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  1. Hi there,


    I tried and I can say it does not work as well, and together with BYN is the second (and only, on Windows or Mac) program that does find my camera and does not connect with it. Possibly all the others are using PTP or as you say different commands or ways to work with the sdk?


    No error produced, no detailed logs...so I have no idea again about details of the connection failure reasons.




    Yuk, I'm starting to doubt my decision to use the Nikon SDK.   But it's too late now... unless I invest another 12 months (nights and weekend) to rewrite the camera interface to send PTP commands instead <_>



  2. SGP uses the Nikon SDK just like BYN.


    I would be interested to see if SGP connects.  If should not but if it does it means I'm doing something wrong connecting to the camera, it is unlikely because there is only one command to connect, but it possible if a setting of some sort must be sent to the camera before attempting a connection.


    In any case, if you try SGP let me know if it connects or not.



  3. Hi Rick,


    thanks for your reply. Yes Device Manager sees the camera, as well as the serial com for the remote shutter (even if not important at this stage). As I wrote in the OP I use this Parallels for every session of astrophotography, and while BYN does not see the camera, DigiCamControl (another software to control Nikon cameras) can see and operate it without problems.


    Seems more a problem of the Nikon drivers in BYN. I was trying to look into BYN logs but there's no log with details about the connection tries with the camera. Anyone with similar experience where camera is perfectly recognised by the system, works with other tethered camera softwares but not with BYN?


    DigiCam Control uses PTP to communicate with the Camera, I use the Nikon SDK.  So they are not use the same communication method.  When I decided to use the Nikon SDK 2 years ago when I started BackyardNIKON I made that decision thinking it would be more stable since it was the official Nikon SDK... and with all the communication issue I'm not sure this was the best decision... but it is too late to go back now.


    If you reboot your computer (I know it is harsh) does it connect?



  4. The low disk space is set a 1GB.  The reason is that it needs to make sure you have enough space for an entire night image session for both your image files, the BackyardTEMP temporary working area and log files, and still have enough for Windows not to go bonkers.


    I have changes the error so that it logs on the UI as well so with the next release users will at least get a UI notification instead of only in the log files.


    Thank you,

  5. I'm wondering if the following feature request makes sense.


    For Satellite Imaging, say the ISS, It may only be in your FOV for a couple of seconds. That's not enough time to move the zoombox, lock it, go into 5x mode, and hit capture.


    Would it be possible to do zoombox and 5x mode changes DURING a capture?


    That would give you at least a fighting chance. 5 clicks, or I guess if you unlocked first 3 clicks.


    Hmm, maybe we could have a checkbox for 5x zoom on zoombox lock feature? That would activate the 5x zoom as soon as you locked it. Now we're down to 2 clicks.


    All images MUST be the same size when encoding into an AVI <_>



  6. In this case it is a confirmed bug.


    It's a bug.  I'll need to fix it.  Basically the move fails when the drive of the TEMP folder is different from the drive of your final download folder.  Probably from something like D: to C:.


    2014-10-07 22:31:03,065 [MoveFolder(Normal)] INFO  - MoveFolder START!
    2014-10-07 22:31:03,065 [MoveFolder(Normal)] INFO  - move: C:\Users\Ron\Pictures\BackyardTEMP\Download\Luna_Tv1-200s_100iso_1056x704_20141007-22h30m25s
    2014-10-07 22:31:03,065 [MoveFolder(Normal)] INFO  -   to: F:\\PLANETARY
    2014-10-07 22:31:03,065 [MoveFolder(Normal)] INFO  - Try move C:\Users\Ron\Pictures\BackyardTEMP\Download\Luna_Tv1-200s_100iso_1056x704_20141007-22h30m25s
    2014-10-07 22:31:12,534 [MoveFolder(Normal)] WARN  - Source and destination path must have identical roots. Move will not work across volumes.
    2014-10-07 22:31:12,534 [MoveFolder(Normal)] WARN  -    at System.IO.Directory.InternalMove(String sourceDirName, String destDirName, Boolean checkHost)
       at OTelescope.BackgroundWorker.Tasks.IO.MoveFolder.Execute()


  7. I'm new to BY-N (02f) and was just trying a dry run with my D5000 connected via USB. BY-N recognizes the camera. I can focus (in daylight with lens attached) with the "Snap" command". But when I try to take images after selecting camera values for ISO, exposures, delay, pause etc the session ends when the countdown reaches zero - and under the "session terminated....."line  I see a message: "Given key not in dictionary", or words to that effect. As the program can operate the camera shutter for focusing I assume it is not a connection problem. Is there something else?


    This is odd, looks like a bug to me.  Send me the full log file at support@binaryrivers.com.  Log files are in "My Pictures\BackyardTEMP\logs".


    Are you trying to take BULB images without a serial cable with your D5000 by any chance?



  8. Do you remember discussions earlier this year - led by Phil Leigh - about the question of using the In-Camera JPG for evaluation of Flats ??


    I believe there was though about pursuing a Histogram calculated from the RAW data instead of the In-Camera JPG, at least for Flats production.


    Did anything come of this ??


    This is not for 3.1... but for a later release.


    The reason is that I need to release 3.1 first and make sure calling DCRAW from a Windows process is flawless before I expand on its use.  My best guess is that it will be fine, but I need a solid 4 to 6 months of production use before I commit to use it even more. 


    Hope this helps,



  9. The only difference is in Imaging mode I can select BULB in the screen but the software do not accept it and in Frame & Focus I can't select BULB.


    Oh, this is very odd.


    It almost look to me like the BULB feature is made non available.  I have never seen this before.


    TO ANYONE WHO HAS A 100D/SL1... do you see the same behavior?  If yes (or no) I would like your input.  I'm puzzled by this behavior <_>



  10. Okay, thanks.


    I see what you mean now, sorry it took a long time <_>


    Can you try without a lens.  I want to see if the lens plays a role in all of this.


    If you go in Frame & Focus and change from BULB to TV to BULB, does the camera information center changes as well?



  11. Rick,


    Yes. I have pressed Start capture and take a photo after changed to BULB.




    Send me the log file, they should tell me more.


    The log files are in "My Pictures\BackyardTEMP\logs".


    Send them to support@binaryrivers.com


    Thank you

  12. Hi Rick,


    The image has not been taken because there is no evidence of that in the message center, the bulb session was never started, user did not press 'start capture'.


    I think the issue is that the OP thinks the camera information center should display bulb instantly when he edits the session plan... and it won't until he presses 'start capture'.  This is a wild guess until the OP is more clear as to what this issue really is <_>


    Thanks again,

  13. i'm starting to do astrophotography again after several years hiatus, and i'm jazzed to find that there are all sorts of new apps out there, but i'm having a frustratingly difficult time finding something for image capture/cam control & guiding that runs on OSX and supports Nikon (D90). looks like BackyardNikon is WinOS only.


    short of installing a virtual machine to run Windows, or buying a Canon DSLR, can anyone recommend something that'll work with my setup (Nikon D90, Orion Starshoot Autoguider & Macbook Pro)?


    thank you!


    BYN, just like BYE, is a .net application and therefor a Windows app only.  I have no plans to port it it OSX.  You will need to run Bootcamp or Parallels.



  14. Thanks,


    Let me try to explain.


    I'm using this configuration. Press Start Capture - Shutter 1".  OK 


    Now changed to 2" and press Start Capture. It's OK.



    Now trying to change to BULB and Press Star Capture.   Not OK.




    Sorry, but I still do not understand <_>


    What is not OK when you change to BULB?



  15. Hi Tim,


    Once an image is complete BYE waits for the camera to fire the image ready to download event with a pointer of where the image is in the camera memory.  Every now and then the SDK will not fire this event.  This is extremely rare and appears to be random.  I've seen it happen to me 3 or 4 times over the last 6 years and I was never able to reproduce. 


    Is this occurring frequently for you?



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