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  1. I just looked at the Driver.cs file from that github repository and the switch statement at line 1331 is where the Gemini ASCOM driver changes the slew speed.

    The Gemini ASCOM driver will *ALWAYS* change the rate to either slew/center/guide according to this code below; this is a Gemini specific behavior. 

    What is your ideal outcome Jim?  Is there one that you prefer the mount to be set to once the MoveAxis is complete?



  2. 27 minutes ago, cpfalzgraf99 said:

    I have both a Nikon d3100 and d5100. I cannot get either to connect to the Nikon backyard software. Can you give me some ideas on what might be going on? I followed the instructions on the failure notice. I noticed that it seems the d31XX which I assume is the same as my d3100 won't work with this application. Also, I was trying to find the logs for this, I cannot find a file folder named "my pictures". I did find a file folder for backyard Nikon in my program files. 

    I'm running windows 10 on my personal HP laptop at home. 


    Please start a new thread in the future as this thread has been marked as solve by the OP.

    The D3100 will not work as you found out.

    The D5100 should work, in fact I have one and it does connect.

    Does windows even see the D5100 camera?


  3. Oh, and to answer your questions in your email...

    The trial is NOT the pre-release.

    BYE comes in 3 editions and is defined by your software key.

    1. Trial Edition
    2. Classic Edition
    3. Premium Edition.

    The trial edition IS the premium edition but will only work for 30 days.  Aside from that the Trial edition is the same as the premium edition.

    A pre-release is NOT an edition.... it's a download of the next version that is not yet release that people can try with their current software key.  It does not matter if your software key is the trial, classic, or premium key... your key will work a pre-release.

    Because a pre-release is NOT an edition (trial, classic, premium)... you only need to download it form the "DOWNLOAD" pre-release section and use your *same* key. 

    Click "Download" from the website top menu bar, then click on the "pre-release" section on the right option panel.


  4. Please DO NOT reply to forum posts by email.  You must post directly on the forum to ensure the conversation remains public; this way other users may benefit from the conversation and outcome.

    I need to know that account you used to purchased and gets locked as you say.  Without this I can not find the account to unlock it.


  5. 23 hours ago, jjaipa@yahoo.com said:

    wow... Eliminating MirrorUp and 2sec exposure delay worked!! 50 frames at 1sec, 50 frames at 35sec. At least that's the testing that would normally fail at about 8-16 frames into the second sequence of 35 second frames. I also went back to the original cable and repeated the tests, that was successful.

    Turned on just exposure delay and my tests passed. Then turned off exposure delay and put on mirror up - time out within 2 frames... Interesting... Thanks for you help with this... 

    Glad you got it to work.

  6. I think the issue may be related to Windows registry, it may be a permission issue.

    To confirm this, please download and install 2.0.9 and see id this one works.  If it does it confirms the issue is the registry because in 2.0.9 or earlier version I was not using the registry.

    Please let me know if your still have issues after you've tried 2.0.9.



  7. If you get a validation error then you are not entering your key or identifier correctly.

    Please make sure you enter both your key and identifier as they appear in "My Purchases -> Orders".  The identifier is case sensitive so make you cut&paste it to prevent typos.

    I have just tried your key and identifier and they worked just fine so I'm very confident the issue is that your are not entering it correctly.

  8. I'm sorry but the is nothing we can do to help you without specifics.

    • Is this a Windows message? 
    • What action are you performing when you get the error message?
    • Please provide a print screen of the error when you get it.

    It looks to me like you are trying to set the SD card as your download folder.  This is NOT the correct way of doing it.  The download folder MUST be on a computer hard drive and MUST NOT be mapped to a folder on the camera SD card.

    Only the camera itself can write on the camera card.

  9. 4 hours ago, astroman133 said:

    BYE's approach of using a percentage value to alter the MoveAxis speed is fine for a mount that has a broad range of Axis Rates like a Celestron mount where any value between 0 and 5 degrees/sec is valid, but will not work in other cases. Such as when a mount supports only a small number of discrete rates, like the Gemini driver/controller or even when it supports multiple smaller split ranges like the ASCOM Telescope Simulator (see my previous screenshot).


    Agreed, MoveAxis is not a universal approach.  MoveAxis may have seemed like a good approached when I first implemented it years ago but in retrospect it's not a one size fits all.

    This is the main reason why I thought about implementing the Slew Scale in the latest RC to give more control based on the range/speed variant from mount to mount.  It's not quite working yet but more reason to make it work :)

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