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  1. Mike, that flat is over exposed in the blue channel; the blue is falling off the right side (the highlights).

    You need a smaller exposure, not a longer IMO.






  2. You seem to be doing it right.  Why do you think you flats are underexposed?  Can you please post an image of your flats?

    The key with flats is that no pixels falls off either side of the histogram.  If you get the Luminance about half way and then just glance at the R, B, and G individually to make sure none are touching either the left or right edge you are good to go.

    I do not calculate the ADU, to be honest I would know where to start... but if someone can provide a concise formula I could implement it for sure.


  3. Hello
    Before I buy the full version, I wanted to test the trial version.

    But this I can not download.

    After filling out the registration form happens not at all more ... download.

    How can I get the trial version?


    Thank you





    How many times did you try?  If you tried more than 2 times the anti-spam system I have on the web site will flag you and all  your requests will be ignored.


    If this is the case send me an email directly to backyardeos@binaryrivers.com and I'll do it manually.


    Thank you



  4. Guylain,


    Thanks for your quick reply. I failed to mention, that I had been using a small free app called Meade LX200GPS Mini Control to control my mount while you investigated this issue. I have to say that it works perfectly. Is it possible to talk the code writer for this app to get the specifics on the correct instructional calls? It would be great not to have multiple apps running on my small laptop. I would prefer to just have yours running.




    Thanks for all your help.




    Thanks Mike. 


    I'll skim through his site but he is probably using the Meade protocol to communicate with the mount, not ASCOM.  If he uses the ASCOM driver than there may be light at the end of the tunnel.



  5. Mike, I did look a bit deeper and the only ASCOM command I can send to the mount to move a single axis at a time is the ascom moveaxis command.


    All ASCOM drivers seems to implement the 'goto target' function but not the 'moveaxis' function; it does look like your ascom driver does not implement the moveaxis command.  I would need to do some intensive ra/dec calculation to use the goto target function to move only one axis. 


    It is quite possible that I missed something in the ascom documentation though <_>



  6. The control simply does not render properly.  All item in the control are the right size... but the L RGB buttons are not being rendered completely to the right as they should.  I have a few thousands v3 in circulation right now and this is the only reported occurrence of this odd behavior.



  7. These are 2 built-in feed format.


    RSS Feed



    XML Feed




    Your RSS feed will allow you to view the newest threads posted in your forum.

    You can offer your forum users the option of using your RSS feed by providing them with the URL. It may also be helpful to provide them with some details explaining what RSS is and how they can use it.

    Viewing multiple RSS feeds

    RSS Readers will download and display multiple RSS feeds for you all at once. We recommend using Feedreader, a simple and free program available for download.

    Many readers are separate, "stand-alone" programs such as the program mentioned above; other services will let you add RSS feeds to a Web page. For example, Yahoo! lets you add RSS feeds to your My Yahoo! page.

    Customizing your RSS feed

    You can configure your RSS feed by adding parameters to the end of the URL.

    You can load the results from certain forums only by specifying &forumids=LIST at the end of the feed URL. Replace LIST with a comma separated list of the ID number of each forum. The ID number can be found in the URL of the forum.

    The default number of results returned is 15. You can load more results by specifying &qty=NUMBER at the end of the feed URL. Replace NUMBER with the number of results you would like returned. The maximum number of results is 200.

    You can return the newest posts instead of the newest topics by specifying &show=posts at the end of the feed URL.



  8. on the screen shot, why is the ascom screen repeated 3 times? (just like RGB?)


    It's not repeated, there is 1 for focuser, 1 for filter wheel, and 1 for telescope.  These are 3 different controls.  All 3 are being displayed because he has a high resolution monitor and BYE is maximized full screen... and this leaves enough room do display all of them at once.



  9. Hi Richard... and welcome!


    Not all TEMPerHUM are created equal.  There are several versions out there and they use different drivers.  I try to keep up but it's not always easy.


    In any event, using the calibration should fix that.


    To calibrate your TEMPerHUM device do the following:


    1. Find a good reliable temperature and humidity source (a home barometer, the weather network, a web site) for your location.
    2. Plug your TEMPerHUM device in BackyardEOS.
    3. Enter the difference in temperature in the TEMP calibration; being TEMP in step #1 - TEMP from the TEMPerHUM device in BYE.  This would be 31.13C - -14C = +30.13C.  Enter 30.13 in TEMP Calibration.
    4. Enter the difference in humidity the HUM calibration; being HUMidity in step #1 - HUMidity from the TEMPerHUM device in BYE.  Enter the result in HUM Calibration.
    5. Do not worry about DEWPOINT.  It is calculated from the temperature and humidity automatically.

    Hope this helps,



  10. It (n)ever works when somebody is watching: I just tried it again and it worked. I promise you that I tried it several times today, without success. Do you have access to my notebook via Backyard EOS?? ;-) Anyway, I will send the log files of this afternoon to you. Andreas


    LOL, it's the aliens again.  I told them to say away but they never listen :D


    Glad you are up and running.





  11. I have my original licence key from 2012 Old laptop crashed so i don't have the converted upgrade key for the new version and version 3 won't convert it for me. What should I do Thanks J


    I just checked and this is because you already upgraded your key to v3 on "Sun, Jul 28, 2013 at 12:17 PM"

    V2 keys can only be upgraded once; this is why you can not upgrade it again.


    You need to retrieve your email sent on "Sun, Jul 28, 2013 at 12:17 PM", your free v3 classic key is in there. 


    The email came from 'backyardeos@binaryrivers.com'.









  12. Is there a reason a Nikon D70 is not included in the list on BackyardNikon. I use Canon cameras with BYE now but it would be interesting to try my Nikon. Just wondering.



    Yes, there is. 


    Sadly Nikon does not have any Software Development Kit (SDK) for the D70 so I'm unable to communicate with the camera via software.  For this reason I can't support this model sadly.





  13. Yes, dial set to M. I also tried different other settings as well as mirror lock enabled and disabled - samd issue. Regards Andreas


    Okay <_>


    Send me the log files at backyardeos@binaryrivers.com.  I should be able to get more information on what is causing this with your 600D.


    The log files are located in "My Pictures\BackyardTEMP\logs".


    Thank you







  14. Perhaps that is part of the reason that BYEOS v3 usually keeps 1 core of my i5 Quad Core fully busy when in the "waiting" (not background image / exif handling) portion of an Exposure... 


    I had 1 other user report this in the past and he traced it down to his anti-virus system.  I not sure it this is related though.  Just a thought.


    The only other thing I could see would be the spinning progress wheel.  If this is the case v3.1 may do the trick.  In v3.1 I have added a setting to allow the progress wheel blink once every 2 seconds instead of an update every few milliseconds.  This should also minimize battery draining for those that travel light in terms of power source out in the field.


    Hope this helps,



  15. G'day - perhaps a simple thing I've missed, but is there a way to have shots save to onboard camera memory card only & not xferred to PC? (for minimising time between shots) Thanks!


    Yep, you missed it... if you have v3 that is :)


    Look in the capture plan, there is a pulldown in there with 3 options :)





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