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  1. admin

    EOS -Ra

    I'm surprise that it connects. Please send me the log file.
  2. admin

    License Expires Issue

    Thank you I'm on the forum several times daily and I read every post Regards,
  3. admin

    License Expires Issue

    Your 30-day trial key was issued October 28th. It's a free 30-day trial and it expired November 28th. Regards,
  4. The Ra is not the same as the R. Please start a new thread and we'll go from there. It's going to be easier to follow this way. Regards,
  5. admin


    The 80D has been supported since it's release in in 2016. Does Windows even see the camera? Does it connect with EOS Utility? If yes make 100% sure EOS Utility is not running, not even in the background. Regards,
  6. This is not a BYN related issue so far... but we can still try to figure it out. First I would suggest you confirm the camera, since it is used, that it can connect to a computer via USB without an VM. That is connected to a Windows PC direclty, no Bootcamp. You would need access to a straight Windows computer for this but I think you need to confirm that this first, otherwise you'll be chasing a ghost forever. Keep us posted.
  7. admin


    Your software key is stored online. There is no need to purchase again Click on "My Purchases -> Orders" from the website main menu and your software key is there. Regards,
  8. Please download the latest pre-release from the pre-release download section.
  9. Interesting. Close BYN and copy those 2 files into the BYN folder Type0006_D800. Start BYN and try again. See if that changes anything. I suspect it will not...but we never know, it's worth trying it. Regards.
  10. yes, the latest... downloaded last week for the Z50 support. The sdk module for the D800 has not changed is several years.
  11. From the log file the SDK is throwing an error on the BULB start command. This tells me that the error is thrown when the in-camera firmware (or SDK) executes the command and the camera goes into a check-loop sequence to ensure the camera is in a proper state to start the bulb sequence...and it fails that check sequence for some reason when save to card is enabled. The SDK exposes a single command to start a bulb sequence and expect the SDK / Camera to execute this command in one go. It is the exact same command being sent regardless the images are saved to PC / Card / or PC+CARD. For this reason it is very unlikely that I can address this Regards,
  12. Glad you got it to work
  13. send me the key to support@otelescope.com and I'll try to retrieve it. DO NOT post your key here on the forum. Regards,
  14. admin

    Custom shutter times

    You need to select the one of the camera TV values from the pull down. BULB is not accurate enough for fractions of seconds as it relies on Windows timers and for this reason you can only to whole seconds in bulb. I don't thing there is a 1.8 seconds in-camera TV options though.
  15. admin

    Custom shutter times

    What do you mean customs shutter times? Can you elaborate? BYE offers you *all* timed values (TV) that the connected camera offers in addition to the BULB value for over 30 seconds shots. Regards,
  16. I just finished uploading BYN RC 14 with potential Z50 support. Please try it and report your findings.
  17. Try a factory reset on the D800, maybe there is an in-camera setting causing it to fail. Keep us posted.
  18. Which version are you using, the full number? You need to download the latest pre-release from the download section to use the EOS-R. Regards,
  19. Hi Nigel, First thing first... the T1i is supported and does work. You need to choose the first option in the camera SDK driver selection for this model since this model was built after 2008. I suspect EOS Utility still has a hold on the camera when you try to connect your camera and since only one application can connect to the camera at a time BYE fails to connect. Make sure EOS Utility is NOT connected to your camera. Best way to acheive this is to make sure EOS Utility us not running. Keep us posted.
  20. The lens buttons in BYN will only work for the Nikon Z6 and Z7 if my memory serves me right. For all other models there is less than 10% it might work. Out of the box, if you can't, it means that either your lens, or your camera body/model, or a combination of both, does not allow for it. The motor is in the lens, so for it to work the lens must allow for external commands to move the focus motors, then the camera must allow a pass-thru of the commands, and finally the Nikon SDK must allow for it for your camera model. It's a lot of "if" and for this reason it is very difficult to assess. Regards,
  21. admin

    canon 2000d

    Can you please confirm your 2000D does connect with wifi disabled? thank you
  22. admin

    canon 2000d

    Okay, I''m confused. you got these numbers... The number 80000432 is for the 1200D / T7 according to my records. Let me see what I can do. Regards,
  23. I just download the Nikon SDK for the Z50, it was released only 2 weeks ago I'll try to recompile BYN with that SDK and hopefully I'll have something to upload in a few days. Regards,
  24. admin

    canon 2000d

    You can help by download the latest pre-release from the download section, and try it with your 2000d. If you get numbers like this when connecting your camera please send them to me, I need them. 07:08:18 DEVICEINFO DESCRIPTION IS Canon EOS 2000D 07:08:18 DEVICEINFO NUMBER IS ############. 07:08:18 YOUR *REAL* MODEL NUMBER IS ############(80000###) thank you
  25. WOW...you posted your license key on a public forum. THIS IS A CLEAR VIOLATION OF THE LICENSE AGREEMENT. Since a lot of users subcribe to the forum as RSS feed, your key has now been shared with the world and there is nothing I can do now. I have a zero tolerance policy for sharing license keys. Your key has now been deactivated sadly. If you want to use BYE again you'll need to purchase another key :(. As for the error I suspect a simple reboot would have solved your install issue. Regards,
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