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  1. My suggestions is don't use it.  Instead take that time to take more images.  Introduce pause at a later time if and only if you feel you need it to let the sensor cool down a bit... but the effect will marginal so no pause is the way to go on most setup.



  2. Hello, I put a post on here last night about Dithering and a USB Port.  I spoke again with my friend about this and gathered a little more info.  On his version of BYE 3.0.1, he has a place under settings that says 3rd Party Intergrations and a place to insert his port number that he is using for BYE to Communicate with the auto guider to let the guider software know when each picture is finished so it can dither, and in return PHD will let BYE know that its finished dithering and to wait a set amount of seconds before the next picture......Whew....With all this being said, my version 3.0.3 does not have a 3rd party intergration under the settings tab?  Does this mean that the newer version 3.0.3 automatically finds this port or am I still out in left field somewhere.   I need a clear night to get out and play with this.....Thanks for your help...I hope I am not confusing anyone, BYE is the greatest software that I've come across very easy to use but I will admit, I am confused a bit about this......Glenn



    3rd Party integration is a Premium feature.  If you do not see it and you have BYE 3.0 or above it means you have the Classic Edition.


    Your friend is misleading you.  The 3rd party integration configuration has nothing to do with dithering, it is for Plate Solving with AstroTortilla.  It seams to me like you should concentrate on guiding first with PHD and forget about dithering until you master guiding with PHD and you master BackyardEOS controlling your Canon DSLR independent from one another.


    Hope this helps.

  3. I just got a TEMPerHUM sensor. The software that came with it reads correctly, 75.87f  44.07% RH and 52.45 dew point. BYE premium edition is reading 441.0f, 0% RH, and 73.8f dew point. I uninstalled the TEMPerHUM software but BYE still gives me these wild readings. The readings do change slightly with time. What's going on. Anyone have any idea how to correct this?




    Thanks for the log file, it could be something as small as a rounding issue in reading the device.

  4. When I take the flat, shutter is in AV-Flat mode and Dial is AV.



    The camera is 100% in control of the duration when taking AV pictures.


    If you need a different duration you need to use TV value instead :(



  5. Same here,  I didn't have to fill anything. However, I can't see PHD anymore. No mater what I tried it is not available. I start BYE 1st then PHD and reverse, nothing.



    What do you mean?  The PHD icon has changed to a more generic icon because of MetaGuide support.  The button has the same behavior.  I think you got confused because the PHD icon is not there... but PHD works just the same.  Make sure you select PHD as dither provider in the Setting dialog... but the default should be PHD.

  6. I think your are mixing a few things here.


    BYE does not connect to your SSAG so its port is irrelevant to BYE.


    Your friend may have been talking about the TCP port (not your SSAG usb port) that BYE uses to talk to PHD.  But the defaults works fine, you should not have to mess with that unless you know what you are doing 100%


    You should head on over the How-to's, there is an article on dithering.



  7. Okay, I would like to know the exact TEMPerHUM you have when reporting issues with the TEMPerHUM.  There are at lease half a dozen of different models and they all have a different way of reading it :(


    So please paste a link of the TEMPerHUM you have with the model number.  I have 3 of them and they all work.  I will purchase those that I don't have but only if I can get your models.



  8. I had Serial Com4 selected in BYN, which is what the laptop Device Manager showed. I did obtain a single succesful capture but mostly not. So I must have been connected at some point. Isn't this being evidenced by the Cable Test button in BYN successfully firing the relay box green LED light? I will try reordering device connection sequence and let you know how it goes. I find BYN connects more easily if I connect the camera to laptop first and turn on camera then open BYN. Thanks for steering me towards the BYN connection setting.


    Yes, the test cable button is meant for that so it looks like you did everything right in BYN.

  9. Though the history for BYE 3.1.3 said "Bug Fix: TEMPerHUM erractic sensor reading." , unfortunately this is not ture on my and my friend's PC whose OS is Windows7 (64bit). Does anyone have the right reading at the weather center on BYE 3.1.3. ? 


    This is very interesting.  I have 3 TEMPerHUM and 3.1.3 is showing correct readings for all 3 :(


    Can you give the readings?  How off are they?


    EDIT: Please make sure your zero out any calibration values in the Settings dialog.

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