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  1. 1 hour ago, astroman133 said:

    I went back and examined the Ra manual and found that s3igell was correct. There is a Custom Function setting (Release shutter without lens) in the camera's menus that when enabled will let you shoot photos without a lens attached. This setting is not available to BYE to read or change, so you must make the change yourself.

    Glad you got it to work.


  2. There is nothing special the site does as far as I know.  I did report this to the platform vendor and said it was browser setting.  I have tried to reproduce this with Chrome, Opera, and the new chrome based Edge and I don't get these popups.  It seems to be with the original Edge (non chrome base)  browser only.  Is this the browser you use?

  3. 26 minutes ago, AndreasGada said:

    Also I sent you a message via the contact us button on your website and got an automated response indicating that I should use this forum.   This kind off makes the contact us button useless if you do not intend to respond to questions sent to you via the contact us button.  Why bother having it!!!!   I also left a voice message on your 1-800 number.


    The support forum is the *only* medium for free software support.  I make to excuse for this process, it is useless to offer 1:1 support in this digital age where everything is online.

    This is the right place get support.

  4. This is a odd behavior for sure to have both Imaging and Frame&Focus lit at the same time, it would indicate an in-software event timing issue, probably caused by a slow computer of other computer resource contention preventing the events to be processed in a timely matter.  This would be a first, but not impossible.

    As suggested in the previous post, please download and try BYN 2.1.

  5. After reading your post a second I realize now that you did mentioned you had the dial set to "M".  That should be all you need to do... unless the D5600 requires that you set it to BULB manually but this would be very odd.

    Did you try setting to BULB manually?  If yes did that work?

    Also, please specify the BYN version you are using, all 3 numbers please.

  6. Well, the .CR2 image provided by the camera is invalid according to the log file and BYE use strictly the Canon SDK to load .cr2 image.  To confirm this, try JPG only report your findings.


    2020-08-10 13:16:38,268 [ProcessCapture(Normal)] INFO  - Loading image with CanonEdsImageProvider: C:\Users\100005142\Pictures\BackyardTEMP\Download\IMG_0003.CR2
    2020-08-10 13:16:38,402 [Main] ERROR - Out of memory.
    2020-08-10 13:16:38,402 [Main] ERROR -    at System.Drawing.Graphics.CheckErrorStatus(Int32 status)
       at System.Drawing.Graphics.DrawImage(Image image, Int32 x, Int32 y)
       at BinaryRivers.Controls.ABase.PictureBoxPlus.PictureBoxZoomPaint(Object sender, PaintEventArgs e)
    2020-08-10 13:16:38,489 [ProcessCapture(Normal)] ERROR - External component has thrown an exception.
    2020-08-10 13:16:38,489 [ProcessCapture(Normal)] ERROR -    at BinaryRivers.Camera.Canon.EDSDKLib.EDSDK.EdsGetImage(IntPtr inImageRef, EdsImageSource inImageSource, EdsTargetImageType inImageType, EdsRect inSrcRect, EdsSize inDstSize, IntPtr outStreamRef)
       at BinaryRivers.Camera.Canon.EDSDKLib.EdsImage.GetImage(EdsImageSource inImageSource, EdsTargetImageType inImageType, Rectangle inSrcRect, Size inDstSize, EdsStream stream)
       at BinaryRivers.Camera.Canon.EdsImageProvider.GetEdsImageEmbeddedJpg(String path, EdsImageSource source, Bitmap& bmp)
       at BinaryRivers.Camera.Canon.EdsImageProvider.LoadImage(FileInfo file, Boolean embeddedJpg)
       at BinaryRivers.Camera.Canon.EdsImageProvider.Load(String fullname, Boolean embeddedJpg)
    2020-08-10 13:16:38,489 [ProcessCapture(Normal)] ERROR - Unable to load image file error
    2020-08-10 13:16:38,489 [ProcessCapture(Normal)] ERROR - 
    2020-08-10 13:16:38,489 [ProcessCapture(Normal)] ERROR - IMG_0003.CR2
    2020-08-10 13:16:38,489 [ProcessCapture(Normal)] ERROR - 
    2020-08-10 13:16:38,494 [ProcessCapture(Normal)] ERROR - Cannot perform runtime binding on a null reference
    2020-08-10 13:16:38,494 [ProcessCapture(Normal)] ERROR -    at CallSite.Target(Closure , CallSite , Object )
       at System.Dynamic.UpdateDelegates.UpdateAndExecute1[T0,TRet](CallSite site, T0 arg0)
       at CallSite.Target(Closure , CallSite , Object )
       at OTelescope.BackgroundWorker.Tasks.Image.ProcessCapture.Execute()
    2020-08-10 13:16:38,494 [ExifRead(Normal)] INFO  - C:\Users\100005142\Pictures\BackyardTEMP\Download\IMG_0003.CR2
    2020-08-10 13:16:38,495 [ExifRead(Normal)] INFO  - ExifRead C:\Users\100005142\Pictures\BackyardTEMP\Download\IMG_0003.CR2
    2020-08-10 13:16:38,603 [Main] ERROR - Out of memory.
    2020-08-10 13:16:38,603 [Main] ERROR -    at System.Drawing.Graphics.CheckErrorStatus(Int32 status)
       at System.Drawing.Graphics.DrawImage(Image image, Int32 x, Int32 y)
       at BinaryRivers.Controls.ABase.PictureBoxPlus.PictureBoxZoomPaint(Object sender, PaintEventArgs e)
    2020-08-10 13:16:38,828 [Main] INFO  - -----------------------------------
    2020-08-10 13:16:38,828 [Main] INFO  - Application state changed: 'ImageCapture'


  7. 9 hours ago, dyemul said:

    Thanks. I am not sure what is going on either. I have tried to save just RAW images earlier today. Still had the same problem. 

    LOL, and my trial license just expired. Not sure where to go from here. Appreciate your help. 

    Trial expired?  It's only 1 week old.... your key shows as active on the server.  Can you confirm you get an expired message?

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