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    Plate Solvers for BYE

    Yes that would be one place to put it. As for charging for it... nope, nada, ziltch One way I have been able to differentiate myself from other commercial package is my free upgrade path and UI simplicity. I prefer to give free upgrades, including new features, big or small, as part of the free upgrade. My business case is linear... free upgrade = more users = more user generated word of mouth = free marketing = more new net sales. In other words I think free upgrades for new releases generates more revenue in the long by selling to new users rather than up selling new features to exiting and loyal customers. I may be the odd ball here compared to other commercial package where they try to squeeze another $20 or so from their customers with upgrade cost. I prefer to acknowledge my customer's loyalty by saying thank you... here's a free upgrade. I'm not saying I will always follow this path. Up until now I have been able to offer free upgrades and I have no plans to chance this any time soon. Thank you for the offer to pay a bit extra but a plat solving feature, I appreciate the gesture. Regards,
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    Saving captured images

    There is also a setting that will save snaps that you take while in frame & focus mode, if you wish to do so, but the default is not to save them.
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    Canon EOS Ra

    AstroTortilla has always read the JPG Image for Plate Solving purposes. It should work as well with the JPG Exposures of the EOS Ra as any other DSLR, once you identify a suitable FOV setting for AT "hinting". Of course, the JPG files (like the CR3) will be somewhat larger than other older DSLRs - but I've not seen any reports on the AT Forum about JPG Image Size being a particular concern. Let us know how your efforts turn out...
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    BYE Pre-release 3.20

    I just finished uploading 3.2.0 RC2 with the ability to acquire RA/DEC from the connected telescope.
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    Search through the BYN Forum. You'll find that while others also have asked, the reality is that WiFi is not a Supported Connection between the Nikon Camera Firmware and the Nikon Camera SDK. There is nothing that BYN can do about the Connection - WiFi or USB. Some Canon users have found that they can use the Canon EOSUtility to initiate a WiFi Connection that persists after EOSUtility is terminated. But since Nikon doesn't really provide a similar Utility Program... As for your USB Connection, flakiness is almost always an issue of a Bad Cable, or a Too Long Cable, or unwanted Power-Down Settings in the PC for its USB Ports.
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    Canon EOS RP

    Please make sure that you download the Latest Version from the Download Page - BYE v3.1.18. The Canon RP is supported in that version.
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    How to be a Star at a Star Party

    How to be a Star at a Star Party - Show off BEOS! Last night I attended the SCOVAC public star party. Equipment: Canon 60D, a vintage 1981 Meade Model 2080 SCT, on a Celestron CGEM DX mount and tripod, PoleMaster polar alignment camera, and BEOS on a 16" laptop. (Could have installed the alignment camera but kept it simple). I setup my scope much like everyone (five others brought their go to telescopes). I then took off my eyepiece and attached my 60D and fired up BEOs I got the 60D into fine focus with FWHM in Frame & Focus, which everyone thought was better than sliced bread. I did a couple more star alignments with BEOE using Frame & Focus with the Zoom box grid - educating them on what the goto was actually doing and calculating. Most people were checking in and out with the different scopes being awed by Orion M42. I instructed my mount to go there, leaving it in Frame & Focus - onlookers were underwhelmed as expected. I told them "lets throw some more light in the 60D" and took one under exposed, couple of seconds, photo by only selecting the first entry in the Capture Plan Center. Better, but they could tell I was up to something... I then ran the entire Capture Plan - they loved the count down timer - and as each new image appeared with more and more detail of Orion nothing but ewes and awes! They loved how each finished photo just popped up (occasionally going into presentation mode was killer as well) I was able to teach them a little bit about the histogram when asked about the weird graph "thingy". I finished M42 with a very overexposed core but a more detailed fringe. We moved onto Venus, Andromeda, the Pinwheel, and more. I kept hearing "He just took that with that..." I got to teach them a little about astronomy, photography and light science but it all would have been very dull and tedious without BEOS! BEOS was the real star of the party last night - Thank you Guylian for making it all possible! Randall Initially tried to put this in how to but not an option...
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    Mirror Up

    When doing long exposure AP, the milliseconds of vibration, if there is any vibration, are overwhelmed by the following several minutes of exposure time. This makes mirror up unnecessary for that type of imaging.
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    ISS Transit

    Guylain, Wanted to say thanks again. I was able to capture a ISS Lunar Transit using Planetary in BYE. Zoomed in nicely and had it running at ~15 fps a few minutes beforehand. My daughter actually saw it on the screen and then I was able to look in the capture folder (I was saving JPGs instead of AVI) where I ended up being a little disappointed when I saw a small black dot cross. Turns out it was only a bird (my daughter told me it was not where she saw it). Only wish we could get RAW but I understand the limitations of the liveview method. Had only one glitch. When first booting up the laptop after set up, BYE asked me to validate my license. Never had done this since many moons ago I was stumped. I panicked after it didn't take my password(s). My daughter even set up a wifi hotspot and I tried to find the password on the website. I finally READ THE DIRECTIONS and typed in my username (DUH) where it let me in. Then it wouldn't connect to the 700D. I shut down. Waited 10s. Restarted BYE and then it connected and we were in business. Didn't keep the logs (I think). Weird behavior but I luckily had 15 minutes to spare. See attached animation.
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    Frame & Focus

    Live View exposures are very short, on the order of 10 milliseconds long. Only the brightest stars will show up at all at prime focus. BYE has a Maximum Sensitivity setting. Be sure to select that before using Live View for focusing. Then point at the brightest star available, like Vega or Arcturus. If you have a lens on the camera then even the Maximum Sensitivity setting may not show stars because they are so small at the shorter focal lengths. In that case you will need to use Snap images for focusing. These should work even with exposures that are only a few seconds long.
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    Licence fault error

    You will also want to use a Powered Hub at the PC-end of this Active Cable (especially if PC is a Laptop - most are rather short on USB Power). If you are also connecting to the Mount and/or the AutoGuider via USB, move the Powered Hub to the Mount-end of this configuration (in order to fully power the AutoGuider Camera). If the AutoGuider Camera is a ZWO, you will need to remember to "Throttle USB Throughput to 40-50%" in that Camera's Control Settings (they are notorious for running "full speed" without buffering for other USB Traffic). Else you should run a 2nd Active Cable all the way back to the Laptop (which necessitates a 2nd USB Hub - or other Guide Camera powering arrangement). Yes, it gets more complicated once you start to look to "Remote" your Imaging Rig...
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    TheSkyX Configuration for BYN

    Thank you too, Rick and Guylain. It looks like you have to be very fast to be at the head of the que with advice here! Again, I am impressed with the kind assistance and look forward to some basic imaging and learning about BYN tonight. Having a beer already to celebrate! Best, Mike
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    premium edition

    Scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the "Upgrade Instructions" link for your product (either BackyardEOS or BackyardNIKON) then select the link for instructions on how to upgrade from Classic 3.1 to Premium 3.1.
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    It seems that people are routinely (at least every month) unable to find the information about which camera models are supported by BYE and BYN and to explain the possible reasons why a particular model is not listed. This causes a bad experience when they assume, without further research, that their camera is supported when in fact it is not, or that they only need a single cable and their camera requires a DSUSB cable for Bulb exposures along with the regular USB cable.. Perhaps the site navigation in the Store could benefit from more prominent placement of the Camera Support Grid for each of the products. It could boldly state that not all camera models are supported by the product and the reasons why. It could also boldly state that some cameras need 2 cables while most need only 1 cable and describe how to read the Grid to determine the cabling requirements. One way to make the support grid more visible is to display it on a page of its own that the user must navigate through to get to the product order page and get the user to agree that they have read and understand the page contents as related to their camera model. If they are unsure of the requirements for their camera they could be directed to the Support area to seek clarification. Another option could display the camera models in a dropdown list, instead of the entire grid, which brings up the support info in a separate panel that the user can read and dismiss.
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    D700 BULB Issue

    The authors have, in the past, offered a deal to owners of one software product to purchase the other at a modest discount. You should investigate.
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    I just uploaded BYE 3.1.18 RC1 in the pre-release download section. There are few changes in the capture section itself... perhaps the most prominent and useful one is the ability to have a mixed of LIGHT/DARK/FLAT/BIAS image in the same image run. You will be prompted to cover/uncover the scope as required. https://www.otelescope.com/files/category/24-pre-releases/ Regards.
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    Licence fault error

    Ben, It should not be necessary to uninstall and re-install BYE just to replace a cable. Keep in mind that the authors limit how many times a license can be registered. I assume the reason is to prevent unscrupulous people from sharing their license key with friends. If uninstalling and re-installing BYE causes re-registration then definitely do not uninstall and re-install it for no good reason. I would suggest replacing the cable and try your existing installation of BYE. If it fails to connect or operate correctly then post your symptoms back with this group for advice. The only reason to re-install is if your current software is broken or the installation was incomplete or corrupted. If a new version of BYE is released, you can choose to install it over the old version, without uninstalling the old version, or you could choose to install it in parallel to test the new version while keeping the old version as a fallback.
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    BYN does not use the camera's movie mode, so the camera's movie frame rate is not applicable to BYN. BYN's frame rate is the rate at which it downloads LiveView images. This has to do with the speed of the USB connection and your PC. The ISO and Shutter settings do not affect the frame rate only the brightness of the frames. This is how the camera is designed to work and BYN cannot change that.
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    EOS Ra won't save TIFF

    LibRaw - the apparent successor to DCRaw - has support for CR3 (and conversion CR3-TIFF) in the version still in Beta. (DSS is also waiting for that LibRAW to release from Beta...) However, for AP Imaging purposes, TIFF is not a "Good Thing" as it cannot readily be Calibrated with Darks and Flats. The recommended solution is to Convert from CR3 to DNG (which is still RAW non-Debayered data), and then feed that to DSS or PixInsight or whichever Program is next in your workflow.
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    I was imaging at a shorter focal length but was able to use the BYE Planetary mode at 5X to capture frames of part of the lunar disk. Then by moving the zoom box and repeating the capture I was able to collect 6 videos that between them covered the entire visible part of the disk. I reduced each video into a single image with RegiStax and then combined the 6 images into a single image with a program called RegiStar. This was back in 2012 when I first started using BYE with my XSi. The result came out quite good. Now if I could only find it.
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    Camera support grid

    You can add the 1DX Mark II (Digic 6) as a supported camera; it works perfectly with ver .18
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    BYE EOS Parameters acces unavailable

    Dear Astroman and admin, Thank you for your replies. Yes, I wanted to say "Setting", parameter is a direct translation of the french word ;=)) The solution to re-install the software worked perfectly now with the last version. I want to highlight a configuration point : I use a Canon 100D. That camera has two power-on states, one for pictures, the other for movies. To enable liveview, it is mandatory to set the movie power-on. Taking pictures is full available in that mode.Perhaps it is obvious for people but I spent all the morning today to find that. Clear skies Best regards P. Trochet
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    Losing tracking when slewing with BYE

    IIRC, there have been questions on teamcelestron.com (the place where the CPWI and Celestron firmware developers hang out) about some mounts not properly reverting to their previous tracking status after some commands. I don't recall if that's fixed yet or not. It doesn't happen with my CGX-L, so I don't follow the issue closely; just saw it in passing. You might visit there if you want more news and information on this. You can also get betas of CPWI and help steer the development too...
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    Steve, First a clarification of terminology. BYE does not slew a telescope. It nudges or jogs the scope. Slewing moves the scope to a specific target. BYE's operation nudges the scope at a selected rate for as long as one of the nudge buttons is depressed. It does not have a specific target in mind. This is important because according to the ASCOM driver design documentation the driver is supposed to return to the previous tracking mode when the nudge operation ends. Apparently this is not happening. This is a problem with the CPWI ASCOM telescope driver, not with BYE. Your exact symptoms were reported by another user a couple of weeks ago. That user stopped replying to the thread that he created, so we don't know if or how he fixed his issue. Here is his thread --> So you have two options. You could contact Celestron about the behavior or you could switch to the Unified Celestron driver, which is not written or supported by Celestron. First option --- On the ASCOM web site at ascom-standards.org you can download the driver conformance testing tool, called Conform. If you run this program and connect to your scope using the CPWI driver, the generated report will highlight any issues with the driver. If the driver fails any tests, especially the MoveAxis tests, you should provide the report to Celestron who can forward it to the CPWI driver authors. Any driver author should test their driver with Conform before releasing it! Second option --- Also, on the ASCOM web site you can download the Unified Celestron telescope driver. This driver can be installed side-by-side with the CPWI driver as long as you only use one driver at a time to talk to your scope. This driver behaves correctly with regard to restoring the tracking state after MoveAxis calls.
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    Unable to focus

    Good catch EDIT: I moved this thread in the BackyardEOS forum.
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    Unable to focus

    this is camera related. The live view image data is not a standard image frame. try a camera factory reset, perhaps there is a setting in there that is affecting the live view image data format. keep us posted.
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    Rebel T4i

    Thank you, Rick. The issue is now moot because I've purchased a Canon Rebel T6i body.
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    Licence Key not Working on TRIAL

    While it should go without saying: DO NOT Post even a portion of your License Key in a Message on the Forum (nor anywhere else). Browsing the Forum, you'll see that any such action is Very Heavily Frowned Upon and immediately leads to License Revocation and possibly worse... Not that you've done so. But as your issue is License Key related, the warning could be useful...
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    Licence Key not Working on TRIAL

    O'Telescope is a 2-person shop where they also have day jobs. Hence they rely on experienced users (the community) to help provide support for common issues. So I understand that you are having difficulty connecting BYE to your 5Ds via WiFi. And that when you are able to connect, that the camera does not reliably stay connected. Is that it? BYE uses the Canon SDK to manage the camera.The SDK does not provide the capability to connect via WiFi. For this reason use of WiFi is an unsupported configuration. The EOS Utility also uses the SDK, but Canon has built into the EOS Utility the ability to complete the pairing process before using the SDK. They have not published that the details of the pairing process so that 3rd party developers can implement that missing functionality. This means that you have two choices...Disable WiFi in the camera and connect via USB or use the EOS Utility to complete the pairing but disconnect and allow BYE to connect. Some people have gotten this to work but I suspect that most have given up on WiFi. If you must have WiFi, I would suggest that you troll the archives here for how others have solved this issue. This has been discussed many times on this forum. Reasons not to use WiFi are the following: 1) Use of WiFi for instrument control is not allowed at large star parties because it is a hog of WiFi channels. 2) Even a momentary loss of the WiFi connection can cause the Canon SDK to lock up which in turn can cause BYE to lock up because a synchronous call to the SDK never returns. 3) Even if it works reliably enough to use, it will be slower than a wired USB connection. 30-day trial keys are not revoked without cause which would have been communicated to you. Trial licenses do however require an internet connection. You can thank license cheaters for forcing the developers to implement this behavior which is designed solely to check with a server to verify that the current date is still in the 30-day trial period. This is not a problem with a purchased, permanent license. If you are running BYE in a virtual machine, this has been a problem for some users if they have re-created the VM. The new VM will not have your license key stored and when you validate the key it will be registered on the validation server as a new activation. There is some limit on the number of activations per license. This is an attempt to prevent license sharing, but should be sufficient for a normal user. I hope this helps. If you still have licensing questions, please wait for Guylain to reply. He does check the forums at least several times a day. Thanks,
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    USB hub

    This configuration works: Nikon D7000 (modified) Celestron AVX mount BYN 2.0.10 StarTech powered usb 3.0 hub Shoestringastronomy DSUB ASUS Laptop X540BA Windows 10 home- 64bit Version 1809 OS 17763.973 PHD2 SharpCap pro Everything plays nice...all perhipherals are recognized and working properly.
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    Plate Solving?

    I just finished uploading BYE 3.2.0-RC1 with in-app plate solving (using ASTAP) and also some integration with Carte du Ciel and Telescopius. This is only a first release candidate and I was only able to test with simulators. https://www.otelescope.com/files/category/24-pre-releases/
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    USB Weather Station?

    Davis Instruments, with it's text file capabilities works well.
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    Thumbnails & Plans relevant to BYE & BYN

    Thanks astroman133, I thought this may be the case, not a great issue. I know how to create plans. I think I will create one and call it default. I do like BY it is so versatile and easy to understand.
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    Nikon Z7 not selectable

    Thank you for the quick response!
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    eos r

    Thank you. I've successfully installed a pre-release version, and attempted many modes.
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    canon 2000d

    Works ! Awesome man, so if I can help in any way, test, logs what have you, let me know! But I took a quick snap as a test and it worked. Thanks man, and good luck going forward I like to support small businesses and programmers, ill be buying the full version in a few, once ive got the whole rig up and running and know its all in place later this week. I've for an Orion 10" on a Skywatcher EQ6-r Pro. So im hoping to be able to catch some great imagery
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    canon 2000d

    Please be patient. You provided info that admin needed just a few minutes ago. He needs to incorporate those numbers into the program and provide a new pre-release version for you to try. He will post back here when a new version is available for you to test. You are correct about the SDK's non-support for WiFi and the fact that you must turn WiFi off in the camera in order for USB to work. The good news is that a wired connection should be faster and more reliable than WiFi.
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    I seem to remember a limitation where your symptoms would happen with certain memory card configurations. If you have RAW and JPG configured to go to different memory cards, your symptoms may improve if you have both image qualities going to card 1 and only switch to card 2 when card 1 is full. This is discussed in Setting the Image-Recording Quality on page 169 of the 5D Mk IV Instruction Manual. Let us know how this works for you.
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    USB hub

    There is also a Big Difference in USB Hubs - between Cheapos and Solidly-built Unit - and between Chipsets Used. There is also a Difference between Powered and Unpowered Hubs. Your D7000 is self-powered, but your ASI224 is USB-powered. Make sure that you get a Powered Hub for use with the ASI224 - it will make a World of Difference. Powered Hubs also help overcome any effects of Cheap Thin-gauge USB Cables or Longer Cables in general. My preferred brands are ANKER and ASUS and NEEWER. (Note: You can also throttle-down the USB Port Throughput of the ASI224 to good effect -ZWO is notorious for setting their USB Interface chips at FULL-SPEED even when they know the problems are bad. I live in a Canon BYE and CMOS world, so I can't stipulate any specific USB Hubs which I've known to work with older Nikons. But, the brands listed above are Good Ones.
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    USB hub

    Kevin, The problem with using a hub with your Nikon camera occurs in the Nikon SDK's communication with the camera. Since BYN relies on the SDK, this means that BYN is at the mercy of the limitations of the SDK. In short, if a fix comes it will be due to Nikon "fixing" their SDK to eliminate the hub limitation. Certainly this seems possible since their main competitor (Canon) has no such limitation. In the meantime, you could try to use only Microsoft certified cabling and high-quality, powered hubs to try to try to find a combo that works. Also make sure to pay particular attention to keeping the cable lengths shorter than the USB specification and no longer than is necessary.
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    canon eos 4000d

    Sorry, but you need to provide more information...What version of BYE are you using? Please provide the complete version number, like 3.1.17 or 3.1.18 - RC6, along with the steps to recreate the error and any error messages that you are seeing. The 4000D is a new model that is not in the list of supported cameras. Perhaps you are the first BYE user to try to connect with that model. Thanks,
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    German localisation (minor bugs)

    Backyard EOS V3.1.16 and V3.1.18RC6 with CANON 700D on Win10 64 bit. Langage setting = German. I am a German speaking user of BYE and found some wrong literal interpretation of English to German. Here my list and my recommended German translation. Grammar used in the list below: => is used for "english text => german text" Parenthesis are used for additional comments (comments) Squared bracket are used if a bug is in the English text 1. Capture Plan Center => Aufnahme Plan Center a) 'Cable support' => 'Kabelverbindung' (wrong is 'Kabelträger') b) 'Save To' => 'Speichern auf' (instead of 'Speichern nach') c) In V3.1.18 RC6: 'Type' => 'Typ' (in V3.1.16 this was ok as 'Frame Type' => 'Bild-Typ') d) 'Save' => 'Speichern' (wrong is 'Sparen' ) ('Save as' was already translated correctly as 'Speichern unter') e) In V3.1.18 RC6: 'Add row' => 'Reihe hinzufügen' f) In V3.1.18 RC6 the previous 'Filter' is now 'Deskriptor'. Maybe this descriptor is in German 'Beschreibung'. The function has changed? 2. Preview => Vorschau with 'Loop' => 'Schleife' The displayed information is not correct: a) 'Suspend' => 'Unterbrechen' (a better German translation is 'Unterbrechen' instead of 'Aussetzen') b) After you click 'Suspend' => 'Unterbrechen' the Progress Center displays 'Abgehängt' and this is totally wrong. It should be 'suspended' => 'Unterbrochen'. c) The info text is incomplete and should be: => 'Sie können vorübergehend Ihren Aufnahme-Plan unterbrechen. Die Unterbrechung wird wirksam, sobald die aktuelle Bildaufnahme beendet ist. Sie müssen den Plan "Wieder aufnehmen" um fortzufahren.' d) If the mouse hover over 'Suspend' => ('Aussetzen') 'Unterbrechen' only the English text is displayed instead of 'Suspend and Resume your imageing session.' => 'Unterbrechen und Wiederaufnahme Ihrer Bild-Aufnahme-Session'. e) 'Park Telescope' => 'Parke Teleskop' f) Mouse hover over 'Park Telescope' displays only the Enlish text instead of 'Park Telescope at the end of the imaging session' => 'Parke Teleskop am Ende der Aufnahme-Session' 3. Setting => Einstellungen / Live View: Capital letters are used in German a) => 'Millisekunden' b) => 'Bilder' c) => 'Pixel' d) 'Bahtinov range' => 'Bahtinov Bereich' 4. Setting => Einstellungen / 3rd Party Integration: a) => 'Aktiviere TCP Server' (short form of 'Aktivieren Sie den TCP Server') b) => 'Füge Port in Titel ein' (short form of 'Fügen Sie den Port in den Titel ein') 5. Setting => Einstellungen / General => Allgemein: a) 'Sound' => 'Töne' (better than 'Klang') b) 'Disable' => 'ausschalten' c) 'Enable' => 'einschalten' (not 'Ermöglichen') d) 'Error only' => 'nur bei Fehler' e) 'seconds' => 'Sekunden' (with capital letter) f) 'disabled' => 'deaktiviert' (text is ok but needs more space to be displayed completely) 6. Setting => Einstellungen / Dither: a) 'Dither on start-up' => 'Aktivieren bei Start-up' (not 'Aktivieren Sie auf Start-up') [in English 'on start-up' the space is missing?] 7. Setting => Einstellungen / Weather Provider => 'Wetter Anbieter' / Text file => Textdatei: a) 'A running tally file is acceptable.' => 'Eine fortlaufende Teildatei ist akzeptabel.' b) Delimiter: "Leave blank for space delimited, use 'T' for tab delimited files.' => "Leer lassen für Leerzeichen als Trenzeichen, verwenden Sie 'T' für Tabulator als Trennzeichen in der Datei." c) In English text: "Dew point is automatically calculated from the temperature and humidity" ['from' instead of 'form'] 8. Setting => Einstellungen / Image Capture => Bildaufnahme: a) 'big display' => 'großes Display' (capital letter) b) 'Create EXIF text file' => 'Erzeuge EXIT Textdatei' c) 'Create TIFF image file' => 'Erzeuge TIFF Bilddatei' d) 'Blink on display' => 'Blinken auf Display' 9. Help text of 'Setting' button a) 'Change your user settings here.' => 'Ändern der Benutzereinstellungen.' (not 'Wechseln') 10. 'ASCOM Focuser' => 'ASCOM Fokusierung' ('Okularauszug' is not wrong but we astronomer say 'Fokusierung' as you already display in the button 'Frame & Focus') 11. Log History => Protokoll a) 'Attempting to connect camera…' => 'Versuche die Kamera anzuschließen..' b) "Canon drivers 'Canon\' initialized." => "Canon Treiber 'Canon\' initialisiert." 12. The window: 'Connection problems?' => 'Verbindungsprobleme' a) 'Follow these steps if you have issues connectiong your camera.' => 'Befolgen Sie diese Schritte, wenn Sie Probleme beim Verbinden Ihrer Kamera haben.' b) 'Make sure EOS Utility is not running.' => 'Stellen Sie sicher, dass EOS Utility nicht ausgeführt wird.' c) 'If your are trying to connect a DIGIC II camera model such as the 5D, 20D 20Da, 30D, or 350D make sure you are running Windows 32 bits. These models do not work on Windows 64 bits.' => 'Wenn Sie versuchen, ein DIGIC-II-Modell wie die 5D, 20D, 20Da, 30D oder 350D anzuschließen, stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie Windows 32 Bit verwenden. Diese Modelle funktionieren nicht unter Windows 64 Bit.' d) 'If you are using a USB hub, remove it, connect the camera directly in a USB port on your computer and try again.' => 'Falls Sie einen USB-Hub verwenden, entfernen Sie ihn und verbinden Sie die Kamera direkt mit einem USB-Anschluss an ihrem Computer und versuchen Sie es erneut. e) 'If you are still having issues please visit our support forum at http://forum.otelescope.com and open a support ticket.' => 'Wenn Sie immer noch Probleme haben, besuchen Sie bitte unser Support-Forum unter http://forum.otelescope.com und öffnen ein Support-Ticket.' f) 'Don't show me this again.' => 'Bitte dieses Fenster nicht mehr anzeigen.' 13. Without a connection to a camera: a) button 'Preview' => 'Vorschau' 14. Only V3.1.18RC6: Without a connection to a camera, button Preview clicked / a) 'Off-line PlanEditor' => 'Offline Planungs-Editor' b) 'The offline plan editor offers the capability to create, load and save image capture plans when no camera is connected with BULB shutter and ISO 100, 400, 800, 1600. If you load a capture plan saved while a camera was connected, the shutter and iso values will reflect the values of the camera connected at that time. => 'Der Offline-Planungs-Editor bietet die Möglichkeit an, ohne verbundener Kamera Aufnahme-Pläne für BULB-Verschlusszeiten und ISO 100, 400, 800 und 1600 zu erstellen, zu laden und zu speichern. Wenn Sie einen Aufnahme-Plan laden, der gespeichert wurde während eine Kamara verbunden war, so spiegelt die Verschlussdauer und der ISO-Wert die Werte der zu dieser Zeit verbundenen Kamera wieder.' 15. Capture plan: Save as A window pops up with header line a) 'Save plan as …' => 'Plan speichern unter …' 16. Capture plan: Load The header of the file list shows a) 'Date' => 'Datum' (the format of 'Date' in Germany is usually dd.mm.yyyy e.g. 13.10.2019, but for astronomer the format yyyy-mm-dd is much better!)
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    EOS-M support

    M50 is working with RC7 as per user report below.
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    EOS-M support

    Housemaster0630, Your question is for a different camera,. In the future please create a new post for a new question that includes the camera model in the title so that others can find it. BYE 3.1.18 RC6 includes a version of the EOS SDK that was released in North America in August 2019. That is It does not support the M50. Perhaps it will be supported in the next release. The M50 requires SDK version 13.11.0 or later. Please be patient. Canon does not provide a release schedule and often has widely different release dates for different geographical regions. The BYE developers are in Canada and can only incorporate North American releases of the SDK in their products. Thanks!
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    BY EOS with Astro Tortilla and ST-4

    AstroTortilla (and other Plate Solvers) require ASCOM in order to perform their "GOTO"/"Sync" functions. They have to tell the Mount "Where" to Slew-To via the ASCOM System. ST-4 is simply an old-school Electrical Connection, where the Camera gets the Mount to Slew for in a specific direction by asserting a Voltage along the ST-4 Wire for a certain number of Milliseconds. There is no way to communicate sophisticated data such as Coordinates along an ST-4 Connection. The SkyGuider would have another issue that would defeat AstroTortilla - it is only motorized in the RA Axis (any Slew required in Declination would need to be performed By-Hand - which has nowhere near the Accuracy needed for an Astronomical GOTO Slew). I have the SkyWatcher Star Adventurer Pro equivalent Tracking Mount - in all honesty you are coming very close to Overloading your SkyGuider with your SVX70 and the Camera(s).
  46. 1 point

    Canon Eos R support ?

    BYE displayed my raw files during my initial testing with my R earlier today. I had it set to Raw only. Are you sure your computer has the latest Canon software installed? I had to update everything for my PC to recognize the R camera (can be found direct from canon site). After doing so I confirmed my R worked with EOS Utility without issue. Once I had that I knew my setup worked and could focus on setting up BYE. Only problem is now EOS Utility keeps launching when I plug in the camera and have to close it and then launch BYE. But thankfully BYE appears to be working with the R. Ran several sessions of darks just to test but ran fine. I was using the latest build (I think. Got the link directly from admin) Should be mentioned the R requires to be in Manual mode like almost all other Canon models but somehow I forgot that in the last 3 or 4 years of being away. I also have all in camera lens and image processing turned off, as well as LENR. The only error I got was when trying to use my RF lens and the frame and focus tool. It had an error about the focus mode or something like that but it worked just fine and focused. I removed the lens and just took darks with the body cap. My point....is there is hope that this will officially be a supported model soon.
  47. 1 point

    Plate Solvers for BYE

    Astrotortilla was working fine two nights ago on my fully up to date W10 laptop. BYE plays fine with it.
  48. 1 point

    Computers Dying

    The End User License Agreement (EULA) for BYE or BYN allows you to install the software on multiple computers as long as you only use it on one computer at a time. So if you have a purchased license for BYE 3.1.x and that computer crashes you only need to download BYE to your replacement PC and validate the same license on the new PC. If your license is older than 3.1.x then you need to upgrade that license by following the Upgrade instructions on this web site. If you read the upgrade instructions, some upgrades are free and others cost a small amount. So to summarize, you can use your BYE 3.0.X license to get a free 3.1.x license, download the latest BYE software and validate the new license key and your username on your new version of BYE. You should also know that the new licensing scheme keeps your license key on the web site. Once you complete the upgrade process your new license key will be available whenever you log onto this web site using the username that was used when you upgraded the license. Just look in the "My Purchases" area of your user profile. So you only need to remember your username and password, but you can reset your password if you need to by using your email address.
  49. 1 point

    Trial Version

    Admin, I had to restart my computer (another software installation). I tried "BYE v3.1" and it looks like it works. Maybe a glitch during the install, but it all seems to be working. I'm looking forward to using it later tonight. BTW, I forgot to mention that I am running this on a MacBook Air, using Bootcamp. This may be a good solution for the other Mac users out there.
  50. 1 point
    That could be it. That is the reason for this feature. Deep down though this is probably related to a cross-thread issue/bug... and processor affinity solves this by allowing BYE to only use a single CPU core. With processor affinity enabled, you might want to enable the Background Worker as well (but it's optional). This will push some long running process into a secondary process which will run on a separate CPU core, thus having 2 cores being used. Regards,
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