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  1. I  downloaded the beta version to my laptop and my desk pc and easily connected both Nikons and was able to see the live view and focus etc.  Then while using the d-90 in The OBS 2 nights ago, after it had been connected, the next time I tried to connect, it would not.  I assumed this was because the battery was down to 50%.  But now that I have both batteries fully charged, neither camera will connect.  I removed the entire program and downloaded the beta 02 version again  and it said that I have 9 days left.  But neither camera will connect. It is set on Manual and  I have a blank SD card, fully charged batteries, camera connected directly to the Laptop and get a musical tone on the laptop when I turn the cameras on.  It says that the Nikon drivers were initialized.  I have no idea whey it will not work now when it worked just fine before!!!!    thanks Doc


    Reboot and try again <_>



  2. Rick

    I first had it set to the comm port which connected the camera, I have tried it on the other with no joy it doesn't even try to take the photo.



    Did you follow the instructions in my previous post?



  3. Cannot   find    that  original    email.


    But I have a saved 5 line code  text file, starting in  becc6ad7- on the first line,  and ending in  -604f6cf3d3b6   on  the fifth line, but  it  does  not  work.  


    Can  you  tell    me  the  "Subject" of  that  email   so  I  can  search for  it?               




    The subject was "BackyardEOS" and the body contains "Thank you for upgrading to BackyardEOS 3.0 Premium Edition".


    The email came from backyardeos@binaryrivers.com.


    I believe yours was sent around July 15th 2013 +/- a few days if that helps.








  4. Can you open other PDF?


    It seems to me that the extention PDF is NOT associated to Adobe Reader.


    Uninstall Adobe Reader and re-install it.  See if that makes a difference.





  5. Thank you Scott,


    I will look at the log files for sure.


    I will not hide my disappointment in the Nikon SDK's inability to either see/connect to the camera -OR- loosing a connection after several hours of imaging.


    This connection issue keeps coming back time and time again for several models if not all models at one point or another.  I'm tempted to explore other connection protocol in lieu of using the Nikon SDK altogether.  This would set back the release of BackyardNIKON by several months... maybe even 1 year... but I can not in good conscience release something that can't even connect to a camera reliably.  This is just not the quality standard I aim.


    I'm on the fence with continuing using the Nikon SDK <_>



  6.  Installed  EOS v3.0.3 on Win  7 64-bit   laptop.


    Click on EOS icon, get  this error:



    Opps! An unhandled error has occurred.

    Root  element is  missing:

    C:\Program Files\BackyardEOSv3\BinaryRivers.BackyardEOS.Start.Camera1.exe.user.config




    So uninstalled EOS,  installed  again,  same  error.






    Try re-installing in a different folder, that should solve it. 


    Keep me posted,



  7. My usb cable is short - about 3 feet. Too short, actually. And I'm not using CHDK or Magiclantern, didn't even know what they were 'till I looked them up just now. Didn't go out last night, but I'll be experimenting over the weekend and if I learn anything I'll post again.


    Thank you all for your help!




    Try on another computer just to rule it out.



  8. I have been successfully using DSS with BYEOS for over 2 years now. I did a night long run where all the shots in the evening stack but after midnight not. Individual Pictures data looks fine, all external info created by DSS is all there. Plenty of room on the disc. All laptop hardware checks out.

    Any run done before using the same darks, flats, and bias still run fine. The pictures stack on the right side but deteriorate on the left side to a blur. Reload DSS, same. Am using a Canon 60Da shooting Raw + Jpeg with a HP pavilion laptop. A subsequent run will not stack. Can't even stack two shots of that data. So I think I have narrowed it down to some kind of corruption of the data given DSS




    1) the camera 

    2) the data write to disc through BYEOS

    3) cabling

    4) transient black hole causing gravatational distortion of the field? ha.


    Anything else ?

    Should I reload BYEOS?


    Is there a way to test the Data for corruption and/or repair? 

    I have attached half of a log file from one of the bad runs.

    Example of a stacking run in DSS:



    BYEOS ex.jpg 


    I have been trying to get on the Yahoo DSS forum without success cause of some weird login issues.



    What do Youall think? 



    This has nothing to do with BackyardEOS... I can say that with 100% certainty because BYE does nothing to the image... it downlods the RAW file just as you would using Windows... so reloading BYE would not do anything.


    Did you try posting in the DSS forum?


    Did you try another stacking software?



  9. Hi,


    I bought a license yesterday before noon, for backyard eos premium. I did it as I was heading out the door for the GCSP. Unfortunately it did not come immediately, and checking now (30 hours later) it still hasn't come to me. I paid via paypal, using my michael.corrieri@gmail.com license (the address I'd like to get the license file mailed to, as it is the only one I can use remotely).


    How long does it normally take to get a license? I can try once a day at this time... I have to pay for internet access here.




    Michael Corrieri


    You did not purchase BackyardEOS using that email, I have NO PayPal transaction under that email. 


    If you bought under another email check you SPAM folder, all keys have been sent.


    Keep me posted.





  10. No, I tried it repeatedly, trying some different settings, but nothing seemed to work. Other than this, everything's rosy. I'll review the manual, make sure I haven't done something stupid, maybe buy the updgraded version, and do some backyard experimenting tonight. Thank for your help!




    How long is your usb cable?


    Do you have a USB hub where multiple devices are connected to.



  11. Hello,


       The file is too large to attach or to paste in in it's entirety, so I removed the first part of the Main INFO and most of the log after the error to meet the size requirements. Thank you for your help!


    Thanks for the log.


    The error you got is...


    ERROR EDS_ERR_INTERNAL_ERROR : EDSDK.EdsSendCommand(CameraRef, 2, 0)


    Which means the start BULB command was sent properly to the camera but the camera threw an EDS_ERR_INTERNAL_ERROR.  This is a generic error throw by the Canon SDK so I don't have anymore to provide in terms of why the camera was not able to start the BULB sequence... but BYE did send the command.


    Was this a one time error?



  12. bonjour,


    J'ai réussi à faire fonctionner 2 apn (eos 350d) en même temps. super.

    Mais j'ai un probleme : souvent il y a un apn qui bloque et ne télécharge pas la photos ....ça mets "occupé".


    le plus chiant c'est que ça se produits pas tout le temps...des fois ça marche ...des fois ça marche pas....je sais vraiment pas d’où vient le probleme.


    vous avez une idée ???







    Ce n’est pas relié à 2 APN car les 2 instances de BYE sont complètement isolée l’un de l’autre.


    Si tu connecte seule l’APN qui bloque, est-ce qu’elle bloque par elle-même?


    Connecte les 2 APN sur un port USB diffèrent sur ton ordi, il est possible que c’est le câble USB qui est saturée de donnée lors du double téléchargement d’images.






  13. Hi Guylain:


    Any news on the future release of version 3.1?


    I posted a release candidate last week but I had to pull it off soon after because I found a nasty bug in the background worker process... which is a big part of 3.1


    I'm about 70% done rewriting it so best guess for release is July now.


    Thanks for asking,



  14. :) Salut ! J'ai réussie a faire fonctionner mes deux caméras avec bakyardsEOS ! J'ai réussie a enlever EOS Utility ? qui me causait du troubles ? et j'ai réussie a changer le format des photos light darks flats bias pour que bakyardsEOS puise les reconnaître  voilà ! Maintenant reste a savoir si pixinsight pourras les reconnaître et les traiter ???? Je ne sais pas encore alors a venir .[cool]


    YEAH :)



  15. Guylain, do you know whether the embedded JPG from which you derive the displayed Histogram is internally processed by the Canon DSLR to the extent that any applicable White Balance is applied

    Yes, I believe so.



    Am I on the right track ??  Is this, too, something that you've already thought of for BYE v3.1/3.2 ??

    What I would like to do in future release is actuallt put that thing to rest and load the linear raw histogram.  Not where that fits in the release plans yet.



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