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  1. Ok, this is working as expected, the exposures parameters is deprecated, I should update the API. You need to manage it in your app. You need to poll (in a loop) the status using the getstatus command and sent subsequent takepicture commands once the status goes from busy to idle.
  2. Sorry, you've had 2 trials, September 17 and again on October 24. If you want to continue using BackyardEOS you need to purchase a key. Regards,
  3. Some model with turn off as fast as 5 to 8 minutes and some may last up to 30 mins. If the camera turns off prematurely because of overheating the log file won't show anything.... the camera turned off without any event being fired. The best way to test this is on your kitchen table... turn live view, and wait. When BYE freeze.... is the camera live view still ON? I suspect it will not and this will be you absolute confirmation that overheating is the root cause. Keep us posted.
  4. How long were you in liveview mode? This looks to me like the camera initiated its auto shutdown sequence due to extended time in liveview. Live view heats up the camera over time and the camera has built-in protection. This is not a software issue.
  5. admin

    Enable TPC Server

    Looks like Windows permissions are messed up. Try the following steps in this post.
  6. Cela a déjà été discuté à plusieurs reprises. Vous avez 2 options. Réduisez votre résolution à 1920 x 1080 Téléchargez et installez 3.2.2.RC2 depuis la section de pré-téléchargement. Cordialement, --- This has been discussed many times already. You have 2 options. Scale down your resolution to 1920 x 1080 Download and install 3.2.2.RC2 from the pre-download section. Regards,
  7. admin

    Drift Alignment

    There is no real 'automated' process to drift align in BYE. It simply displays the live view stream, and it gives you a crosshair to eyeball the drift over time. You can record your drift to see it better but other that this it is all manual. This may help. https://skyandtelescope.org/astronomy-resources/accurate-polar-alignment/
  8. 3.2.x will be installed in a different folder that 3.1.8. If you do not want 3.1.8 anymore, you'll need to uninstall it separately.
  9. Try this new pre-release, it will not connect, but you should be getting something like this displayed in the message center, send me those numbers; they will tell me your model is supported by the current SDK, and we'll take from there. 14:26:58 DEVICEINFO DESCRIPTION IS MTP USB Device 14:26:58 DEVICEINFO NUMBER IS 2971957769. 14:26:58 YOUR *REAL* MODEL NUMBER IS 2147484722(80000432)
  10. BYE remembers the last setting automatically. If you close BYE with daylight on it should be on the next time you start BYE.
  11. scale down your resolution to 1080p -OR- download 3.2.2.RC fro the download pre-release section.
  12. There is no activity on the server for your trial key, so the request to activate the key doesn't even reach the server. Something else at your end is preventing the call. Some anti-virus will block the call, you may want to temporarily disable it for a few seconds, try to validate, then re-enable it. Please download 3.2.1. A brilliant user (not you) had the bright idea to report the file download as inappropriate content and the moderators (that would be me) inadvertently removed the link to the latest version 3.2.1 (my bad). It is now back in the download section. Keep us poste
  13. You need both cables, the camera USB cable and the DSUSB cable. The DSUSB cable is ONLY to control the BULB feature, the regular camera USB for everything else.
  14. This is odd, CR2 and JPG images should load. If you connect your camera then take an image, is it displayed in BYE?
  15. Again, this information is NOT for you, it's for me. You'll never know if the SDK is released, and it is irrelevant to you. What is relevant to you is when I say the camera is supported. And I can only claim it is when Canon releases the SDK and I compile a new BYE version with that new SDK. I watch for the SDK release, you watch for a new BYE version to be release
  16. Software Development Kit. It what Canon givers us developers to allow us to communicate with the camera via software. Canon sometimes takes months to release the SDK and until they do I cannot establish a connection to the camera. It's nothing for you to worry about... it's my way of saying that I'm dependent on Canon release it before I can even attempt to support new cameras.
  17. Not supported yet. I'll to see if the SDK is available first
  18. You created account "lp6916" December 22nd 2020. You added a premium edition in your cart, but you never paid. If you have purchased using another account you need to log in with that account, and then you should see your key. Regards,
  19. admin

    Telescope to Ipad

    BYE/BYN is software to control Canon and Nikon cameras. I'm not sure you will get the traction you require to control your telescope from an iPad in this forum. Most will have a mini PC (mostly Windows mini PC) close to their telescope with full control over their astronomy gear. Then they would use remote desktop software live AnyDesk (or others) to remotely connect into that PC. Regards,
  20. The SDK is available, I'm downloading it now. I'll try to compile it over the weekend and then upload something in the pre-release section this weekend.
  21. Please read the camera support grid for each of these models, see link in the footer. Z6-II = not supported currently D200 = special instructions in the camera grid.
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