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  1. 4 hours ago, StargazrVern said:


    I have reinstalled BYEOS 3.1.18, but still experiencing the same issue. It may be problem with my cable, I will check that and let you know.


    Thanks for the quick response.

    Try re-installing in a separate folder.  The issue where you do not see the camera drivers as an option when connecting your camera is NOT cable related, it's install related.

    As an alternative, if 3.1.18 still does not offer you the option to select the camera driver/sdk after installing in a separate folder, try downloading version 3.2.0.RC1 from the download pre-release section here on the website. I just uploaded it earlier today and I made a change in 3.2.0 that I hope will fix those installation issues.

    Keep me posted please.


  2. 29 minutes ago, astroman133 said:

    >> BYN TEMP folder don't change place even i change it in settings...probably due to nikon sdk too.

    No, the SDK helps BYN control the camera, but the TEMP folder is outside if the SDK...It is BYN that uses the TEMP folder.

    Can you provide a log file where you attempt to save to both the Camera and the PC?

    I should note as well that if you change the TEMP folder the new folder will only be active at next application startup.

  3. On 1/25/2020 at 12:03 PM, cevoner said:

    I have a 250D also and does not connect.  It gives me these kind of errors in the logfile.

     ERROR -    at StructureMap.Diagnostics.GraphLog.AssertFailures()
       at StructureMap.Container.construct(PluginGraph pluginGraph)

    It also lists no drivers when it tries to connect. I have 3.1.18. The SL3 claims no drivers at the Canon website. Not needed.

    EOS utility connects but I see no Liveview. Thanks. Attached is my logfile.

    logfile-[20200125-11h15m53s536]-[14464]-2020-01-25.txt 20.92 kB · 1 download

    Please start a thread in the future, your issue is not related.

    Your issue is an installation issue. Please re-install and the StructureMap error should disappear.

    There is a known issue in 3.1.18 with live view and the 250D.  I've attempted to fix this last week and I should have a tentative fix in the next release 3.2.0.  I would be able to release 3.2.0 as a pre-release within 1 to 2 weeks.


  4. 7 hours ago, BackyardBarry said:

    I cannot validate a re-install of Premium..It was purchased March-2017..The key entered correctly but I assume the user name used in 2017 my have been changed as I dont remember....The past purchase does not show the purchase only a download of a trial ....I sent contact message to the "contact" provided with my  name, key and proof of purchase...Automated message says use this forum as it is monitored..for obvious reasons, I should not...So it appears I am in  loop here...I had joined this Website the last install on a different computer..Not that long ago...Suggestions..?

    I am already on the latest version..



    Hi Barry,

    First thank you for not posting your key on the forum.

    I can guarantee with 100% certainty that if you do not see your purchase key under "My Purchases -> Orders" then you have not logged in with the account you used to purchase... that I'm 100% sure of since all keys purchased after 2015 are stored on line.

    If you remember the email you used to purchase try logging in with that and see if your key is in "My Purchases -> Orders".

    As a last ditch effort, and if you still have your key stored on your computer, send it to me at support@otelescope.com and I'll see if I can retrieve your account.


  5. 11 hours ago, ouioui01 said:

    With the last release 2.0.11, all what i said in my first post are still there...BYN TEMP folder don't change place even i change it in settings...probably due to nikon sdk too.


    Are all other settings saved? If not this is the typical Windows permission issue and re-installing BYN in a separate folder is the easiest what to fix this.


  6. Those specs are reasonable, but only because you want to process your images as well on that laptop.

    The only new term here is the NVMe drive.  Just think of NVMe as the next generation of SSD drive.  An NVMe drive is an SSD, but 3 to 5 times faster.  It's the new thing.

    As for the i7, it's a safe bet.  The recommended 16GB ram is also a good recommendation.  I would not go below 16GB for a processing laptop.



  7. Well, this might already work after all.  Looking at the API code it looks like there's an undocumented parameter called shutter.

    You need to use the shutter parameter instead of duration parameter.

    duration:{duration in seconds, default is 1}
    shutter:{any camera valid shutter speed, default is BULB}
    iso:{100, 400, 800, 1600, default is 1600}
    quality:{jpg, raw, default is jpg}
    exposures:{number of images to take, default is 1}
    imagetype:{1=preview, 0=capture, default is 1}

    “takepicture target:M33 duration:300 iso:800”
    “takepicture duration:15 iso:1600”
    “takepicture duration:15”
    “takepicture shutter:1/100 iso:800”
    “takepicture quality:raw iso:1600”
    “takepicture target:M13 duration:300 iso:800 imagetype:0”

  8. 1 hour ago, astroman133 said:

    Just so that I understand...You seem to be saying that the current version of the API only does BULB exposures of 1 second or longer. Tv exposures, shorter than 1 second are not currently possible. Is that correct?

    With the current API, it appears to be the case, yes.

    I was just looking and the code and there is support for shutter speeds in there, but it looks like it is just missing the mapping from the API supplied parameter to the actual valid TV shutter value. Might be a simple 10 minute fix. If this is the case I'll fix that for the next release for sure.


  9. 1 hour ago, Riccardo.Sordo said:

    I'm trying to create a FLAT capture program integrated with my observatory software.
    Is the system for sending commands with short shutter speeds correct?

     BackyardTcpClient.SendCommand(String.Format("takepicture target:{0} duration:{1} iso:{2} quality:{3} exposures:{4} imagetype:{5} bin:{6}", "FLAT_" _
                                                        & date1.Day & "_" & date1.Month & "_" & date1.Year, "1/100", "100", "RAW", "3", "FLAT", bin))

    You are sending invalid parameters.  As per the documentation these are the valid values for each parameters.


    duration:{duration in seconds, default is 1}   <<<=== you must send the duration in seconds, not TV shutter speeds

    iso:{100, 400, 800, 1600, default is 1600}

    quality:{jpg, raw, default is jpg}

    exposures:{number of images to take, default is 1}

    imagetype:{1=preview, 0=capture, default is 1}  <<<=== you must send either 1 or 0, not FLAT.


    Sadly the current API only accept seconds for the duration, not TV shutter speeds specifically.  You do bring up a good point however, perhaps TV shutter speeds should be added as a possibility.  Internally, BYE has converted the errornous "1/100" TV shutter speed to 1 second and this may be why your flat is overexposed.



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