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  1. astroman133

    Mirror Lock setting

    The screenshot below shows where to toggle the option, as well as the control to adjust the mirror lock delay. Both controls are annotated with a red rectangle. That said, it is almost never necessary to specify a mirror lock value. This is why it is hidden by default. For mounts that are capable of doing long duration astrophotography there is no discernable degradation of sub-exposure from vibration due to the camera's mirror flipping. This vibration is of very short duration compared to the length of the exposure and the typical effects of seeing.
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  2. I see some activity on the server in trying to activate your key, and the server is processing it properly. For this reason, I suspect it could be an installation issue. Can you please re-install, making sure you download the latest, and try again? Thank you for not posting your key here on the forum.... yep.... some do that Keep us posted on your progress please.
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  3. Do you have the required version of the .NET Framework installed on the new laptop. I believe that it is 4.5. Have you tried re-installing BYE? Be sure to use the latest version (3.2.2) and in the future please include the version number in your posts. Did you enter your Premium license key into the validation dialog in BYE on the new machine?
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