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  1. Guylain,


    Do you have an idea of when you may be tackling the auto focusing module?   My stepper motor thanks you ;)




    As I said many, may times before.


    I need to release BYE 3.1 and BYN 1.0 first.


    Then and only then I will continue my work on auto-focus.  I will not release auto-focus half baked.  This is a no compromise feature and needs to work all the time and most of all easy to use.



  2. Thanks guys. Funny thing is I went ahead and ordered a 64 foot cable with a repeater last night(cost a bit more than the one dts350z recommended but actually looks to be identical) with the thought that if nothing else I would have something at least. Will I need a powered hub then also??  My impression was that the cable with the repeater would do the job. I'm for now at least, only going into the camera from the laptop.


    What about this device:  http://www.hypershop.com/HyperDrive/iUSBportCAMERA/



    And this one:   http://www.amazon.com/CamRanger-Controller-Wireless-Control-Computer/dp/B00AA478UQ








    You need a powered hub too.


    The active repeater is for BOOSTING the data signal only, not power.


    The powered hub is for powering your devices.


    You should have both if you want piece of mind.






  3. I just got the flashing white box thing in RC05 when right clicking on the last image loaded.


    However when I loaded a previous image the right click worked and then it also worked when I loaded the latest image again.




    This looks to me like the control did not paint properly but the screen real estate was reserved.  If this is the case is seems to be a .net issue and a pain to track.  Is this reproducible at your end?





  4. I was using 2ea 2 meter USB cables with gold connectors between my PC and my T3i.  When I removed the extension cable the errors stopped.  Why was I getting these errors?


    There is your clue.  Use an active repeater cable if you need an extension.  This is a cable issue, I'm 110% sure about that.


    Keep me posted please.



  5. I was imaging over the weekend and I got about 10 of the following errors.  I am fairly sure what the error is but I don't know why I was getting them.  I have used this setup before. 

    • 23:11:33  Imaging session started.
    • 23:11:35  Imaging session cancelled
    • 23:11:35  ERROR EDS_ERR_DEVICE_NOT_FOUND EDSDK.EdsSendCommand(cameraRef, 4, 65539)
    • 23:11:36  Camera SHUTDOWN!

    I was using 2ea 2 meter USB cables with gold connectors between my PC and my T3i.  When I removed the extension cable the errors stopped.  Why was I getting these errors?




    I will move this thread in the BackyardEOS forum.


    This looks like the USB cable was disconnected, cable sag maybe?



  6. Ok, I just sent it. Thanks for taking a look!


    Hi Dan,


    The initial error is a "Device Busy" error trying to start the BULB sequence... followed by blank camera properties... which is an indication that the camera has somehow lost connection with the SDK.  The "ERROR EDS_ERR_INVALID_HANDLE" is just a side effect and not the root cause.


    Can you reproduce this all the time?  Is it possible that you wiggled the usb cable at the time?  Do you get the same thing using EOS Utility?  Does it do the same thing using another computer?


    Keep me posted,





    2014-10-01 22:10:12,426 [CameraTakePictureOnMessageRecieved] INFO  - Running (throw): EDSDK.EdsSendCommand(cameraRef, 4, 65539)

    2014-10-01 22:10:12,441 [CameraTakePictureOnMessageRecieved] DEBUG - Device Busy trying to start BULB sequence

    2014-10-01 22:10:12,441 [OnStateEventHandler] INFO  - CameraPropertyChangedArgs fired: AeMode               = ''

    2014-10-01 22:10:12,972 [OnStateEventHandler] INFO  - CameraPropertyChangedArgs fired: Artist               = ''

    2014-10-01 22:10:12,972 [OnStateEventHandler] INFO  - CameraPropertyChangedArgs fired: Av                   = ''

    2014-10-01 22:10:12,972 [OnStateEventHandler] INFO  - CameraPropertyChangedArgs fired: BatteryLevel         = ''

    2014-10-01 22:10:12,972 [OnStateEventHandler] INFO  - CameraPropertyChangedArgs fired: CameraName           = ''

    2014-10-01 22:10:12,972 [OnStateEventHandler] INFO  - CameraPropertyChangedArgs fired: Copyright            = ''

    2014-10-01 22:10:12,972 [OnStateEventHandler] INFO  - CameraPropertyChangedArgs fired: DelayShutterMilliseconds = ''

    2014-10-01 22:10:12,972 [OnStateEventHandler] INFO  - CameraPropertyChangedArgs fired: DriveMode            = ''

    2014-10-01 22:10:12,972 [OnStateEventHandler] INFO  - CameraPropertyChangedArgs fired: Firmware             = ''

    2014-10-01 22:10:13,268 [OnStateEventHandler] INFO  - CameraPropertyChangedArgs fired: ImageQuality         = ''

    2014-10-01 22:10:13,268 [OnStateEventHandler] INFO  - CameraPropertyChangedArgs fired: Iso                  = ''

    2014-10-01 22:10:13,440 [OnStateEventHandler] INFO  - CameraPropertyChangedArgs fired: LensStatus           = ''

    2014-10-01 22:10:13,440 [OnStateEventHandler] INFO  - CameraPropertyChangedArgs fired: LiveviewAutoFocusMode = ''

    2014-10-01 22:10:13,502 [CameraTakePictureOnMessageRecieved] ERROR - ERROR EDS_ERR_INVALID_HANDLE : EDSDK.EdsSendCommand(cameraRef, 4, 65539)

    2014-10-01 22:10:13,502 [CameraTakePictureOnMessageRecieved] ERROR -    at BinaryRivers.Common.ProviderInterfaces.Camera.CameraControllerBase.RunAndThrow(Func`1 function, String info)

       at BinaryRivers.Camera.Canon.Extentions.CameraModelExtentions.<>c__DisplayClass19.<TakePictureSdkBulb>b__11()

       at BinaryRivers.Common.ProviderInterfaces.Camera.CameraControllerBase.DoWithCameraLocked(Action action)

       at BinaryRivers.Camera.Canon.Extentions.CameraModelExtentions.TakePictureSdkBulb(CameraModel cameramodel, Boolean start, Single mirrorlockseconds)

       at BinaryRivers.Camera.Canon.CameraModel.DoTakePictureBulb(Boolean start, Single mirrorlockseconds)

       at BinaryRivers.Common.Model.CameraModelBase.TakePictureBulb(Single durationseconds, Single mirrorlockseconds, String progresstext)

       at BinaryRivers.Common.Model.CameraModelBase.<>c__DisplayClass1.<CameraTakePictureOnMessageRecieved>b__0()




  7. Hi Guylain:


    How do I get you the logs?  There seem to be two recorded at about the right time last night.  One is labeled backgroundworker.  Do you want both?  Should I email them to you - at what address?  Or is there a place to post them here in the forum?  I don't see a way to attach to this post.


    Send them to support@binaryrivers.com.


    I don't need the backgroundworker log for this issue, just the regular one.



  8. OK, seems like the same problem with this release, but a little different behavior in BYEOS.  The log history window shows:

    -Out of Memory

    -Imaging session cancelled

    -ERROR EDS_ERR_INVAID_HANDLE:EDSDK.EdsSendCommand(CameraRef,4,65539)

    -Camera Shutdown

    -Imaging Session Cancelled


    So it seems like BYEOS handles the problem more gracefully and disconnects the camera instead of crashing.  Nonetheless, the problem is still occurring and I can't do long imaging runs of more than a couple hours or so.


    The initial error reported is Out of Memory, but I don't see how that can be.  I have 8 gig of RAM, and it should be fully accessible with a 64-bit OS installed. I was taking 10-minute darks, so there was plenty of time to clear the buffer of the previous image before the next one was done.  Also, BYEOS was the only app running on the computer.


    Any thoughts on where to go from here?


    Out-of-memory does not mean you ran out of memory, it usually means that an object, usually an image, does not fit int the memory [ space ] allocated to it... and it throws and out-of-memory exception.  This is probably it.  Why?  I don't know yet.


    The EDS_ERR_INVALID_HANDLE error means the Canon SDK failed to execute a command.  I really need the full log file.  An excerpt is not sufficient.  Let's just hope it's not a physical issue with the camera, that would s**k <_>



  9. Sorry if this is a duplicate. Didn't look like it posted first time.  Will check camera settings tonight.  That seems to be the most promising possibility, as RC5 behaves exactly like 3.0.3.  To clarify, camera knob has been set to M - not Tv for all my attempts.  I will also reset shutter to bulb - but as I recall the duration column was greyed out when set to bulb - which is why I set the exposure time under shutter. 


    If this doesn't work, I will send the log files - though I suspect they will be of little use - when I looked last time, the only line beyond the "Image session canceled" ones says something like "T3i successfully connected".


    Yes, set the camera to M (always).


    No, the duration field is enabled when BULB is selected and greyed out when any other option is selected :)


    What the message center says is NOT enough for troubleshooting issues like yours, it represents barely 1% of what the actual log files contains.  I need the full log file.





    Thanks Astroman. From your own experience are larger screens going to help much over the small ones? What about these 4K ultra HD screens for example 3840X2160 on a 15.6 screen?


    A -bigger- screen is not necessary for BYE since it is only for image acquisition.

    I have a Lenovo Yoga Pro 2 with a 3200 x 1800 resolution.  It is nice, very nice and everything is sharp, really sharp.  But to run BYE it makes no difference, but to look at your final processed image, wow!

    All this to say do not spend on a 4k monitor just to run BYE because BYE does not make any use of the higher resolution as it is not its focus.

    Hope this helps,

  11. Thanks Rick.


    To the OP.  The only difference between snapping images in Frame & Focus and taking images in imaging mode is that in live view the mirror is already up... which means the only known (to me at least) cause of this is in-camera mirror lock is turned on but the T3i is a DIGIC 4 camera which supports mirror-lock over usb so this should be a mute point.


    I really need the log file for this one.  Without them there is not much I can do.  Please send them to me :)



  12. Yes, I mean the camera menu on the camera itself.  Access the Custom Option menu and find the mirror lock.  Make sure it is disable.  Also make sure the self timer is off on the camera, though I doubt this is the issue.


    By BULB I mean the shutter field MUST be set to BULB, not 0.4" (or any other value), these are Time Value (TV) shutter speed.  Select BULB... then use the duration field to enter the number of second you want your image to be.


    Also, send me the log files in you have not done so already.  They are in  "My Pictures\BackyardTEMP\logs"



  13. That is not the log file.


    Please go to "My Pictures\BackyardTEMP\Logs" and send me the log files corresponding to the night you had issues.


    EDIT: What is the info below?  You reported an issue with a Nikon D610 and the info below is from a Canon 60D using BackyardEOS, not even BackyardNIKON.  I'm confused?



  14. Same as before... I need to get BackyardNIKON and BackyardEOS 3.1 out to production quality first... then I'll jump back on the auto focus.  I know it is taking a long time but auto-focus is a no compromise feature, it just needs to work all the time so I'm not willing to release it half baked <_>

  15. This evening I connected my D610. Then I started BYN. I edited the image plan to take 48 Bias frames and Saved. I clicked Start and BYN dutifully captured 48 Bias frames (saving to PC, incidentally).


    I edited the imaging parameters to capture 24 DARK frames, 300 seconds each and Saved that Plan. However, when the plan executes, only a single exposure is captured.


    I restarted my laptop and loaded the plan again. Still BYN will only capture a single exposure before 'finishing'. I can only capture one frame at a time.


    I have noticed this behavior before and I'm relegated to attending my imaging session to press the button.

    What might I be doing wrong here?



    Louis Marchesi


    Send me the log files at support@binaryrivers.com and I will take a look.



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