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  1. Not sure if this is a settign that I am missing but have a strange experience with the preview images as displayed in BYN.


     The images all appear to be brighter than when displayed on my main processing computer.  The hitogram is way off to the right also, yet when loaded up in either Nebulosity, DSS or even Nikon File Viewer they are dark images.


    A great example was when I was shooting some lights the other day.  On my laptop going by preview image and also histogram, they all appeared fine with white image and histogrram was on the right hand third line, yet when I went to stack them into a master flat, they all came out as greys and not as white as I would be liking.


    Have turned off all on camera processing so am just getting as true a RAW grab as possible.


    BackyardEOS and BackyardNIKON both displays the embedded JPG inside the .CR2.  This is why you see colors and a brighter image than most processing software where they load the raw linear image.


    Does this make sense?



  2. Thank you it worked.


    Just another question but is it possible if i decide to buy the sofware to but my name in first and then when neccecery the email adres between the ().



    Don't worry, it makes no difference.  When you buy the purchase key it will be registered to your PayPal account information. 


    Thank you

  3. Hello, just ordered the 30 day trial key.

    Now when I start backyardeos and i copy the key from the email in the popup screen i get a validation error. What is going wrong?



    Send me an email directly replying from the email you got the 30-day trial and I'll send you another key.





  4. I have scanned the drive with several diagnostic tools and the one bad sector is truly the only bad sector (at this time).  My files are all safely backed up already (I keep my key in many places so it is very safe).  I may still replace the drive, but with no current defects the drive seems stable.  I do plan more invasive tests this weekend, but I wanted to get BYEOS working and a fresh full OS backup done before I low level format the drive and run burn in tests.


    With the drive stable I do not understand why is BYEOS unable to load after a reinstall?  I can remove the file that was messed up and try a re-installation again.  I hoped removing and re-installing BYEOS would have accomplished that as it seems to be a Visual Studio related DLL file.




    Install BYE in a new folder.  If you still have issues you may need to re-install MS .Net Framework 4.0 for BYE v3.0.x or .Net 4.5 for BYE 3.1 BETA.


    Keep us posted,



  5. Pretty nice.


    As for not save to SD card, this appears to be a Nikon SDK limitation.  When a Nikon camera is connected to the camera for tethered shooting is forces to image to be saved to computer only.  I have not found any SDK command that will allow to save to SD card as well... so I may be forces to remove this option from the UI.





    Hi Guylain
    I am new to this forum, I have a D800E and I do not understand the reason why this particular model can not shoot in bulb with a standard USB cable (with Beta 02e).
    Looking on the website of Nikon seems that there is an SDK for this model and other softwares can handle the bulb with this camera. Maybe I missed some previous message in the forum. BackyardNIKON 
    is a wonderful software, but I have a D800E and I'd like to exploit it in the simplest way possible. 
    Thank you very much


    Hi Valerio,

    As indicated in the support grid matrix I still have issues with the D800 and D800E to support BULB over USB only.  It currently only work if you use a serial cable and then set "Force use serial cable" in Settings -> Advance settings.


    I will need to rent a D800 for a weekend to find out what is the cause.  I'll do that soon I hope.


  7. Hello


      I have noticed that I get a number to pop up in the box where I would expect to see the number of images being processed.  I have no images to be processed but a number shows from time to time.  Usually when I start BYE there is a number as well as at what appears to be random times.


      Using my own, probably distorted, logic I expect it is the Backgrounder processing a task in the background.  I haven't lost any images or gained any either.  I would just like to know if in fact it is just the Backgrounder program processing a task, like getting the weather data or such so I don't let it distract me.




    That is because reading the "Weather Center Info" is also dispatched to the background worker and when it does you'll see the counter go up be one for a few second then go back down by 1.





  8. Well as I was thinking about this I realized I could fake it with the "filter" options but I've found I've often wished for the ability to add "notes" to a capture plan, that would go in the file name but not change the target name (I use target name for sub folders).


    e.g. when doing mosaics, to keep track of the "tile" in EQMosaic.


    Target_Notes_Filter etc.


    Elephant's Trunk_F5_CLS...


    F5 being the tile name in EQMosaic.




    You can already achieve that if you use the Filter field to add your notes.  This field is also a free form test field.  Not sure that that meets your use case.



  9. Tried to download BackyardNikon beta at a friends and every copy had expired license and no reference to updating license.

    Why so difficult?




    All previous BETA have expired.  Use BETA 2e and you will be good until mid-October.


    Also, if you install in a previous beta version folder, the old key will take over and will be expired.  For this reason you need to install each BETA in a separate folder.  This is by design as I want to force everyone to use the latest BETA as we get closer to a stable release candidate.


    This is also mentioned on each BETA release/download announcement thread/post.


    Hope this help,



  10. Yeah, this is not a BYE issue at all.  Your had disk is clearly failing and BYE files appear to be on the disk area where is it failing.


    You need to backup all your important data before it dies for good, including your BYE software key :)


    Good luck, I know I frustrating it can be to have a computer go bonkers on your, it ain't fun <_>



  11. Since there have been some issues with aborted exposures of substantially different durations, should you perhaps embed a rule that you only "Adjust EXIF Exposure" by max 1sec ??  That would cover the cases where the issue is "slow propagation of a command" rather than ones where Abort or other issues produce a wildly short exposure...


    Actually exposure duration for all bulb command in the CR2 exif data is rounded to the next 1 second by Canon anyway.



  12. Hi Paul,


    Good idea.  I have to be careful however.  Hosted disk space is not cheap.  I'm willing to create a gallery section on the forum for people to post pictures... but I have to enforce the use of AstroBin (or other) to limit forum disk space use.





  13. Last night's strangeness is one of my 480 second exposures has EXIF data showing 481 seconds. The file name says 480s.




    No, not strange... this has been brought up for years.


    Windows timers are not that exactly accurate.  It will occur from time to time where an exposure will be off by 1 seconds.  This impact on long exposure however is not that much, almost nothing actually, so use that exposure just the same.


    The seconds in the file name comes from the capture plan.



  14. I have a message saying my license runs out in ten days, how do I renew or purchase?


    You don't yet, it is not yet ready for production/sales.


    If you download BETA 02e it should be good until mid-October.  You need to install in a separate folder.


    Keep me posted.



  15. Hello Ghylain,

    always a little problem with DriftAlign mode in RC4. Typically with rotate function using arrow or mouse wheel. The Drift Alignment Image Center becomes black !

    Here is a part of my Log.





    2014-08-26 14:45:28,457 [Main] INFO  - Application state changed: 'DriftAlign'
    2014-08-26 14:45:28,473 [PropertyGet] DEBUG - IGNORE: PropertyEvent_PropertyChanged Fired! (PropertyId=PropID_Evf_OutputDevice), (inParam=0)
    2014-08-26 14:45:28,489 [PropertyGet] DEBUG - SKIP: PropertyEvent_PropertyChanged Fired! (PropertyId=PropID_Evf_DepthOfFieldPreview), (inParam=0)
    2014-08-26 14:45:28,504 [PropertyGet] DEBUG - SKIP: PropertyEvent_PropertyChanged Fired! (PropertyId=PropID_Evf_ExposureSimMode), (inParam=0)
    2014-08-26 14:45:32,810 [Main] ERROR - Input string was not in a correct format.
    2014-08-26 14:45:32,810 [Main] ERROR -    at System.Number.ParseSingle(String value, NumberStyles options, NumberFormatInfo numfmt)
       at BinaryRivers.BackyardEOS.Modes.DriftAlignMode.DisplayImage(Bitmap image)
    2014-08-26 14:45:32,950 [Main] ERROR - Input string was not in a correct format.
    2014-08-26 14:45:32,950 [Main] ERROR -    at System.Number.ParseSingle(String value, NumberStyles options, NumberFormatInfo numfmt)
       at BinaryRivers.BackyardEOS.Modes.DriftAlignMode.DisplayImage(Bitmap image)


    Send me the full log file, seeing what lead the the error is key in finding the root cause.  Send it to support@binaryrivers.com.



  16. Thanks for the clarification. I suspected it would be that way since the interval between consecutive time stamps can vary by as much as a second.


    Guylain, I'm surprised you need the time down to milliseconds to separate consecutive image files. With my equipment (350D camera and 32-bit Vista laptop), the minimum interval between consecutive images at maximum resolution is several seconds. A time stamp with a resolution of one second would be more than adequate.


    I will look at version 3.


    Yes... but with the premium edition it is possible to have 2+ cameras connected and this ensures that no file will get the same name even they are configured to use the same file name template :)



  17. Hi Guylain,

    Hoping you can help - last couple of nights when I've tried to use BYN, the shutter fires, but the image does not download and the program just hangs. I cannot even abort or close it - I need to use task manager to close it. I have tried with and without the SD card inserted with the same effect.


    I am seeing this issue in both 'd' and 'e' versions of BYN - I did not experience this issue in the previous versions. I have tried the usual restarting the comp, camera, etc. Any more information or experiments you need me to run, let me know. Logs attached. 

    I see a download timeout... I also see you have lens connected... Would it be set to auto focus by any chance? ... If the camera tries to focus... but can not... and a download time out occurs... Just a hunch. Remove the lens and try again.
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