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  1. If it is the #2 you need to go into windows firewall settings and add PHD manually as a rule.


    That's exactly what I did after reading your explanation Guy.  Now just waiting for another clear night to test it.


    I do have another question though, in BN, the capture storage settings are PC and SD card.  When I finished imaging, I was surprised to find no images on the SD card?


    This is a minor annoyance, since I like to load the DS data into Nikon ViewNX for reviewing and discarding bad images prior to stacking in DSS and processing in PS5.


    Is there a fix for this? 






    This is the normal behavior of Nikons when connected to a PC, I say this because I do not control that yet in BYN.  I do nothing to tell it NOT to save to the card so I suspect this is how the SDK works... but I'm not 100% sure yet.  I will focus on those functional issues once we move to BETA 02.


    So far I have feedback on 11 out of 22 supported cameras.  I would like to get feedback on at least 4 to 5 more models before wrapping BETA 01.


    New rule... please always tell me your camera model when posting issues... otherwise I need to search the thread and that is painfully long <_>


    All cameras each have their little intricacies and issues are more often tied to a single model rather than all.  The only way I can make some sense out of an issue is knowing the model number first :)




  2. Here's the full log file......


    Thank you, I have updated the progress grid with your info.


    I'll have to dig deeper to find the cause of this and fix for sure.  For the time being the work around for the D600 and D610 is to remove the card.


    I find it curious that this occurs on the D600 and D610 only... and the fact that they are both in the D6## series leads me to believe there is a special feature/setting in that line up that makes them behave differently.  I hope I can find over time, it's kind of a pain to have to remove the card.



  3. Hi, 


    I tried Beta01c with D800.  Live view seems to work OK.  I can take a Bulb exposure via USB, but not series of Bulb exposures.  When I ask to take multiple Bulb exposures, it always stops after the first one is taken.  On the other hand, if I ask to take multiple non-Bulb exposures, it goes well.


    I also noticed that it doesn't save images to the camera although I asked to save images to both PC and camera.


    These are what I found so far.





    Hi Wei-Hao,


    Thank you for the feedback on the D800.  Can you please send me the files so I can see why the end bulb sequence seems to be an issue.


    The log files are in "My Pictures\BackyardTEMP\logs".





  4. I followed those instructions.  The only thing I did not see was a Windows firewall warning.  I will check it the next time I set up for imaging.


    BackyardNIKON is really a pleasure to use.  It can only get better, thanks Guy.


    Paul C


    If you did not see the firewall warnings it means 1 of 2 things.


    1) You accepted them in the past

    2) You declined them in the past.


    If it is #1 you should be fine.


    If it is the #2 you need to go into windows firewall settings and add PHD manually as a rule.


    Hope this makes sense.



  5. Apr 20, 2014.  Nikon D5100, Beta 1c, Win7/32bit, DSUSB cable and camera cable.  Working very well this evening.  The only area I get an error message is when I test the dither in PHD, it fails.   Don't know if this is supposed to be working in the beta or not?


    Paul C


    Yes it should work, it is the same as in BackyardEOS. 


    Are you sure your followed these instructions, especially the enable server in PHD and accepting all indows firewall warnings?.




  6. Thanks Guylain,


    I was doing a mosaic of the Moon, and rushing to get i done before the Moon set behind trees. So the captures were all back-to-back 1000 frame grabs at 5x. 13 were successfully processed with 7 unprocessed.


    I'll do as you suggest and just load the JPG's in to Registax. I had wondered if they were equivalent but wasn't sure. Thanks! :)


    Yeah, in 3.0.x the processing of AVi in the queue is suspended during a subsequent recording.  The purpose is to leave as must CPU possible for the next recording to get maximum frame rate.


    As I said in 3.1 they will continue to be encoded in a low priority thread under a different windows process.  My tests shows that this has next to 0 impact on the frame rate of subsequent recordings... which is not the case in 3.0.x <_>


    Hope this helps,



  7. Hi,
    I was recording video using a DSLR and BackyardEOS. At completion of recording it had 7 jobs queued to process. Hovering the "7" which was slowly flashing it showed text like "Suspended: 7 queued". It seemed the jobs weren't being processed, indeed suspended. A short time later BackyardEOS crashed and upon restart it doesn't seem to know the 7 exist. Is there a way to get BackyardEOS to now process the 7 jobs I have sitting in the BackyardTEMP]download directory?


    Roger, how many recordings did you do?  You had to do more than 1 to get 7 items in the the queue; that I'm 100% positive.


    Did you do 7 recordings back to back? 


    The good news is that you have not lost anything.  The job in the queue is to take all these individual jpgs in the TEMP folder to encode into an AVI.


    You can just as well take those jpgs and stack them as-is in Registax or other software.  In fact these jpgs are exactly the same one that ends up in the AVI, 1 for 1.  You can also use VirtualDub to encode them into an AVI... but staking the individual jpgs will give you the same exact result.


    In v3.1 I have changed the way backend jobs are processed.  Basically they will get their own Windows process and have next to 0 performance impact on the actual BYE application UI.



  8. I didn't have the camera on manual focus. It looks like everything is working correctly, although the downloads seem rather slow.






    It is not the download that is slow, that usually takes less than 2 to 3 seconds.


    Loading the raw image will take about 5 seconds.  Reading the exif data and writing your target data to the exif data will take an additional 2 to 3 seconds.  Creating the histogram 1 second.  It add up to 10 to 12 seconds on average... on older computer this may take up to 20 seconds.


    This is not an issue usually because 80% is done in the background and will not stop the next picture to be taken.


    Hope this makes sense.



  9. Rick,


    Its connected via USB with the Nikon supplied USB cable.




    Dave, if you set the camera dial to M, and then try to take a BULB picture in BackyardNIKON with only the USB cable, does it work?  If not it means the D600 requires a serial cable for BULB pictures. 


    Try it and let me know please.  At worse you may the to purchase a serial cable (or DSUSB cable).



  10. Sorry, I'm new to the interface so I am learning by trial and error.


    Live view works and I can take images, and they are displayed, but only in Av mode. Nothing happens when I try to take an image in bulb mode (camera is set to M).


    I'll report back when I have more time to try everything out. 




    Dave, you need a serial cable (or a DSUSB cable) to do bulb images with the 600D.  Do you have one?


    You should be able to take TV images with the dial set to M.  Just select a value other than bulb form the pull down in the capture plan.  Let my know if that works.  If AV images are working so should TV images up to 30 seconds.



  11. Without any cards installed it is ready to connect immediately - no waiting


    There you go.  That confirms what I thought.  The Nikon Windows driver goes into a spin trying to read the card assuming the user will want to download images <_>


    What happens if you have no images on the card?  Does the time increase with the number of images on the card or is the 1 minute wait static?



  12. No joy with the D610. BN just says connecting and then times out. I don't understand what it is about the D610 because Sequence Generator Pro can't connect either. 


    My computer is an Apple MBA running Windows 7 ultimate via Parallels. I can connect the camera as Windows recognizes and I can connect to digiCamControl.




    Just a thought as I have a D600 - are you waiting for the memory card access light to stop illuminating / flickering? This can take over a minute (on mine) - once this has finished mine connects fine. Just check if this is happening on yours. It happens every time I connect the camera to the computer and then load backyard nikon. If I try and connect before this process has finished it won't connect on mine. Kev


    This looks to me like a bug in the Nikon Windows driver.  The default initial initialization of the camera when connecting to a PC is "Image Download" mode.  It is possible that the initializing that mode tries to read the card.  Once that is done it switches to "PC Operated" mode and this is the mode required for software to control the camera.


    On most model this takes just a second or 2.


    What it you remove the card and set the camera to take images without a card.  Does it still take that long?



  13. No joy with the D610. BN just says connecting and then times out. I don't understand what it is about the D610 because Sequence Generator Pro can't connect either. 


    My computer is an Apple MBA running Windows 7 ultimate via Parallels. I can connect the camera as Windows recognizes and I can connect to digiCamControl.





    digiCamControl is not using the Nikon SDK, I believe he uses the PTP protocol.  I wouldn't know where to start to use the PTP protocol to communicate with the camera.  I'm not familiar with it at all.



  14. No joy with the D610. BN just says connecting and then times out. I don't understand what it is about the D610 because Sequence Generator Pro can't connect either. 


    My computer is an Apple MBA running Windows 7 ultimate via Parallels. I can connect the camera as Windows recognizes and I can connect to digiCamControl.





    Send my the full log file, I want to see if at least the SDK sees it.  If it does I will see evidence of that in the log files.


    It could also be that the D610 has a in-camera setting to set to "PC Control" from the default "Image Download" when connected to a PC.


    I will let the BETA 01 continue in it's current state... at the end if I see I can not get it to connect I will rent one for a weekend and try to get it working. 


    The D610 uses the Nikon driver Type0008.  It is possible that there is a issue with it.  Please run the following test.


    1) Go into the BYN install folder, then into Nikon\ folder.  Delete all folders except Type0008.

    2) REBOOT your computer the start BYN

    3) Does it connect?  If yes it will confirm that there is an issue will all drivers are also loaded... and that I can fix relatively easily.  Let's hope it does :)







  15. You've peaked my curiosity.  Do you have more information available? or is it a top secret work in progress?  [cool]  There is an astronomy exhibit coming up that I'll be going to in a couple of weeks.  I was hoping to score a DSUSB cable ... but alternatives always get my attention.




    Hey Andy,


    Would this be the AstroCATS tradeshow near Toronto first weekend of May?  If yes stop by my booth, I'll be there all weekend long :)




    I haven't been able to try the software yet, or even open it after installing. When I go to open it up, I get a popup error message that says "OOPS! This is embarassing. An unhandled error has occurred. Font 'Ariel Narrow' does not support style 'Regular'."

    I have no idea what this means, or how to proceed. I'm using an Asus 1501e with Windows 7 on it hooked up to a plasma HDTV if that makes any difference...


    You are missing the Arial Narrow font on your computer for some reason.


    Download the attached zip file, unzip somewhere, and copy the 4 font files in "c:\windows\fonts"  folder.


    That should fix it.





  17. Guylain,


    Nikon D300s appears to connect okay in beta .01C... Computer is HP DV6T laptop with i3 2.6 GHz CPU, 6 GB RAM, USB_2.0,  Windows 7 Pro 64 bit operating system...


    A quick daytime test shows live view in frame and focus is working great. Later this afternoon if the weather stays clear I will get out the CG-5 mount and hook up the DSUSB unit and see if I can get any images with it. Being on Cape Cod, the weather is extremely variable this time of year, while we've got a clear sky and sunshine at the moment, the forecast is for clouds so we'll just have to wait and see what happens.


    However that the Nikon D300s connects and displays a live view image is very exciting definitely good progress.




    Let me know when you test taking pictures, bulb and no bulb; I'll update the progress grid here.







  18. Hi there - still no image capture (bulb or otherwise). Here's the log history...


    19:34:53  Licensed to BETA TESTER (support@binaryrivers.com)

    19:34:58  Nikon drivers initialized.

    19:36:31  Attempting to connect camera...

    19:36:32  D600 CONNECTED!

    19:36:40  Imaging session started.

    19:36:41  Imaging session cancelled

    19:36:41  [kNkMAIDResult_NotSupported] (kNkMAIDCommand_CapStart, 17, kNkMAIDDataType_Null, 0)

    19:36:42  Imaging session cancelled

    19:36:54  Imaging session started.

    19:36:55  Imaging session cancelled

    19:36:55  [kNkMAIDResult_NotSupported] (kNkMAIDCommand_CapStart, 17, kNkMAIDDataType_Null, 0)

    19:36:56  Imaging session cancelled






    Thanks Kevin, looks like the D600 is going to be a challenge <_>


    Can you send me the full log file at support@binaryrivers.com.


    Log files are located in "My Pictures\BackyardTEMP\logs"


    Thank you







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