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  1. Guylain,


    Nikon D300s appears to connect okay in beta .01C... Computer is HP DV6T laptop with i3 2.6 GHz CPU, 6 GB RAM, USB_2.0,  Windows 7 Pro 64 bit operating system...


    A quick daytime test shows live view in frame and focus is working great. Later this afternoon if the weather stays clear I will get out the CG-5 mount and hook up the DSUSB unit and see if I can get any images with it. Being on Cape Cod, the weather is extremely variable this time of year, while we've got a clear sky and sunshine at the moment, the forecast is for clouds so we'll just have to wait and see what happens.


    However that the Nikon D300s connects and displays a live view image is very exciting definitely good progress.




    Let me know when you test taking pictures, bulb and no bulb; I'll update the progress grid here.







  2. Hi there - still no image capture (bulb or otherwise). Here's the log history...


    19:34:53  Licensed to BETA TESTER (support@binaryrivers.com)

    19:34:58  Nikon drivers initialized.

    19:36:31  Attempting to connect camera...

    19:36:32  D600 CONNECTED!

    19:36:40  Imaging session started.

    19:36:41  Imaging session cancelled

    19:36:41  [kNkMAIDResult_NotSupported] (kNkMAIDCommand_CapStart, 17, kNkMAIDDataType_Null, 0)

    19:36:42  Imaging session cancelled

    19:36:54  Imaging session started.

    19:36:55  Imaging session cancelled

    19:36:55  [kNkMAIDResult_NotSupported] (kNkMAIDCommand_CapStart, 17, kNkMAIDDataType_Null, 0)

    19:36:56  Imaging session cancelled






    Thanks Kevin, looks like the D600 is going to be a challenge <_>


    Can you send me the full log file at support@binaryrivers.com.


    Log files are located in "My Pictures\BackyardTEMP\logs"


    Thank you







  3. Beta 01c, Nikon D7100, USB, Win7 64bit


    Had another play with planetary mode...

    Don't know if the shutter, aperture and ISO in the plan settings are supposed to work yet but don't seem to affect the capture.

    Always does 640x424 at 30fps for me and exposure seems automatic.

    Also appears to take about 5mins for a queued 20 frame capture to download - shows suspended so guess it waiting on something.


    Don't know if the 5x zoom is supposed to be there yet, but it isn't on mine.

    Would be nice to be able to crop VGA avi from part of D7100's 6000x4000 frame rather than grabbing entire frame at VGA res :)



    Nikon cameras do not work like Canon.  These settings are not live... Nikon only read these values and applies them when you START live view, not during <_>


    The workaround is:


    1) Pause live view (button in the lower right corner)

    2) Change aperture and ISO.

    3) Resume live view (same button as step #1)


    That should work.


    There is no cropping done in these release so far.  This is actually tricky with Nikon so I have not tackled that to date.


    Where did it show suspended?  It should not.


    Thank you, I like getting feedback :)



  4. Beta 01c, Nikon D7100, USB, Win7 64bit


    I've noted that if I power off camera without disconnecting app first it won't connect again unless I restart the app (just says attempting to connect and does nothing).


    Odd, I've tested that on D7000 and D5300 and the BackyardNIKON should receive a camera shutdown event and close properly.


    Send me the log file at support@binaryrivers.com and I'll take a look.


    Log files are in "My Pictures\BackyardTEMP\logs"


    Thank you





  5. Hi there - D600 now works with Live View!


    Bulb over USB not working on this build.


    Great job guys!


    Can you please download BETA 01c again using the link below.  I made a small change for the D600.  I think bulb over USB will work now... unless the D600 does not support bulb over USB...  I'm not sure because I'm still learning which features each camera can do <_>




    Thank you





  6. Hi there - D600 now works with Live View!


    I'm using Backyard Nikon on a MacBook Air under VMWare Fusion and Win 8.1 x64


    When I load the application, connect the camera to the computer then turn the camera on something is accessing the SD cards in the camera for quite a period of time (up to a minute) - I have 2 cards installed in the camera. During this time the memory card access light on the back of the camera is lit.


    During this time it is not possible to connect to the camera from Backyard Nikon. Once this has completed Backyard Nikon connects successfully (you have to press the connect button again). This is repeatable.


    Bulb over USB not working on this build.


    Great job guys!


    Does taking non-bulb pictures work?  Does it download and display images?


    Thank you for your time



  7. Beta 01c

    Nikon D5100

    Windows 8 Sp1 64bit

    USB mode


    Having connecting issues. I know its not what you want to hear. My sincere apologies.


    I try to connect and it won't. I've rebooted, unplugged camera, and powered off/on. Windows Explorer recognizes the D5100 as an external device.


    I start looking around the file structure to find some log files. I didn't see any but I did notice some old Backyard* directories after I uninstalled the applications. Therefore I deleted them. Then on a whim I try to connect and it connects. Then closed down the application and reopened just to make sure it was still working and it does.


    I can't imagine deleting those other directories had anything to do with it. I've attached the log files.


    As its stands now it's working.


    Thanks SOO much on your hard work. It's very much appreciated!!


    Thank you for the report.


    I find Nikon drivers for Windows a bit flakier than those of Canon.  When connected to a PC Nikon cameras have to modes.


    1) Image transfer mode (the default)

    2) PC control mode (the mode BackyardNIKON requires)


    When the Nikon SDK is initialized and sees a connected camera it is supporse to call upon the Nikon Windows driver to make the switch from mode 1 to mode 2 so the Nikon SDK can connect to the camera (now in PC MODE)


    I find that that switch is not always occurring... and when it does BackyardNIKON (or any other software) will not be able to establish a connection to the camera.  The issue as far as I know resides in the Nikon Windows driver which is of course out of my control. 


    The only remedy I found was to reboot the computer to reset the Nikon Windows drivers.  This is a harsh solution... but it's one I have not control over sadly.  This happens to me about 1 out of 50 times.  It is rare but it does occur.


    Does this makes sense?






  8. YEAH... a step closer :)


    *** DOWNLOAD BackyardNIKON v1 BETA 01c ***



    Please report your findings using this thread. 


    You can refer to this grid for a quick overview.




    As with other beta releases, the setup.exe is pre-packaged with its own tester license.


    BETA 01c will install side-by-side to other betas, it will not overwrite BETA 01b.

    Thank you for all your support in getting this to a production quality.


    Guylain & Chris.


  9. The grid below shows the confirmed status as of BETA 02h (grid updated December 16th)

    If you have a camera model with green all across your camera has been tested and was reported to work.

    If you have a camera model where no green boxes are shown, please try it out and report back your findings.


    *1 – Must run BackyardNIKON in Windows Vista SP2 compatibility mode.
    *2 – Camera will take approximately one minute to initialize the sd card before being able to connect <_<  Removing the sd card and setting the camera to take pictures without a card will result in almost instant connection of the camera.  In some cases it will only connect and/or take pictures when the card is completely removed from the camera.
    *3 – A bug exist when taking bulb images preventing multiple bulb exposures back to back.

    The list of supported cameras is based on camera models in which Nikon has a software development kit (SDK).

    If your camera is an older model and is not in the list above it is not supported in BackyardNIKON; there is nothing I can do with these models because Nikon does not have an SDK for them sadly <_<


  10. I have tried through a powered hub and via an active USB lead which is about 16 feet long. Both used to work fine, now both are having disconnect issues.




    The issue is still hardware... I guarantee you that.


    Get rid of all those cable and plug the camera directly in the computer with a single USB cable < 6 feet and work your way up... eventually you will find the culprit.


    The Canon SDK is extremely sensitive, if the connection between the camera and the computer is temporarily interrupted, even if it's only for 1 millisecond, it will fire a camera disconnect event.


    This will also occur if the USB cable is saturated with data at any given time.  So if you have -all- your devices connected to a hub and the hub into a single usb port on the computer sooner or later the cable will be over saturated with data and the camera will disconnect.  Almost -all- reported camera disconnect falls into this category <_>



  11. Having reformatted my HD and re installed everything I am now getting disconnects at random. There is an sdk error generated within the log, not sure what that means.


    Camera will connect then at random intervals disconnect, on trying to connect again  BYeos will sometime just crash. Have deleted and re installed. Camera is set to never shut down and is running on a mains adapter. Camera is connected direct and not through a hub.


    Any help appreciated.




    Hi Terry,


    ALL camera disconnect are always hardware related, not software.  This issue is between your computer/cable/usb hub/camera.  We need to find the root cause there.


    How long is your USB cable?



  12. Guylain,


    I, too, had been using Security Essentials for some time; but stopped because according to Microsoft:


    "Microsoft has also stopped providing Microsoft Security Essentials for download on Windows XP. (If you already have Microsoft Security Essentials installed, you will continue to receive antimalware signature updates for a limited time, but this does not mean that your PC is secure because Microsoft is no longer providing security updates to help protect your PC.)"


    But I will look for an alternative to AVG.


    Couple of questions:

    1. Do you have a recommended minimum hardware configuration for running BYE?
    2. Will BYE run on Windows 8.1?







    The issue is is XP, not Windows Defender!!!


    Microsoft did not and will not stop proving security update for Vista/W7/W8.  It is their solution for anti-virus and I assure you it is there to stay.


    Minimum config is on the web site under System Requirement, click [ system requirement ] at the bottom of the page.




    BYE will run on w8 just fine, my entire development environment is W8.1








  13. Hi, just had a quick go with my D7100 and Win7 64bit laptop.

    Got a lot of 'camera not found' but eventually got it to connect.

    Couldn't get imaging session to work though.  

    Got it to do a preview once and download the image.

    Mostly just timing out trying to download 1st image and then have to reset to clear the problem.


    Thanks,  I'll be releasing BETA 01c this weekend with a lot of stability change re: camera connectivity.  It will still have issues with some models but I should be quicker to resolve them once BETA 01c is released.


    I now have a D40, D90, D5100, D5300, and D7000 to test with.  I still have some minor issues with the D40 and once this is resolve I will release BETA 01c knowing first hand that at least these 5 models work fine... and if these 5 models work fine + plus those that have reported good success with other models it will start to look pretty good.


    On the up side I was able to make bulb over USB work for some models that supports it and I was able to test that with the D5300.  It works beautifully :)


    Thank you for all you help, I appreciated. 



  14. Jack,


    Which anti-virus softwre are you using?  I'm willing to bet that is the cause.


    Turn if off for a minute or 2 and try BYE.  It is still sluggish?






    Interesting you should mention that---I just changed virus programs due to WinXP support going away.  I'd been running Microsoft Security Essentials, and just changed to AVG Antivirus.


    Anyway, just did a test with the AVG software turned off and it seemed to make a slight change.  The CPU utilization remained at 100% while BYE was running, but the reaction in Live View window to react to a focus change was only a couple of seconds, and another couple for the effect to appear in the smaller zoom window.  This, with the throttle set at 100ms.


    Then I turned Live View on in the camera (it had not been on prior) and the BYE Live View was a little more responsive.  And if I zoomed in on the camera's live view (5X or 10X), a corresponding zoom occurred in the BYE Live View window---This was really helpful, I found.


    Then I turned the AVG software back on, and ran the same tests.  My conclusion is that even with the anti-virus software on, the response is tolerable when the camera's live view is turned on.


    So...where are we?  I think the best test is with the camera connected to the telescope trying to focus on a star.  Turning the camera's live view on seemed to help a fair amount in my inside-the-house-test, so I'll try that when connected to the telescope.  I do know my laptop is tired and underpowered for what I'm trying to do.  In fact, I suspect the small amount of video memory (64MB) is contributing to the problem, as well.


    I'll try to get in some telescope tests in the next couple days---we have cloudy weather forecast for a bit.  And I'll report back my findings.  I'm also going to start shopping for a new laptop.  Any recommended minimum requirements?


    Thanks again for all your help and prompt responses.




    I had 3 report in the past 8 weeks where AVG was the issue.


    If you like the Microsoft Security Essentials it is still free.  This is what I've been using exclusively for the past 3 years.


    They call it Windows Defender now.










  15. Guylain,


    In my case, I'm using an 8-year-old Windows XP laptop with a Pentium 1.73GHz processor, 2GB RAM, and an ATI Mobility Radeon X300 video card (screen res 1680 x 1050).  The computer has several USB 2.0 connectors.  Camera is Canon 6D with 24-105L lens, connected via 6-foot USB cable.  Setup inside house for test.


    Here's my scenario:

        •    Computer-on, NO applications running:  CPU = 0%, Memory avail = 1.44GB

        •    Start BYE:  CPU = 100%, Memory avail = 1.34GB

        •    Connect camera:  CPU = 100%, Memory avail = 1.34GB

        •    Select Frame/Focus:  CPU = 100%, Memory avail = 1.27GB

        •    Adjust focus (Live View very slow to react):  CPU = 100%, Memory avail = 1.27GB

        •    Disconnect camera:  CPU = 100%, Memory avail = 1.34GB

        •    Close BYE:  CPU = 0%, Memory avail = 1.43GB


    I'm going to assume with the CPU running at 100% as long as BYE is running, that you'll tell me I need a more powerful computer.  I note the System Requirements on your BYE website don't mention a CPU requirement, only an OS and screen resolution one.  What do you recommend as a good, minimum hardware configuration?


    FWIW, I have no other computer to try.  My other machine is an iMac without Windows capability.  Besides I need a portable system to use with my telescope.






    Which anti-virus softwre are you using?  I'm willing to bet that is the cause.


    Turn if off for a minute or 2 and try BYE.  It is still sluggish?






  16. Bonsoir,


    j'aimerais passer de la v3 à la version prémium, sur le site backyardeos pas moyen de touver la solution


    quelqu'un peut il m'aider? 




    Salut Laurent.  Envoi-moi un email a support@binaryrivers.com et je t'envoi un lien.  Le cout est $20.





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