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    Frame & Focus

    Live View exposures are very short, on the order of 10 milliseconds long. Only the brightest stars will show up at all at prime focus. BYE has a Maximum Sensitivity setting. Be sure to select that before using Live View for focusing. Then point at the brightest star available, like Vega or Arcturus. If you have a lens on the camera then even the Maximum Sensitivity setting may not show stars because they are so small at the shorter focal lengths. In that case you will need to use Snap images for focusing. These should work even with exposures that are only a few seconds long.
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    Plate Solvers for BYE

    Yes that would be one place to put it. As for charging for it... nope, nada, ziltch One way I have been able to differentiate myself from other commercial package is my free upgrade path and UI simplicity. I prefer to give free upgrades, including new features, big or small, as part of the free upgrade. My business case is linear... free upgrade = more users = more user generated word of mouth = free marketing = more new net sales. In other words I think free upgrades for new releases generates more revenue in the long by selling to new users rather than up selling new features to exiting and loyal customers. I may be the odd ball here compared to other commercial package where they try to squeeze another $20 or so from their customers with upgrade cost. I prefer to acknowledge my customer's loyalty by saying thank you... here's a free upgrade. I'm not saying I will always follow this path. Up until now I have been able to offer free upgrades and I have no plans to change this any time soon. Thank you for the offer to pay a bit extra but a plat solving feature, I appreciate the gesture. Regards,
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    Modified (cooled) Canon 80D

    Just wanted to share that I took the modified 80D out last night for a trial run. It was on a Hyperstar on a Celestron 14" Edge SCT. I normally run a Lodestar x2 guide camera in a ES 80mm triplet, but didn't do any guiding for this first trial. The 80D performed flawlessly and although the cooler isn't really required yet, it functioned very well also. BYEOS works so well and when I add PHD2, I'll be able to get multiple frames quickly now, without the heat buildup on the camera sensor. As you can see in the upper left, the Orion Neb & Crab were shot at 40 sec, 1600 ISO; the Horsehead for 60 sec @ 1600 ISO.
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    License validation Error

    yes yes it was Very thanks
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    USB hub

    Does you laptop have usb ports on both sides? If there is, it is very likely that usb ports on each side have separate host usb bus inside your computer. Make sure you don't connect both cameras on the same side, that will help as well. Regards,
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    EOS-M support

    M50 is working with RC7 as per user report below.
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    Canon EOS 2000D

    ça marche 😂 Un grand merci ! Paul
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    Trial license validation problems

    You will find that there are a few essential tools in BYE that EOSUtility can't replicate, as well as numerous niceties. Everything from Dither integration with PHD2 to Inspection of RAW Images whilst the next Exposure is underway. Honestly, you can simply test the functionality at your Kitchen Table some Rainy Saturday. There is no difference to BYE if the Camera is attached to a T-Adapter and Scope or to a Lens set to Manual Focus. And Exposures need not be minutes long (although you can readily make a pinhole F-stop cover for your Lens. Then once you satisfy yourself that BYE works with your Camera and your VM Environment, you can buy your License and be untethered from the Internet Registration requirement.
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    Canon Eos R support ?

    I can't use my Canon Eos R? Is supposed to be a 5d mkiv but mirrorles.. Is there any fix to that? 17:41:00 Licensed to Ruilo 17:45:15 Attempting to connect camera... 17:45:15 Canon drivers 'Canon\' initialized. 17:45:15 DEVICEINFO DESCRIPTION IS Canon EOS R 17:45:15 DEVICEINFO NUMBER IS (i deleted this for the post). 17:45:15 YOUR *REAL* MODEL NUMBER IS (i deleted this for the post) 17:45:15 YOUR camera is not currently supported by the Canon SDK available at the time of this software release. 17:45:15 Camera Not Found! Make sure it's connected to the PC and turned ON
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    Canon Eos R support ?

    Well that was fun... looks like the EOS-R if fully functional... including CR3 decoder. I just finished uploading 3.1.18.RC5 in the pre-release download section. Having an EOS-R on hand for testing is pure gold. I did more in 1 day than the last 30 days going at it blind. A big thank you for Brent at Hypercam for lending me his EOS-R. This was not a small feat... Brent is in the USA (Florida) and I'm in Canada... still he shipped me his camera for testing. I'll run more tests in the coming days while I have the camera on hand but from what I can see, RC5 is fully functional. Thank you for all your help and patience. Regards,
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    Canon Eos R support ?

    Brent from HyperCams is sending me his EOS-R for testing. I'm always amazed at the generosity from strangers sometimes. I had the same thing happen with the Nikon Z7 3 months ago. This is just amazing. Thank you Brent, I owe you a cold one.
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    Canon Eos R support ?

    Thank you for your work on adding this, but I am still having the issue with displaying the last image taken. In my configuration even if I have RAW + JPG selected to save the files, only the RAW files are saved to the hard drive and the last image taken is not displayed in BYE. I can work around this as I have the Canon apps loaded and can just view the RAW(CR3) files there. Not sure if this matters, but I am using a Windows 10 laptop that doesn't have USB C. The EOS R only has a USB C connection. I bought a USB C to USB 3 adapter off of Amazon to connect the EOS R to the laptop. The great news here is that BYE does work with the EOS R testing in the lab! Now if we could just have a clear night to try it out in the field.
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    BYN RC3.....final version?

    You can buy now and use your key with any 3.1.x releases, including pre-releases. That is not a problem.
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    D700 BULB Issue

    The Shoestring Astro site Serial Port Connector Page - http://store.shoestringastronomy.com/products_ds.htm - shows images of the Camera Connector end of each offered Cable. Which looks to fit your D7000 (DSCBL-15 or DSCBL-12)?? Then add the DSUSB Controller/USB-to-Serial Converter so that you can plug all in and control via a USB Port. And maybe an Extension Serial Cable (if your setup needs more than 6ft between DSLR and PC). Or you can mount the DSUSB unit on your Scope/Mount and use a standard USB2 Extension Cable to reach your PC...
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    Canon Eos R support ?

    You EOS-R owners can try shooting BULB exposures with your laptop and your camera set up on your kitchen table. You do not care about the image, itself, just does BYE control the camera for long exposures.
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    Computers Dying

    The End User License Agreement (EULA) for BYE or BYN allows you to install the software on multiple computers as long as you only use it on one computer at a time. So if you have a purchased license for BYE 3.1.x and that computer crashes you only need to download BYE to your replacement PC and validate the same license on the new PC. If your license is older than 3.1.x then you need to upgrade that license by following the Upgrade instructions on this web site. If you read the upgrade instructions, some upgrades are free and others cost a small amount. So to summarize, you can use your BYE 3.0.X license to get a free 3.1.x license, download the latest BYE software and validate the new license key and your username on your new version of BYE. You should also know that the new licensing scheme keeps your license key on the web site. Once you complete the upgrade process your new license key will be available whenever you log onto this web site using the username that was used when you upgraded the license. Just look in the "My Purchases" area of your user profile. So you only need to remember your username and password, but you can reset your password if you need to by using your email address.
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    BYEv3 UBS problem

    It would seem that there is something wrong with your system that is preventing the built-in (to Windows) kernel level driver for the camera from loading. Have you done a broad internet search to see of others had this issue and if/how they fixed it? I did a quick search and found this thread with contributions from others who had a similar problem. I hope it helps: https://community.usa.canon.com/t5/EOS-Rebel/canon-camera-not-recognized-by-windows-10/td-p/150600
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    Trial Version

    Admin, I had to restart my computer (another software installation). I tried "BYE v3.1" and it looks like it works. Maybe a glitch during the install, but it all seems to be working. I'm looking forward to using it later tonight. BTW, I forgot to mention that I am running this on a MacBook Air, using Bootcamp. This may be a good solution for the other Mac users out there.
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    Plate Solvers for BYE

    It has become rather common in AP Imaging to eschew any real Star Alignment effort, and instead use the Plate Solver Sync to do a "cheap-and-dirty" equivalent. When Plate Solving works well, then this "Alternative to Star Alignment" works well... (It's kind of like relying on the combo of PoleMaster and Aggressive PHD2 AutoGuiding as an alternative to a Accurate Polar Alignment...)
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    Thanks for that tidbit of info, that should help things tonight when I go with round 2. Images were all saved as expected so very happy. I'm sure there is more to learn about the software as I continue but for now this means I'm really off to the races!
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    Error in Planetary mode

    It’s working well now, thanks for the update. Andrew
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    BYE slow start up

    I haven't had a chance to try it on my laptop, but the desktop startup time is substantially reduced. It takes about 7 seconds, now. Thanks again, Guylain!
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    Which Program to use

    This is for a dual camera setup if you're using 2 cameras. This is documented in the user guide. If you only have one camera you can use either / or. They are identical, it's the same program,they just point to different saved configuration. Regards,
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    Require Internet access

    Thank you Admin. I'm new to this software and it's great to know that I can post questions here and get such outstanding results with quick replays. Thank all.
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    Require Internet access

    Correct, start the app in the house before going outside. To be on the safe side you can start a second instance and leave it minimized. This can be useful if for some odd reason you need to restart the app Purchase keys do not require internet access. Regards,
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    Licence fault error

    That is not at active cable... sorry to say but it is crap... simply because it is well over the maximum length of a usb2 protocol cable. The 5M active repeater cable should work better.
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    Software key

    Upgrade instructions here: https://www.otelescope.com/byeupgrade/ HOWEVER, you don't need an upgrade key. You already have the latest 3.1.x key. Just click "My Purchases -> Orders" from the top menu here on the website and your key is there. Regards,
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    BackyardNikon is not open.

    If your PC is part of a large network, like a university, that is administered by system administrators, it is possible that your registry is locked down via Windows Group Policy to prevent corruption. If so, you need to talk to a sysadmin.
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    Please see the STICKY Post labeled "BackyardEOS camera support grid, is my camera supported?" at the head of this Forum.
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    Focus function improvements

    Hi David, While many of us have Motorized Focusers in use with BYE/BYN, we need to remember: The BYE Focuser Control is only intended to be a direct and simple interface to the ASCOM Focuser Object. This means that the Control is truly dependent upon what the ASCOM Driver AND your Equipment Driver provide Drivers are allowed to implement their own interpretations of all the related ASCOM Interfaces - or to not even do so (ie: support Multiple Speeds or Absolute Position) The Developer - Guylain (who will surely provide more of his own input shortly) has repeatedly indicated that his Design Intentions are to keep the BYE Interface as Straightforward as possible and leave most ancillary functions to the various Equipment Providers Don't let this discourage you, as every Vote for a Feature may indeed convince Guylain to make it his Next Feature project.
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    You should read the Mask Framing section in the User Guide.
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    Nikon 810a

    Curious thing that I finally figured out this winter. I charge and keep the 810 battery Inside so it's nice and warm but I keep the camera on the porch and cold. Time after time I've found that I can't live focus . Camera just won't come on. Solved by putting camera in plastic bag to avoid condensation and bringing in and keeping warm. You may all know this but was a breakthrough for me!
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    Live View noisy and unclear

    Guylain: Guylain: Thanks for the quick response. I've got the photo settings pretty well dialed in, but thee T7i has other settings related to things like automatic Noise Reduction, etc., that I have all turned off. It was these types of settings I was referring to, like AF settings as well that seem to have an effect on BYEOS. All those pesky menu items!! The funny thing about Live View is that on my older 7D Live View doesn't have all of the "noise" that I see with the T7i. When I say noise I'm talking about what looks like artifacts moving around on the screen. "StarHD" does clean that up. I don't expect to see much as far as stars in Live View, except as you say that bright star used for focusing with the Bahtinov mask. Generally that's the only time I use Live view. Love your software. Simple capture from your BYEOS below with the ES ED80, T7i with CLS filter.
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    BYN compatibility with Nikon Z6

    Please choose a better topic name for future threads that you create. The topic of your thread "M" is not helpful to someone who is scrolling through the list of topics or searching for topics who might also want to know if BYN is compatible with the Nikon Z6 camera. A better topic name might be "BYN compatibility with Nikon Z6???". Thanks.
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    canon600d turns of when connected to BYE

    sorry for late reply been away, problem sorted did a factory reset on the camera this seams to have fixed the issue
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    Shooting this time-lapse video is actually a God's gift. At 3 o'clock in the afternoon of 3/11, I arrived at the B&B in the fog, and occasionally it rained. The equipment full of luggage on the car is equipped with heavy equipment for shooting DSO (iOptron CEM25-P, PoleMaster, Modded Nikon D610 + Nikon EH-5 with Nikon EH-5B, SIGMA 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM C (SIGMA APO 1.4x EX DG, Kenko 2x NAS Tteleplus MC4) ,QHY5L-II-M CCD +Pentax Takuma 300mm F4(Guide scope), Lenovo IdeaPad 120S, HP ENVY Ultrabook (remote control in the house) The dense fog has no signs of dispersal. So I checked the dynamic trend of the satellite image of the Central Meteorological Administration and found that there might be a chance to shoot in the midnight. Then I started Stellarium and skillfully found out that it might be around 4:00 am have the opportunity to shoot the Milk-way. Adjust the mobile phone's alarm to am 3:30, then get up if the clouds are not scattered and then continue to sleep, so go to bed early at 11 o'clock in the evening. Get up am 3:30, put on coat and go outside - starry sky! Fortunately, I also took the Nikon AFS 17-35mm F2.8 + Sony A7R2 + interval timer + tripod and went to the open space in front of the house.(there is no enough time to shot DSO) When I was shooting, I took a few test shots and found that the image of the Milkway too dull. After thinking about it, I decided not to use the camera’s time-lapse app, but to use interval timer to shoot RAW files. From 4:38:47 am to 5:28:25 am, a total of 104 shots. Since the shooting conditions are the same for each shot, I can record 1 shot's post-process steps(includes shrank image to 3840X2160 for making 4K video) into Action macros, and then batch-process the other 100 images and convert them into TIF images. These converted TIF images can be read into QuickTime 7 (I use 8 frames per sec)and converted into a video file - and that is the final Milkway time-lapse video I made.
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    As for the Sequence Generator Pro suggested by the netizen, after reading its manual, it can be done by purchasing Pro for $99. Just for such a small function, think about it or not, after all, I mainly shoot DSO. Further to understand ASCOM, watch the video introduced by the official website, I feel that using visual studio (can be used free of charge) should not be difficult to write a control program, and the program I have written is still in the era of C, so long time no contact, just a coding environment probably has to adapt for a long time. Although it is just a small program, it is a new challenge for myself, and it can avoid Alzheimer's disease.
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    Fits or xisf format

    Please realize that Guylain would have to do the same "decode them with libraw" task on each Image immediately after it has been Downloaded from the DSLR at end of Exposure. This means that the Start of the Next Image is then Delayed by that "Libraw Decode and Rewrite to Disk" time. The equivalent Feature (Create TIFF Version) is already available in the Premium Version of BYE/BYN. TIFF and FITS are very similar equivalent File Formats - except TIFF doesn't have a common set of Astronomy Header Extensions. XISF is a Proprietary Format - loosely based off of TIFF/FITS - produced managed and updated solely by PixInsight (they may have released a Library to support XISF - not sure). The same "Image Decode and Rewrite" Delay would be incurred in this case too. Please realize that there is more to the FITS/XISF File Format Conversion than simply Appending the Capture Timing Equipment and Target Data which BYE/BYN encapsulates (some of it anyways) in EXIF Data. And if it really is only the EXIF Data that you are after, most Photo Display Software and Websites such as AstroBin directly support EXIF Import too. Just additional details for you to perhaps clarify what you would consider for this Feature Request.
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    Lunar imaging

    The purpose of the LiveView Planetary Imaging limit of 640x480 (which size is dependent on your Model) is because the overriding goal is to record 1:1 Pixel Resolution Video (one Pixel on the Sensor records to 1 Pixel in the Data). This is different than the Camera's native FullHD Video, which jams the Full Resolution of the Sensor (12MP to 24MP depending on your Model) down into 1920x1080 FullHD size (meaning 3-7 Sensor Pixels are jammed down into each Recorded Pixel). This causes significant Loss of Detail. For Full Resolution, you will need to switch to Still Images. You can set an Image Plan to snap 100-200 individual Images which you can then Stack in AutoStakkert3 or RegiStax6.
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    Hi there. I found the same issue using iCap and a planetary “webcam” type camera in Parallels, and that camera also yielded normal frame rates in a Mac native application. My guess is that the Parallels USB drivers are the issue and it’s not specific to Canon cameras or BYE. Unfortunately I don’t have the tech chops to troubleshoot that so I’m stuck, and the Parallels support forums were no help either. I did find that the latest Parallels update has slightly better frame rates in the same applications, but still not near what is expected on a regular Windows machine.
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    Modified (cooled) Canon 80D

    The manual is about 10 pages and the English is somewhat unclear in places. I exchanged several emails with them to attempt clarification. Here's the website info on the modification of the Canon 80D: http://www.centralds.net/cam/?p=10451 What I've learned since my purchase is that the Canon AC adapter still is required to power the camera. Because the sensor was moved with the modification (to maintain proper focus distance), the temperature readout in BYEOS is not accurate. CentralDS includes a thermometer device (much like what one would have in the kitchen using a digital meat thermometer probe). But the audio cable to transmit the temperature reading to that device is only 4.5', so I went to Amazon for a 15' (2.5mm) male/female extension to allow putting the thermometer device alongside the laptop while imaging. The pdf file of the manual is 10.9mb, so can't be copied here, but here's the weblink: http://www.centralds.net/cam/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/astro-80d-manual-eng.pdf Hope this helps, jeff
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    Usb3.0 and DSusb cable to BYN

    Hello Astroman 133. Thanks for the answer. The problem was that I forgot to change the camera support to dsusb (which is required for my camera regardless of what the camera support grid reports. I tried it both ways and only the dsusb worked.) It had been a while since I had to configure BYN that I completely overlooked the camera support dropdown. Your answer to my query prodded my memory and now all is happy. Clear skies! Louis
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    D300S Bulb

    The short answer is no. The problem is that unless BYN is sending the "take picture" command to the camera it has no idea when to ask for the image to be downloaded. If the MC-36A interval time is controlling the camera BYN is not in control. The other thing that I will say that you only need the DSUSB cable if you want to shoot BULB exposures. If you are shooting camera-timed exposures less than 30 seconds in length then the DSUSB cable is not needed. I would plan to trade up to a newer camera or purchase the DSUSB cable.
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    Error At Activation

    Thank you much. That worked.
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    Duel cameras time out!

    I wanted to update my old post from March to say that I now have two modified Nikon cameras a D5500 and a D5300. It was so seamless to connect them and then start dual Imaging! I barely knew what I was doing but the sub subs started flowing In. So instead of getting one two three hours of data in a night I'm now getting 4 to 7 hours of data. One part that confuses me is when I go to organize my Subs I have to do a better job of labeling things but that's the least of my concerns the program is Sublime. Here are the telescopes before I added the cameras. Thanks BYN!!
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    If you are running Windows 10 it is possible that a Windows Update has changed folder security such that BYE is not able to save the setting changes. You can either fix the permissions to give you full access or re-install BYE to a different folder altogether. I believe that the target folder for the configuration data is "C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\BackyardEOSv3.1".
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    Auto focusing

    Chris is actually working on creating an ASCOM driver for both BYE/BYN. When this is done it should work with software like FocusMax and the likes. Regards,
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    I think this is definitely a must specially if you are shooting long sessions, yes there isn't a monochrome Nikon yet, but monochrome mods are becoming easier, and they are producing amazing results, here's an example of a mod to a D5100 that feels a little bit safer than the CMOS needle scratching technique! http://kuulapaa.com/home/astrophotography/nikond5100mod.html
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    The speed setting in BYE is based on the Axis rate astroman speaks of, so this might be a good exercise to try his tool, but I respect your decision not to install it. If my memory serves me right BYE will set it at 10% of that range so if the range varies based on other mount settings, the speed at which BYE instruct to mount to move may depend on it as well. If there's a weak module in BYE it would have to be the Telescope ASCOM module sadly .
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    Nikon D850 BYN #2 Premium failure

    Glad you figured it out.
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