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  1. Ultimately I think it's a bug in BYE I need to address.  The same TEMPerHUM in BYE v2 will give the correct reading while in BYE v3 it will not.  The odd thing is that I have not changed how I read the data from the TEMPerHUM in v3 so I'm a little bit at a lost as to why it reads incorrect data in V3.


    I will get to it eventually... but for now my hands are tied with BackyardNIKON camera connection issues.


    Thank you



  2. Just a quick check as I run two instances of BYE (one to control a 40D on a SCT and the second to control a side by side mounted Williams Optics FLT 110mm APO with a 400D).


    If I only want the 40D controlled version to talk to Astro Tortilla then I only set its instance's flag to use 3rd party integration flag and use the default port number 1499.


    Many thanks,




    Yes, this is correct.


    ...and if you ever wanted a second instance of AT to control the second instance of BYE you would assign a different port number to the second instance of BYE and then configure the second instance of AT to use that same newly assigned port in BYE #2.


    DO NOT set 2 instances of BYE with the same port number and both with enable 3rd party integration because then both instances of BYE would react to same single instance of AT and that may/should/will cause you grief.


    Hope this helps.



  3. Hi BL,


    I think you are over thinking this; it does not matter if you installed it on another computer before.


    1) Download 3.0.3 from the website and install it.

    2) Start BYE once installed.

    3) When prompted for a KEY use the key from your email.  If you had already installed BYE on that same computer it is possible that BYE remembers the key and simply loads as-is

    4) You are good to go.






  4. Hi,

    I've just done a fast sanity check (indoors) to see if the beta could see my d7000 while I await a DSUSB cable (which is apparently on its way).   I noticed that, unlike my Canon 1000D, I did not see a sensor temperature after one or two frames.  Does the D7000 have such a sensor?




    It's in the exif data for some models... an I do not process the exif data yet in BackyardNIKON... it will come though.



  5. happy day thanks. Will i have to uninstall and reinstall it on my lappy when it's done or will it just say updating and do it it's self 



    It will install side-by-side.  This way if an older BETA works best for you you can still use it while I fix all other issues :)



  6. Hi ya 

    have you had a chance to have another look at the programme for the D90. I would just like to have a play with it



    Yes, it is working now and should be in BETA 01c.  I'll try to release this weekend.  I still have a few bugs to fix before release.





  7. Il y a peut-être un bogue, Il se peut qu’il y ait eu une erreur avec l’encodeur AVI et qu’il ait bloqué le processus <_>


    Mais soit rassurer car tu n’as pas perdu d’image.


    Les jpgs originaux sont tous dans ‘Mes Images\BackyardTEMP\download\’


    Tu peux les empiler avec RegisStax (ou autre) comme les AVI, d’ailleurs les AVI contiennent exactement les même images :)


    Tu peux même créer un AVI avec eux en utilisant VirtualDub.





  8. This is a great initiative! I downloaded 1b and connected up my D200. I get the message D200 module found. looks like we may need to make some changes etc.


    I am connected with a usb cable and the DUSB to the 10 pin remote terminal. log file attached. I also have Nikon Camera control pro v1.0.0 on the laptop which launches when i switch the camera on. I closed this down and then tried to connect in BYN but get the same message. Hope you can make it work with my D200!!

    Stewarttxt logfile-[20140410-11h43m35s687]-[1336]-2014-04-10.txt     txt logfile-[20140410-12h00m45s609]-[3072]-2014-04-10.txt     


    Thank you for the log files...and thank your for attaching then as oppose the copying the directly into the post.  It keeps the thread readability :)


    I'll see what I can do the BETA 01c.



  9.   I was able to test my 50D tonight and had a problem where Noise Reduction would stop and down load begin with in about 5 seconds while in Bulb Mode again.  I changed USB cable but the problem persisted.  Then I set up my 60Da and it worked fine.  I had been using the Canon AC adapter for the 50D.  I switched to battery and the problem vanished.  I used the AC adapter again and when in Bulb mode and 30 seconds the download would start within 5 seconds of the start of the noise reduction sequence.  I changed from bulb to 30 second exposure and the noise reduction worked as expected.  Initially thought it may be and could still be a weak adapter power supply but should cause the same problem whether bulb or not.


      The 50D is placed into Bulb with the switch at the (M)anual setting.




    It's the adapter. BULB images and TV (or others) are not initiate the same way withing the Canon SDK.  They use completely different commands and the behave differently.


    Hope this helps,



  10. I get the main screen, but after I connect my 5D Mark lll, nothing happens when I click on the next screen showing current cameras vs older Canon's. 

    I don't remember extracting any kind of a zip file while I was downloading. Did it open on it's own or didn't I get that file downloaded.


    So, I get the Main Screen of BackYard EOS, but nothing is clickable!






    There is no zip file to download, not sure what yo mean by that <_>


    You should be able to connect you 5D Mk III, I have several users with this model. 


    Can you connect it EOS Utility?


    Alternatively I can remote login to your computer now and see what is wrong... and possible fix it.  Send my an email to support@binaryrivers.com and we will take it from there for remote support.





  11. Hi have the v3 classic and am trying to find how to upgrade to the premium version (just so I can try Astrotortilla). I just dont see it in the purchase email or in the site. 


    Is there a upgrade path available?





    There is no direct path for such upgrade on the website.  I need to fix that someday.


    In the meantime send me an email to support@binaryrivers.com and I'll send you a PayPal link.  The cost is $20.


    Thank you



  12. Mac user when will be use for test?


    BackyardNIKON (just as BackyardEOS) is a MS .net app and only runs on Windows.  You need Parallel (or other virtualization software) to run on Mac.




    Thank you. I tried on Windows 8 and Nikon D5100 he said me:

    Camera Not Found!  Make sure it's connected to the PC and turned ON.


    I couldnt use it.


    Yes, I know.  I have a few connection issues in BETA 01b for the D90, D5100, D800 and a few other models.


    I should be releasing BETA 01c in a day or 2 and hopefully I'll get more models to connect this time.  Baby steps.


    Thank you for your time testing.



  13. Did my first imaging of the moon last night - using live view - practicing for the upcoming eclipse. I'm using a Canon 1000d. Under Frame and Focus module, I can use Live View to help me focus, but the only focus mechanism I know of is using the telescope focuser. Here's my question:

    Is Backyard EOS supposed to be able to aid in focusing the camera itself? I seem to remember from reading past posts on Cloudy Nights that some software does that, but I'm not sure if Backyard EOS is one of them.

    Thanks in advance for your help.


    If you have a camera lens it might work.  Driving a lens via software is both CAMERA and LENS dependent.  They both need to support it in order to work.  Also, most lens need to be in auto focus mode... which is a bit counter intuitive for what we are doing but that is how Canon has implemented it.  Sad but true <_>





  14. Guylain,


    Thanks for the quick response.


    No my 5D Mark lll should be a Digic 5+ according to the box.


    What's next?






    Oh... the 5D Mk III, you said 5D.  Not the same beast :)


    The 5D Mk III should connect as-is using only the USB cable provided with your camera.  Does it not?



  15. Hi Guylain,

    I tried it but solves not the message sadly....


    any other solutions..


    It should <_>


    If you want I can to a remote login session and fix it for you.


    Send me an email to support@binaryrivers.com if you want me to remote login and we will take it from there.





  16. HEllo,
    i have an problem wit BYE ...
    it runs on an Core2 Duo 14" laptop...
    now i want run it on my 17" laptop also with Windows7...buut at atrtup i get an Error Message...

    "the letter Arial Narrow dosnot support the cut regular"

    i tried new letter in Win7 with no result...
    so any hints on this?

    Frindly greetings


    Copy the "Arial" Font form your old computer to your new.  It is missing the Narrow font from your new computer somehow.

    Fonts are located in "C:\Windows\Fonts". 


  17. I'm a new user, and downloaded the new Version 3.03.


    I get the main screen, but after I connect my 5D, nothing happens when I click on the next screen showing current cameras vs older Canon's.


    I don't remember extracting any kind of a zip file while I was downloading. Did it open on it's own or didn't I get that file downloaded.


    Thanks for any help!!




    The 5D is an older DIGIC 2 camera model and these older models will only work on 32 bits operating system.  I'm guessing your computer is a 64 bits system <_>


    There are no drivers for the DIGIC 2 cameras on 64 bits computers.  Canon did not and will probably not create any.



  18. Thank for your fast reply. Should I Uninstal the beta Version I have and wait a bit. As it's not working properly when the fixed one is out will I still get a 30 day free trial.



    It's up to you.  The -real- production release will install side-by-side from any beta releases. 



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