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  1. First, thank you for providing this wonderful program. I can't wait to put it to good use!


    I'm having an issue using BackyardNIKON with my D600. I connect it using the default camera USB cable, but when trying to capture I get the following:


    23:48:18  Licensed to BETA Tester (support@binaryrivers.com)
    23:48:22  Nikon drivers initialized.
    23:48:29  Attempting to connect camera...
    23:48:30  D600 CONNECTED!
    23:48:39  Imaging session started.
    23:48:42  Imaging session cancelled
    23:48:43  [kNkMAIDResult_ValueOutOfBounds] (kNkMAIDCommand_CapStart, 33560, kNkMAIDDataType_GenericPtr, 402121988)
    23:48:43  Imaging session cancelled
    23:48:49  Camera SHUTDOWN!
    23:48:55  IMAGE_20140912-23h48m52s181ms.JPG


    The camera disconnected by itself as well, unprompted.


    Any idea what this means?



    This is the same bug as in the D800 where bulb is not fully functional over USB but is working with a serial cable.  Try a regular picture (non-bulb) that should work... but limited to 30 seconds until I fix this nasty bug... or... do you have a serial cable?





  2. so it does see the camera and in windows I can access it here is a copy and paste of the log report


    17:51:53  Licensed to TIm
    17:51:58  Attempting to connect camera...
    17:51:58  Canon drivers 'Canon210\' initialized.
    17:51:58  DEVICEINFO NUMBER IS 3470492101.
    17:51:58  YOUR *REAL* MODEL NUMBER IS 4294967294(FFFFFFFE)
    17:51:58  Generic model 153 assumed!


    That is because you selected the drivers for OLDER models in BYE.  You need to select the option to the right for the 6D, not the left one :)







  3. Bonjour à tous


    Pouvons nous commander un nikon D3000 avec un ordinateur?

    Si oui quel câble acheter?


    Salut Yannick,


    BackyardNIKON ne command pas les Nikons D3### car Nikon n'a pas de SDK pour communique avec eux.


    Meilleur chance avec le D5300, il fonctionne très bien, possède un excellent capteur Sony, et nécessite seulement son câble USB pour être commander depuis l’ordinateur.





  4. Trying to decide on manual filter wheel, vs. no wheel, vs. ASCOM wheel.


    It would help to know when/if filter control in the capture plan is planned to be BYEOS.


    Oh, I got bigger plan for the "Capture Plan" in future release, including filter change... but it will not be for 3.2.  Auto-focus is way at the top of the list for 3.2.



  5. after deleting the camera 3 times and uninstalling the backyard Nikon twice ( the second time being careful to delete all the various files) I think things are working properly.  Rebooted twice and everything looks good.  Thanks to all who contributed to this solution!!:D


    Uninstalling BackyardNIKON and deleting all related left over files will do nothing to the camera driver... so what must have fixed it was deleting the camera driver in Windows (which your did 3 times) and then a system reboot.


    Glad you are up and running, yeah!



  6. Are you sure you selected DSUSB and not DSUSB2 or any other COM ports in BackyardNIKON?


    Make you select DSUSB.  Then try the "Test Cable" in the lower right corner.  This should activate the shutter using the selected cable.


    Also, is your camera dial set to a mode where BULB is possible.


    Did you try the DSUSB test software from Shoestring Astronomy to ensure the cable is working properly?


    Keep us posted,



  7. Now I'm using a Canon 100D - SL1 mod by Hap Griffin from Unmod 1100D.


    Now I have to setup BULB and RAW in the camera before connect to BIOS and if I try to mod to RAW without disconnect and connect BIOS again some times it change to RAW+Jpeg.


    If I do not change to Bulb the camera do no accept this command from BIOS.


    I do not had this type of issues using 1100D.


    Sorry about my poor English I hope you understood.




    The bahavior with the 1100D and 100D are the same, I guarantee that.


    The thing to note is that BYE will set the image quality for you automatically so there is no point in setting it using the camera menu.  That is the exact purpose of BYE, to automate these settings based on your capture plan.


    The capture plan is not live, you need to START the capture plan for these settings to take effect because a plan may have several lines which contains different settings such as ISO.


    Is previously indicated in other posts, the image quality is set in the Settings dialog.


    Hope this help... and your English is fine :)



  8. I was able to connect both the Nikon d5000 and d5300 with a usb cable one time.  Now when I try to connect Backyard Nikon does not seem to recognize them.  I connec them in manual mode with no memory card inserted and have the power on.  I am using windows 8.  What other settings in windows or in the cameras could be causing this error?




    It is not clear what you issues is other that it won't connect.  We need to know if Windows sees the camera or not.  As Rick said if Windows does not the camera you need to look at that first.  If Windows does not see the camera then BYN will not either.


    Please confirm if Windows sees the camera.



  9. One other question, if I may...does/will BYN have a similar TCP Server with the same/similar interface?


    Yes, it is the same.  In fact the BackyardEOS setting in AT will work as-is with BackyardNIKON so the AT team doesn't even have to change anything to support BackyardNIKON, it will just work out of the box.



  10. Hi all,


    Working on a side project that I'd like to integrate with BYE in a fashion similar to AstroTortilla's integration....a few short image frames, saved to a specified location to be picked up by another app for further processing.


    Is there documentation anywhere for the API/Features/Commands/etc available via BYE's TCP Server?


    Thanks in advance!


    Here is the sample project I sent the AT team when they developed the interaction with BYE :)




    All commands that starts with "GET" will return a value.


    All other commands do not return a value and are send asynchronously so you need to poll the API until the results are available.  This allows your UI to be more responsive.


    Currently the API will only take JPG images because that was the only thing AstroTortilla required.



  11. Pulling this thread out of the RC04 thread as it's not really specific to RC04 or even BYEOS.


    This is about having EXIF data showing 481 seconds for files BYEOS is labeling as 480 seconds.


    I used the linked (in the RC04 thread) EXIFtoolGUI to change the exposure time in the EXIF data from 481 to 480 and confirmed in Picasa, however darkmaster is still saying 481. I do see another parameter, "bulb duration", which is still 481 but couldn't figure out how to edit it in EXIFtoolGUI.


    However, I did find that there is a duration tolerance setting in DarkMaster, and when set to 2 seconds, solves my problem (1 second didn't work). So FYI.




    Not that I know of.  Try without "BulbDuration" without the space when you set it.



  12. I tried to re-create Ron's issue with BYE v3.1 RC04 and my T5i, but was not able to. 


    I was able to use a mirror lockup delay along with the in-camera long-exposure noise reduction enabled and the in-camera dark was apparently taken and applied.  For example, with a 10-second Mirror Lockup delay and a 30-second Bulb exposure it took abut 75 seconds from the start until I saw the image.  The mirror lockup, shutter open and shutter close occurred at the correct times.


    However, when shooting RAW, the displayed image has the same purplish cast as previously reported with RC03.  This does not happen when shooting JPG, or in Frame & Focus.  Any way for me to troubleshoot this further?


    Also, I noticed that BYE did not automatically recognize that I had attached a lens while I was already connected.  I had to disconnect and reconnect.  This may be by design, but I thought that I would mention it.




    Hi Rick,


    Are your sure about using RC04 for the red cast image?  I ask because is RC4 displays the embeded jpg inside the .cr2.  I still use DCRaw to extract it but it is the embedded jpeg produced by the camera so it should be 100% as-is the full downloaded jpgs .


    Keep me posted,

  13. Hi Ron,


    Noise reduction is 100% camera feature... it seems like the camera is choosing not to run this feature with mirror lock on.  I'm stump, I've never seen this.  Is this a 50D thingy?  I dunno <_>


    BackyardEOS does not poll the camera to download an image.  Instead the camera fires an event with a camera memory pointer where the images is ONCE the image is ready for download.  When long exp. noise reduction is on this takes double the time.  Meanwhile BYE is idling waiting the the image download ready event to fire.


    In your case the camera fires the event, indicating the image is ready for download (and it do not run noise reduction for some reason)... so BYE downloads it.


    Try a few things:


    1) Use BULB, mirror-lock, and long exposure NS without it being connected to a PC.  Use the camera menus only.


    2) Try EOS Utility, do you get the same behavior?


    Keep us posted,

  14. Ron,


    It is quite possible that the in-camera mirror lock is not set.  Typically BYE can set that property when you set mirror-lock value to > 0 seconds, and is un-set when mirror-lock value = 0 for DIGIC 4 and up models.


    This looks to me like the setting is not working (or not supported) on the 50D.


    When you take pictures with mirror-lock value to > 0 and then = 0, do you see the mirror lock field in the camera information center change value?


    Try setting the in-camera mirror lock manually and then make sure to use mirror-lock value to > 0... does it work?



  15. I had an issue with RCO4 and PHD2 dithering last night. Probably not a BYEOS issue but just in case...


    PHD2 locked up after a meridian flip. Guiding had started but then when I looked a little later the screen was completely frozen. Had to kill the process with the task manager.


    After restarting PHD2 and getting everything going again I noticed BYEOS was no longer dithering between exposures. I tried turning dithering off and on again, no joy. Also tried restarting BYEOS, still no joy, so I had to finish my capture plan without dithering.


    Happy to send log files in case there's any chance it's BYEOS related, or BYEOS can be taught to overcome whatever the issue actually was.




    Send me the log files and I'll check.



  16. So, Guylain, how are we coming on the schedule for full commercial release of 3.1.0?  Are all of these issues lately going to hold it up a bit, or are they going to be dealt with in 3.1.1?  No pressure.  Just curious.


    I will probably release RC05 next week.  Then I have a trip planned with my wife to Las Vagas so I'm a bit reluctant to release in prod then leave town for a week... so I will probably release 3.1 production early October when I'm back.



  17. Send me the log files.  The "save to" in BYN is stale, it does not do anything for now and images are always sent to PC so it can not be the cause.


    I suspect it is a camera setting (dial ?) or the BULB cable to properly configured.


    Would you have mirror lock enabled, that could do it.  It should be disabled in BYN because it is not yet implemented.


    Send the log files to support@binaryrivers.com



  18. USB cable only


    The D300 requires a serial cable (or DSUSB) plugged into the remote connector on the camera, in addition to regular USB cable.


    The serial cable is used for BULB, the regular USB cable is used for everything else.


    Hope this helps,



  19. Hi I bought my key on aug 19th and my trial is up and I still dont see or i deleted the key in my email or something.  Is there anyway you could resend it?  My name is jonathan ruffo.


    Send me an email to support@binaryrivers.com and I'll check it out.


    I will take this opportunity to remind everyone that there is a $15 fee for key retrieval when you lose your key as per the policy here.


    The fee is waived for the first 30-days following the purchase.  This is to make sure keys are delivered and do not get caught by spam filters and what not.  Looks like you still fit in that time frame :)





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