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  1. Guylain,

    I have been timing Planetary mode and see that it appears to take several seconds to move the JPG folder from BackyardTEMP to PLANETARY.

    If Directory.Move() is used and the source and destination are on the same partition, this is instantaneous, since all that is done is to move the directory itself from one parent to another.

    My timing showed that copying a folder from D:\Pictures\BackyardTEMP\Download to D:\Pictures\BackyardEOS\Planetary took nearly 5 seconds, when the folder had 644 jpg files in it. It took less than a millisecond to move the same folder with Directory.Move().

    Just trying to make things faster and simpler.


    1. admin


      Hi Rick,

      The move (same drive) or copy (separate drive) is not a primary task.  I actually to a file move/copy instead of directory because the individual files are actually renamed from their generic name before being copied/moved and this is where the majority of the time is spent.

  2. sorry, here is the log file... canon T6i not found


    1. admin


      Please stop posting on my profile asking for help.

      You need to use the support forums.



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