconds, then below 5%.


    Go to settings -> advance settings and choose "progress wheel blink".  See if that makes a difference.



  4. OK, here's a screen shot of the "after screen saver" "extra" BYEOS window. It's larger than the 1/4 size I normally see on my laptop screen, as at the moment I'm on a 51" 4k monitor, but you get the idea. Also normally there is an image in the "extra" window, usually not the current one but maybe one or more back, however this morning I don't have a camera connected, although I did drag in some previews.


    After Screen Save.png 

    The "extra" window is on top of the regular BYEOS window, showing 386% zoom.


    I'm hot saying this is a bug, I just don't know what it's for or where it comes from, etc. Just something that I have to close every time it comes up, to see the main window.


    Also again this is not specific to RC05. I just finally got around to asking about it.





    Wow, this is weird.  I'll try to replicate.



  5. There is text at the top of the editor that tells you you CAN put two on a line.


    Putting two on a line is working, except the descripters are not where I put them. I put <parm1>descripter1_<param2>descripter2_ and I got:




    Look at the file name in the larger shot.




    I'll check that.



  6. BackyardNIKON BETA 02f is ready for download. 


    Change log (from BETA 02e)

    - bug fix: High CPU usage during a BULB sequence fix.

    - bug fix: Abort session was not working correctly when abort a session within 1 second of starting it.

    - bug fix: Some images where not named "Abort..." after a abort session.

    - change: Added FWHM focus metric in the spot histogram (Premium edition).

    - change: Off-plan edition is removed.  This functionality is now available in the new Preview feature.

    - change: Updated to latest Nikon SDK wrapper libraries.

    - change: Extended the beta key until mid-November

    - added: Added D810 drivers

    - added: New Preview feature to view images while camera is disconnected

    - Testing on XP, Vista, W7, and W8


    This BETA 02f will NOT overwrite your current BETA 02e installation.




    PLEASE REPORT ISSUES using BETA 02f in this thread.


    Thank you,

  7. So I seem to be having an issue where BYN will take an exposure however when it finishes it times out and does not download the photo, not 100% what the issue is. It worked once ... but then suddenly stopped working once I started to increase exposure time and adjust the f/ratio etc... I am using a D5100, and a DSUSB cable. 


    23:45:41  Licensed to BETA Tester (support@binaryrivers.com)
    23:45:57  Nikon drivers initialized.
    23:46:53  Attempting to connect camera...
    23:46:59  Camera Not Found!  Make sure it's connected to the PC and turned ON :)
    23:47:16  Attempting to connect camera...
    23:47:20  D5100 CONNECTED!
    23:47:44  Imaging session started.
    23:47:52  Imaging session completed successfully
    23:47:59  LIGHT_1s_1600iso_5-3_06356stdev_20140921-23h47m51s449ms.NEF
    23:47:59  LIGHT_1s_1600iso_5-3_06356stdev_20140921-23h47m51s449ms.jpg
    23:48:33  Imaging session started.
    23:53:15  Image download timeout, process terminated after 199 seconds
    23:53:17  Imaging session completed successfully
    23:53:41  Imaging session started.
    23:58:23  Image download timeout, process terminated after 199 seconds
    23:58:25  Imaging session completed successfully
    23:58:51  Imaging session started.
    23:58:51  Unable to set Av, current setting is assumed!
    00:02:43  Image download timeout, process terminated after 174 seconds
    00:02:44  Imaging session completed successfully
    00:04:10  Imaging session started.
    00:08:12  Image download timeout, process terminated after 179 seconds
    00:08:14  Imaging session completed successfully
    00:08:58  Imaging session started.
    00:08:59  Unable to set Av, current setting is assumed!
    00:12:00  Image download timeout, process terminated after 149 seconds
    00:12:01  Imaging session completed successfully




    Send me the full log file at support@binaryrivers.com.


    Is your camera dial set to "M"?



  8. Test exposures, that you might decide to keep. 


    Took one with a certain filter, decided I wanted mare like that, wished I could start with a dither so there wouldn't be two with the same position.


    Took one exposure with each of three filters, now want more of each, same situation, would like to start with a dither. Could nudge the scope, but would have to stop/start guiding.


    Ah, I see what you are doing now.  I was not clear to me before.


    I'll add it to the list.



  9. Camera disconnected after screen turned off (power saver plan).


    And, I've never understood what the extra image window is that pops up 1/4 size, after a coming back from a lock screen.




    I don't understand what you mean?  What extra image? 


    Do you have your disk go to sleep as well in your power saver plan?  If yes that is a major issue and it will never resume normal activity due to the way the SDK works... and this will lead to a camera disconnect.



  10. I was playing with the PREVIEW mode and wondered if there is any way to remove (not physically delete the file, just remove) a thumbnail and associated image after it has been loaded. Sometimes you make a mistake and grab the wrong photo or a photo within a group of photos, drag and drop it, and it just clutters the workspace. It would be nice if there was a way to remove such files from the thumbnail area.


    Ummm... interesting request.  I'll see if I can do it quickly, it yes I'll put it in the release :)



  11. Holly crap!  Found it!


    It was a 1 millisecond error, but it had a 100% cpu usage side effect.  I had a loop timer with no sleep time between iterations; added a 1 millisecond wait and all it fine now.  Rookie mistake on my part <_>


    It is fixed now and will be in the next release.


    Thank you so much to reporting this, these errors are small in terms of coding but huge in terms of impact.


    Do you want an interim build with the fix for testing?



  12. Having got the BULB mode working with my D5300, tonight is the first night the clouds have lifted so as dusk approaches I thought I take some 600s darks.  I'm not sure  I understand why BYN is pulling around 50% CPU usage on a dual core @2.4GHz whilst seemingly doing nothing for 10 minutes (i.e. after the image transfer has completed).


    So what is BYN upto?  A CPU core almost fully used seems a lot just to do some timing and display 1 to 600 !




    Hi Andy,


    Are you sure it is BYN?


    You will get a peek of 5 to 15 seconds after an image download because I need to load the image, build the histogram, read exif data, display the image, etc. 


    When no images are in the queue for processing, and that should be the case with 600 seconds shots BYN should be idling. It is on my computers.


    Anyone else seen this?  I'm not seeing any evidence at my end.



  13. Is there a way to change the color scheme as it appears to me?

    Does the name "Stellar Nebula" in my profile have any significance?

    I'm new to this version of the forum.


    You can change the skin of the forum <_>


    The name "Stellar Nebula" is just a tag name that changes based on the number of posts your have.  Nothing more to it.



  14. Very quick question. Are the dither scales in BYE & phd2 cumulative? I.e. if I set the scale in PhD to 10 and the scale in BYE to 2 do I get a dither scale of 20?? I ask as I intend to piggy back a widefield rig on !y main scope and use the main scope as guide scope so a 1 pixel dither will only give me a 0.37 pixel dither in the wide field rig Thanks Dave


    Yes they are.  But PLEASE experiment first.  If you increase it too much you may/will have to increase the calm down period significantly, upwards of 30 to 60 seconds even.


    TRY, TRY, TRY before you go at the tail end of aggressiveness.






  15. After doing this the hard way for a couple years, last night I finally decided to test out ASCOM pulse guiding through a modified Logitech QuickcamPro 3000. 

    Everything was going smoothly until I decided to opt for manual guiding since the declination motor calibration through ASCOM failed. Can't figure out why that happened but it did, and irritated me a bit.

    I am using a simple 4-port USB hub to run my MC-DC2/USB camera control cable and the USB cable for the D5100.

    On the adjacent USB port on my laptop, I run a USB-to-RS232/DB9 serial adapter with a Prolific PL-2303 chipset. This is then hooked up to a 50-foot run (which will be shortened) of RJ-11 data line cable. This is hooked up to the RS232 port on my LX200.

    When I went to execute manual guiding on the LX200 through the webcam and ASCOM, it disconnected the D5100 in BackyardNIKON right in the middle of capturing a test frame. 

    Unfortunately no log file of the event was generated that gave any details, and I cannot figure out what the cause of the random disconnect was. I will try this again tonight and if I experience the same thing again, I will post an update.



    This seems to be the classic case of over loading the usb hub/port with data.  Offload the D5100 or the guide camera on another usb port.



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