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  1. The day before I left for the Texas Star Party I got a new T5i.  At the star party I piggybacked the camera onto my telescope to shoot the Milky Way in Sagittarius & Scorpius.


    The lens is a stock Canon 18-135mm.  There is some noticeable coma if you zoom way in on the stars around the edges.  Next time I will stop the lens down more to see if that helps.


    I have two versions one with annotations that outline the stars in the constellations and label the Messier objects and the other without the annotations.


    not annotated - http://flic.kr/p/nS9Jrk

    annotated - http://flic.kr/p/nS9HL2


    The images are a stack of 12 5-minute exposures captured with BYE at ISO 800.


    Okay, now I'm really jealous of your clear skies.


    Those are really nice Rick. 


    The more I grow into this hobby the more I really like and enjoy wide shots.  These are no exception. A+++ in my book.



  2. Can Real Player be a problem.  A number of times I got this error when I turned the camera on with the program running.


    Problem signature:

      Problem Event Name: BEX

      Application Name: recordingmanager.exe

      Application Version:

      Application Timestamp: 53423f1c

      Fault Module Name: StackHash_5861

      Fault Module Version:

      Fault Module Timestamp: 00000000

      Exception Offset: PCH_07_FROM_ntdll+0x0003D72C

      Exception Code: c0000005

      Exception Data: 00000008

      OS Version: 6.3.9600.

      Locale ID: 1033

      Additional Information 1: 5861

      Additional Information 2: 5861822e1919d7c014bbb064c64908b2

      Additional Information 3: d1d9

      Additional Information 4: d1d94a13d3609d6b740644c12508f581

    Read our privacy statement online:


    If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statement offline:



    Might be a conflict here.


    Oh yes it can.  Once BYE or BYN downloads a file it has a few process accessing the file to rename, read/write exif, load the image, copy to final folder... etc.


    If any other apps tries to access the file, and places a lock on it, it will prevent BYE or BYN to do its job and may result in unexpected behavior.





  3. Yes except that every app displays a different histogram <_>


    Also GIMP won't load my raw files (coming if they every release 2.9?), and I only have photoshop on my desktop machine vs. my laptop where I have BYEOS and pre stacked images.


    For comparing exposure notes with others in my club using BYEOS, best to look at the histograms in BYEOS.




    I always wanted to add this feature part of the off-line plan editor anyway... so I will get to it... all I need is a rainy weekend :)





  4. Tried the skip as you mentioned.  Still saves images in default not my specified folder.  Won't show the images.  Won't name the images.


    This looks like the background thread is failing somehow. 


    When you take a picture, once it is don downloading... so you have a BackgroundWorker task running in Windows?


    I would like to remote login to find out what is happening.



  5. I've tried both ways.  This time I specified the other two folders specified the download folder.  It still stuck the pictures in the BackYardTemp and Download sub folder.  Not the folder I created.  It would not show the images only the preview and it would not name the images either.  I specified the folders save and exited the program.  Then opened the program again to run it.


    Send the log files in "BackyardTEMP\logs" folder and I'll take a look.


    Send them to support@binaryrivers.com


    Are you running on XP, Vista, W7, or W8?



  6. The consensus on other forums is that the temp sensor in Canon EOS cameras is not measuring the sensor temp, but something else, perhaps the temp of the image processor chip?


    If that is the case, how good is the correlation between that temp (whatever it is) and the sensor temp, for use in matching dark frame temp to light frames?



    It does not really mater.  Everything is relative.  Match your darks/lights with the same temperature source.  In this case the temperature reported in the EXIF data.


    Hope this helps,



  7. And ALWAYS dither using a reasonably large dither scale.


    Would you or someone please post suggested dither settings?


    I had problems with DSS aligning when I used the defaults in BYEOS, however that was for an older scope where the focus wasn't near as good as what I'm using now.






    Leave the default in BYE until you are comfortable and fully understand dithering.  The defaults work pretty well as-is



  8. says it all. I imaged last night to get used to BYEOS. I love the system and its potential but had issues saving files. I wanted to image the m81 area and did. shot my 10 60 second frames. and when session was finished I couldn't close the file/folder to save and open another folder to image the whirlpool region..  I haven't even begun to discuss the focus and tracking issues. a frustrating first couple nights


    What do you mean could not open another folder?


    BackyardEOS automatically download all your image files in "My Pictures\BackyardEOS\*" by default. 


    The target name will also be automatically added to your image file name... NO NEED to open another folder. 


    Can you please explain in more detail your workflow?



  9. I did another test after rebooting the computer.  Here's some files.




    Everything is working as expected with that config... which is wrong <_>


    You should NOT have your download folder and plan folder in the same folder as your BackyardTEMP folder.


    BackyardTEMP folder is a space for BYE to work on files.


    Your download folder is where your images will be at when BackyardNIKON is done working with them.


    Does this make sense?


    Change your config to something like this.


    Download -> "c:\BYN Images\Lights"

    Plan -> "c:\BYN Images\Plans"

    BackyardTEMP -> "c:\BYN TEMP"


    Note that BackyardTEMP is NOT pointing to the same root folder as downloads and plans.






  10. I took some shots of c/2012 K1 (PANSTARRS) a couple of nights ago. The RAW files have a 'stripe' along the right side of the image that is more pronounced when I stretch the image. I have attached a screen grab. Is this part of the overscan area?


    My best guess is your processing software, PI in this case. 


    Start BackyardNIKON again.  Drag that same RAW image file in the image picture box.  BYN should load the image.  Use the screen stretch in BYE and see if the stripe is still there.



  11. Two of my cameras (D7000 and D610) have a 'mirror up' mode. Can this be supported in BYN? Say, with a configurable parameter for the delay between the mirror up and the exposure start? Or is this not available through the API?


    Mirror up is not working in BackyardNIKON for now.  It's a bit more trickier than Canon.  It will probably not by is release 1.





  12. I created the folders I wanted before starting BYN.  Opened BYN then connected to camera.  Then specified folders.  William


    Send me print screen of the setting dialog.  I want to see to the folders to make sure I understand properly.  Looks like it may be a bug.



  13. Had another session that had same issues.  The memory card was not in the camera this time but had same results.  I specified a separate download folder but left the other two folders as original default.  It showed the image taken but did not save the photos in the specified folder.  Saved them in the original default folder.  If I specified all three folders it did not show any images at all after each shot and still did not save the images in the specified folders.  It also did not rename any images as any names I tried to specified.  I have yet to get any names I choose to work.  Regardless of what settings I do.


    Did you restart BYN after you changed the folder?



  14. Hello,


    I solved the problem. Under the Settings menu ->Advanced Settings -> Force serial cable made everything work properly!


    Everything was connected properly (bulb mode) and it was the right COM part (COM 1). I have a native serial port on my old Dell Laptop with Windows XP.


    So I got it to work and right now I am shooting a bunch of 60sec darks with my Canon 5D Classic. Thanks so much, this software is great :)




    Hi Tony,


    Glad you got it to work... but you should not have to set the 'force serial cable' with the 5D.  Is so I have a bug for that model.  I'll see if I can find it and fix.


    Again, glad you got it to work.



    Hi Tony,


    Confirmed.  This is a bug in 3.0.3.  You should not have to set the "force serial cable" for the 5D.  I have fixed it in 3.1.  Look for when I release 3.1 in 4 to 8 weeks.





  15. I bought Backyard EOS a couple of weeks ago and last night when I tried to get on it said it was invalid. I deleted the e-mail you sent with the key could you please resend.   Harold Hargrave.


    Hi Harold,


    I do not have any purchase under your name, only a trial request on April 25th... which expired about 1 week ago.


    Please send me an email to support@binaryrivers.com with your PayPal transaction and I'll see if I can retrieve it.


    Please note that key retrieval within 30 days of purchasing is free. 


    Beyond 30 days a $15 fee applies for key retrieval as per our policy here.







  16. Hi. I downloaded the last version of EOS. When I tried to rotate the crosshairs I realized that it was impossible to do in increments of +0,25 degrees (as said the user´s guide). Can you help me ?https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ydw7b98ol3uo7lr/AAB8XAk9aN5GR2hQIWty4udsa

    thank you !!


    I think it is a bug with having a comma (,) as a decimal point instead of a period (.)


    I run a few more tests. 


    In the mean time, if your change your decimal point in Windows to be a period does it work?





  17. Until very recently, when I clicked on the scope control button I got a pop-up Ascom direction control panel that worked great.  Now when I click on scope control the direction buttons are integrated into the BYEOS interface in the Camera Information Center and don't work nearly as accurately.  What am I doing wrong?





    Is this the same version of BackyardEOS? If yes you must have changed something if it worked fine a few weeks ago. Did you upgrade ASCOM?
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