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    Another Request to Add FITS Option

    FITS is a "manufactured / generic" Format, designed originally to facilitate Data Interchange from all sorts of Scientific Equipment (much not even Cameras). To convert a Camera's output from RAW (whether CR2 or NEF) to FITS means that you will be dependent on and subject to Guylain's choices of Conversion Parameters. This is usually something which most AP Imagers wish to have sole control over...
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    Eclipse Experiences

    I viewed the eclipse from Ramkota Hotel parking lot in Casper, Wyoming. There was a huge influx of eclipse chasers into Wyoming in general and Casper in particular for the event. I arrived in Casper a week before the eclipse to attend the annual convention of the Astronomical League (ASTROCON 2017). ASTROCON ran from Wednesday through Saturday and featured a large vendor area with talks and workshops. I had the opportunity to talk with folks from Celestron, Meade, Stellarvue, and Astro-Physics, as well as several others. I attended their Star-B-Que on Friday evening and the Gala Awards Banquet on Saturday evening. I was able to see some old friends and make some new friends throughout the event. As the week wore on, more members of my Arizona club arrived in the Casper area. Several other club members chose sites in Idaho, Oregon, and elsewhere in Wyoming from which to view and image the eclipse. My hotel reserved a viewing area for us in their parking lot and we did some solar viewing on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday before the eclipse. The sun was more active than we had any right to expect, with multiple sunspot groups and several prominences visible. It was a treat for many locals and visitors who happened by. We had several dozen pairs of eclipse glasses to give away, but most folks already had theirs. There was quite an international contingent in Casper for the eclipse. We met people who had traveled from New Zealand, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Canada, Spain, England, Norway, and Italy. I hope that I didn't forget anyone. My niece and her husband, who live in Ohio and work at NASA, were on vacation in Montana and drove down for the event, bringing their new Celestron Nexstar Evolution HD scope. On Monday morning I was outside at 4 AM to set my gear up and get a good polar alignment before sunrise. Gradually, I was joined by the rest of my friends. The hotel hosted a Pancake Breakfast with adult beverages beginning at 6 AM. Tequila Sunrise, anyone? As the sky brightened we saw mostly clear skies with some light clouds off in the distance. These clouds proved to be troublesome as the eclipse progressed. Around 8 AM I was interviewed by the Casper ABC affiliate about the eclipse and my travels to attend the event. That evening I looked for the interview on their web site but was not able to find it. First contact was at 10:22 am MDT. My imaging plan must have been off by a couple of seconds because none of the 5 images that were centered around that time showed any contact, but we were off and running. I took an image every 5% of ingress between 1st and 2nd contact. As ingress progressed we got slowly, but noticeably darker and cooler. We recorded a 19 degree temperature drop between 1st contact and totality. Shadows on the ground beneath some nearby trees began to look odd at the 80% ingress point. When we got to 90% I used LiveView to see how much the sun had drifted. It was close enough that I decided that re-centering was not necessary. Focus also looked good. I also set up a GoPro camera on a tripod in the back of a friend's pickup truck to capture a video of our group during totality. I have some decent images of the Diamond Ring and totality, but they are not processed yet. About a mile from our hotel, up on a hill, there was a crew from Time magazine. They put up a drone to shoot video of the area during totality. I later saw the sped-up video which included our hotel in the frame. During egress, the clouds thickened and I don't have much hope for those images. I have not even looked at some of them yet. Once 4th contact had passed, I tore down my gear. As usual, since I have the most complicated setup, I was the last person to finish tearing down. During Monday evening we heard horror stories of the traffic snarls on I-25 between Casper and Denver, including people who ran out of gas because of the delays and had to push their vehicles off the road. I left Casper on Tuesday morning with 2 long days of travel back to Arizona. I got home and my air conditioner had quit and the grass was knee high. The A/C is now working and about half my yard has been mowed. I will post more, with links to my images, as they become available. I have already been looking at where I might go in Texas for the April 2024 eclipse. I hope the rest of you BYE and BYN users had as enjoyable eclipse event as I did.
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    Frame & Focus

    Live View exposures are very short, on the order of 10 milliseconds long. Only the brightest stars will show up at all at prime focus. BYE has a Maximum Sensitivity setting. Be sure to select that before using Live View for focusing. Then point at the brightest star available, like Vega or Arcturus. If you have a lens on the camera then even the Maximum Sensitivity setting may not show stars because they are so small at the shorter focal lengths. In that case you will need to use Snap images for focusing. These should work even with exposures that are only a few seconds long.
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    Plate Solvers for BYE

    Yes that would be one place to put it. As for charging for it... nope, nada, ziltch One way I have been able to differentiate myself from other commercial package is my free upgrade path and UI simplicity. I prefer to give free upgrades, including new features, big or small, as part of the free upgrade. My business case is linear... free upgrade = more users = more user generated word of mouth = free marketing = more new net sales. In other words I think free upgrades for new releases generates more revenue in the long by selling to new users rather than up selling new features to exiting and loyal customers. I may be the odd ball here compared to other commercial package where they try to squeeze another $20 or so from their customers with upgrade cost. I prefer to acknowledge my customer's loyalty by saying thank you... here's a free upgrade. I'm not saying I will always follow this path. Up until now I have been able to offer free upgrades and I have no plans to change this any time soon. Thank you for the offer to pay a bit extra but a plat solving feature, I appreciate the gesture. Regards,
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    Modified (cooled) Canon 80D

    Just wanted to share that I took the modified 80D out last night for a trial run. It was on a Hyperstar on a Celestron 14" Edge SCT. I normally run a Lodestar x2 guide camera in a ES 80mm triplet, but didn't do any guiding for this first trial. The 80D performed flawlessly and although the cooler isn't really required yet, it functioned very well also. BYEOS works so well and when I add PHD2, I'll be able to get multiple frames quickly now, without the heat buildup on the camera sensor. As you can see in the upper left, the Orion Neb & Crab were shot at 40 sec, 1600 ISO; the Horsehead for 60 sec @ 1600 ISO.
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    not working

    So, I am assuming that you have a valid license. You need to log onto the OTelescope web site using the same username as you used to get/purchase your license. Go to your My Purchases area and find the applicable license. Swipe across the license key and copy it to the clipboard. Note that the identifier is the case-sensitive username. Install BYN and launch it. Click on the padlock at the upper right and then select Edit License. Paste in the license key and enter your O'Telescope username (NOT your email address) as the identifier. You should be good to go. astroman133
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    Hi Guylain. On a future release, is there a possibility of making Telescope as default window rather than Filterwheel on start-up? For those of us not using a Filterwheel (which I suspect would be the majority as we are mostly using OSC cameras) it would be a convenience. Cheers, Gord
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    Alexey, You should create a post in the Feature Suggestion Box forum to suggest a change in behavior to preserve the values in a capture plan row when the exposure count is set to 0. Your use case seems valid to me. I have the Premium license and always save my capture plan after a change as a work around for exactly that situation.
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    If you are using a 50mm finder to try to guide a 2800mm imaging scope, that could be part of your problem. You might find that your guiding would be improved if you used a guide scope that has a longer focal length, say around 400mm. Switching your imaging scope to a shorter focal length refractor will make a world of difference. You may even be able to guide through the finder. I believe that you can use the PHD History graph to how far you are dithering.
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    the 2 camera with dithering works just fine....remember that the Master camera will control all the settings on the slave camera so you will have identical settings in terms of exposure, f stop, iso etc. Even if you set the slave camera with different settings they will default to the Master.
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    I believe I have finally came across the solution. In this instance it is two fold. In my D810 I had "Rotate Tall" turned off. It turns out this is only for display. Another setting "Auto Rotation" was turned on and as the telescope tracked throughout the night the camera was interpreting even a slight shift as a rotation. The second problem was occurring in PixInSight, as suggested by Ron. When trying to stack images PixInSight was rotating again some photos and not others. Again, the solution to this problem came from Ron in the form of telling PixInSight to ignore rotation information in the RAW file. Thanks all for your help.
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    Eclipse Experiences

    I started my planning about one year ago, and included an eclipse day in the northern Rockies, followed by a few days of fly fishing. After some research on locations, weather patterns, access, and some conversations with a few fishing friends I settled on Rexburg ID for the eclipse and a four day fishing tour with Mile Lawson's angler's shop in Island Park ID, about 45 miles north of Rexburg. Knowing what lodging would soon be a problem we booked a week (Sunday 8/20 to Saturday 8/28) at the Elk Creek Lodge, also in island Park last December. We left our home base in Albuquerque on Friday 8/18 and reached Rexburg on 8/20 in the afternoon. A few weeks before I did a more detailed review of the area and discovered a little-known wildlife refuge known as the Cartier Slough, located about 5 miles west of Rexburg. We recce'd the area on Sunday and found the place essentially deserted, with miles of quite passable dirt roads through the refuge and the surrounding BLM public lands. Driving down south from island Park on Monday morning traffic on US 20 was surprisingly light, and we set up by about 0800 local. The weather was excellent, eith only a few clouds around the horizon and little to no wind. Along the one mile of the road from the pavement to our location there were only 5 other observers. I used local coordinates and a compass to rough align my Celestron CGEM II equatorial mount, and attached my Canon 6D with a Canon F2.8/200mm lens with a solar filter. After booting up the Backyard EOS 3.1.14 I used the sun as a reference and fine-tuned the alignment. My pre-total program was one sub every 180 seconds at 1/2000, F8 and ISO 400, and for totality is sequenced 1/2000, 1/1000, 1/250, 1/60, 1/30, 1/15, 1/8, 1/4 and 1 second, all at F8 and ISO 400. I was lucky to get 8 of these sequences, and am now in the midst of processing the RAWs. Here is a preliminary version of the last 1/4 shot, showing a beautiful diamond ring.
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    D610 Problems

    I am sure that the issue matters to Guylain. It is a matter of priority, in advance of the eclipse. Since your issue has a workaround, it would be a lower priority than an issue where a feature is broken with no workaround.
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    5x and 10x video

    I found the post that Jim was referring to. Here is the relevant bit: ... there are three AF modes during Live View - Face+Tracking, Flexizone-Multi, and Flexizone-Single. Zoom is not available in Face+Tracking and I think it's the default mode. Once I switched to FZ-Multi, zooming worked. He also said that this is documented in the camera manual. If you can get it to work in the EOS Utility, it is very likely that it will work in BYE. Also, for Guylain, if EOS Utility can determine that 5X zoom is not possible, then BYE should also be able to determine this and gray out the 5X button or display a pop-up dialog with a suggestion to change the LiveView focus mode. I hope this helps Astrofrankie.
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    zoom box 5x not centered

    You need to upgrade to the latest version of BYE. You are seeing an old bug that was fixed several months ago.
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    Forget what I said about the setting dialog, I made it a lot more simpler and more coherent with the load/save capture plans. ... and note the Suspend=True on seq #3 Type=LIGHT SaveTo=PC Mirror=0 Target=Q1 Filter= Delay=0 TvValues=BULB AvValues= IsoValues=100|400|800|1600 Seq=1|Exposures=1|Tv=BULB|Duration=1|Iso=1600 Seq=2|Exposures=1|Tv=BULB|Duration=1|Iso=1600 Seq=3|Exposures=1|Tv=BULB|Duration=1|Iso=1600|Suspend=True Seq=4|Exposures=1|Tv=BULB|Duration=1|Iso=1600 This should do the trick And the next logical enhancement for this feature (not now but in the future) would be to move the Image type down into the sequencer and allow a mix of LIGHTS/DARKS/FLATS and force a suspend in between those items to allow the user to put the cap on for DARKS of the light source for FLATS. Regards,
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    You're welcome! I've heard nothing but good things about BYE from a colleague and I'm happy to report that it definitely doesnt disappoint in any way. On a side note I read in another thread that a user was able to successfully use the WiFi function to connect BYE to his Canon 5D MkIV (or maybe it was his 6D?) ...In any event I was able to recreate that result. It does require going through the WiFi pairing process and you have to remember that the camera is the WiFi hub and disconnect laptop from home WiFi to connect to the camera's WiFi and, just like with the cable, make sure the EOS remote utility is closed and select Camera within BYE and bada-bing bada-boom it connects right up (the first attempt I deliberately left the EOS utility connected) log files and screen shot of imaging thru BYE connected to 5DMkIV via the camera's WiFi. The downloading is definitely a little slower but it didnt appear to be so slow as to be an issue. 09:58:57 Licensed to photographybywam@gmail.com 09:58:57 BackyardEOS 3.1.18 RC12 09:59:07 Attempting to connect camera... 09:59:07 Canon drivers 'Canon\' initialized. 10:00:18 Attempting to connect camera... 10:00:18 Canon drivers 'Canon\' initialized. 10:00:19 5D-MkIV CONNECTED! 10:00:42 Unable to set LiveviewAutoFocusMode, current setting is assumed! 10:01:02 Imaging session started. 10:01:22 Imaging session completed successfully 10:01:22 LIGHT_1s_1600iso_f4-5_+30c_20191118-10h01m04s529ms.CR2 10:01:22 LIGHT_1s_1600iso_f4-5_+30c_20191118-10h01m04s529ms.jpg 10:02:05 Imaging session started. 10:02:34 LIGHT_Tv1100s_100iso_f13_+30c_20191118-10h02m07s947ms.CR2 10:02:34 LIGHT_Tv1100s_100iso_f13_+30c_20191118-10h02m07s947ms.jpg 10:02:34 Imaging session completed successfully
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    USB hub

    Does you laptop have usb ports on both sides? If there is, it is very likely that usb ports on each side have separate host usb bus inside your computer. Make sure you don't connect both cameras on the same side, that will help as well. Regards,
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    D700 BULB Issue

    The Shoestring Astro site Serial Port Connector Page - http://store.shoestringastronomy.com/products_ds.htm - shows images of the Camera Connector end of each offered Cable. Which looks to fit your D7000 (DSCBL-15 or DSCBL-12)?? Then add the DSUSB Controller/USB-to-Serial Converter so that you can plug all in and control via a USB Port. And maybe an Extension Serial Cable (if your setup needs more than 6ft between DSLR and PC). Or you can mount the DSUSB unit on your Scope/Mount and use a standard USB2 Extension Cable to reach your PC...
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    Canon Eos R support ?

    You EOS-R owners can try shooting BULB exposures with your laptop and your camera set up on your kitchen table. You do not care about the image, itself, just does BYE control the camera for long exposures.
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    Computers Dying

    The End User License Agreement (EULA) for BYE or BYN allows you to install the software on multiple computers as long as you only use it on one computer at a time. So if you have a purchased license for BYE 3.1.x and that computer crashes you only need to download BYE to your replacement PC and validate the same license on the new PC. If your license is older than 3.1.x then you need to upgrade that license by following the Upgrade instructions on this web site. If you read the upgrade instructions, some upgrades are free and others cost a small amount. So to summarize, you can use your BYE 3.0.X license to get a free 3.1.x license, download the latest BYE software and validate the new license key and your username on your new version of BYE. You should also know that the new licensing scheme keeps your license key on the web site. Once you complete the upgrade process your new license key will be available whenever you log onto this web site using the username that was used when you upgraded the license. Just look in the "My Purchases" area of your user profile. So you only need to remember your username and password, but you can reset your password if you need to by using your email address.
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    Licence fault error

    That is not at active cable... sorry to say but it is crap... simply because it is well over the maximum length of a usb2 protocol cable. The 5M active repeater cable should work better.
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    Live View noisy and unclear

    Guylain: Guylain: Thanks for the quick response. I've got the photo settings pretty well dialed in, but thee T7i has other settings related to things like automatic Noise Reduction, etc., that I have all turned off. It was these types of settings I was referring to, like AF settings as well that seem to have an effect on BYEOS. All those pesky menu items!! The funny thing about Live View is that on my older 7D Live View doesn't have all of the "noise" that I see with the T7i. When I say noise I'm talking about what looks like artifacts moving around on the screen. "StarHD" does clean that up. I don't expect to see much as far as stars in Live View, except as you say that bright star used for focusing with the Bahtinov mask. Generally that's the only time I use Live view. Love your software. Simple capture from your BYEOS below with the ES ED80, T7i with CLS filter.
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    Fits or xisf format

    Please realize that Guylain would have to do the same "decode them with libraw" task on each Image immediately after it has been Downloaded from the DSLR at end of Exposure. This means that the Start of the Next Image is then Delayed by that "Libraw Decode and Rewrite to Disk" time. The equivalent Feature (Create TIFF Version) is already available in the Premium Version of BYE/BYN. TIFF and FITS are very similar equivalent File Formats - except TIFF doesn't have a common set of Astronomy Header Extensions. XISF is a Proprietary Format - loosely based off of TIFF/FITS - produced managed and updated solely by PixInsight (they may have released a Library to support XISF - not sure). The same "Image Decode and Rewrite" Delay would be incurred in this case too. Please realize that there is more to the FITS/XISF File Format Conversion than simply Appending the Capture Timing Equipment and Target Data which BYE/BYN encapsulates (some of it anyways) in EXIF Data. And if it really is only the EXIF Data that you are after, most Photo Display Software and Websites such as AstroBin directly support EXIF Import too. Just additional details for you to perhaps clarify what you would consider for this Feature Request.
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    Nikon D5300 error using NEF 14 bit

    I found it it was the release mode quiet shutter setting causes this strange error. Once I set it back to single frame, NEF recording in 14 bits works.
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    Problem: The filename timestamp lags the shutter open time by about half a second At some point, this time stamp was changed to reflect the shutter open time rather than the file write time. In the latest versions of both BackyardEOS and BackyardNikon, the time stamp can be anything from 0.3 seconds to 2.0 seconds out, depending on the speed of the PC. We would be very grateful if this could be corrected. We need accurate timing for the project we are currently involved in - monitoring space junk (old satellites, rocket bodies etc) Thanks, John
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    Camera Not Found

    Connecting both cables seems to be working with Com 3. I'll try some more after work tonight.
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    BackyardEOS 3.1

    Bonjour Après différents choix de dossiers dans C : dans D : etc… Enfin, je retrouve mes photos et vidéos Tout se trouve dans un dossier que j’ai créé sur le D : dans BackyardTEMP folder le logiciel a de lui-même créé un sous-dossier qu’il nomme Download et tout se trouve dedans Par contre dans Répertoire des images et Répertoire des plans tout est vide Je n’ai pas vraiment compris ce qui se passe, mais le principal c’est d’avoir tout retrouvé Cordialement
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    Camera Error after 5 Hours

    Okay. Success, but no answers, really. I finally tested everything ON ANOTHER LAPTOP. Same camera, same USB cable, same BYE settings...and it works perfectly. So I've taken control of my wife's old Acer i3 (which was just sitting around, anyway) as my new capture computer. I'll still process on a faster machine, but now I can run full capture plans. Obviously, something on my everyday, do-everything laptop was screwing up BYE. We'll never know what, exactly. Thank you for sticking with this issue!
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    ma licence ?

    UN GRAND MERCI Guylain... pour ton soft génial, et pour ta réponse aussi rapide qu'efficace. TOUT fonctionne très bien ! OUF... A+ Pascal Jacquemin
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    Duel cameras time out!

    Okay, I see the timeout in the log files. Let's take a step back, you're doing to many things trying to make it work and from what you have posted earlier you do not yet understand the role of the slave and master instances. I think you have configured camera2 as a slave to camera1 and camera1 as a slave to camera2. If this is the case you've created and round robin loop. The slave is just that, a slave. You connect one camera to that slave instance and forget about it after that. Don't mess with it's capture plan. Connect the camera and forget about it. Just take note of the port number you have set in the settings window for that slave instance, I think you have it set to 1502. DO NOT MESS WITH THE DUAL CAMERA BUTTON IN THE CAPTURE PLAN OF THAT SLAVE INSTANCE.; IT NEEDS TO BE DISABLED in the slave instance. The master is just like your normal BackyardEOS. This only difference is that takepicture commands taken with this master instance will be sent to the slave instance as well. On the master instance, you program your capture plan and you enable DUAL camera. In the dual camera window you make sure you set the port number equal to the port number you have set in the slave instance (1502). Regards,
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    BYN buzzing at me!

    If you have two cameras with different setups, For example, one camera at prime focus to a telescope and a second camera piggybacked with a lens, then you do not want to use the Dual camera feature. The basic idea of dual camera is to have the master and slave synchronized so that they start and finish each image at the same time. That way the master instance can dither the mount between exposures. This won't work unless the master and slave have the similar optics, so the same exposure values (duration, f/stop, & ISO) can be used for both cameras. If you have different setups (one with a scope and one with a lens) you can use the camera1 and camera2 instances of BYN, but not tie them together as master and slave.
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    splash screen

    The issue is actually a deeper issue that it seems at the surface. BYE is event driven internally and when I added 100 rows in the capture plan in the summer of 2017 this meant that more events are fired during the application startup. I was not aware of this side effect when I went from 25 to 100 rows. To fix this at this time would require significant effort. As an alternative I could make the number of plan rows configurable so you could set it back to 25 if you never use more than that.
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    When using a DSLR at prime focus the aperture is not selectable. It is fixed because the aperture and focal length of the telescope are fixed. In fact, I do not believe that the f/stop is even displayed unless an EF lens is connected to the camera.
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    Continued crashing

    This is almost like a chat session. I do have a card, but I have disabled writing to the card. I will remove the card and see what comes of it next.
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    Disable mount connection

    Thanks! I'll look for a new version, I downloaded bye in early July so that's probably it, it killed some serial port connections to my mount. I'm running version 3.1.11 Richard
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    Problem with BYE controlling shutter

    You should install the latest release of BYE (version 3.1.16) and try to recreate your issue. Let us know how it goes. I would also say that lower end computers like netbooks and tablets can have a problem with USB overload when operating multiple devices like imaging camera and guide camera simultaneously.
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    Focus with Nikon D3

    Actually I just had a win, an hour trawling through the manual for the D3 gave me the answer in two parts. Firstly you can change from focus priority to shutter priority so it will open the shutter even when the auto focus system says it is not in focus. Secondly and in another submenu you can turn off autofocus when the shutter release is half pressed so it only runs autofocus if you press the AF button. I may not need that second setting, but certainly with both changed I am able to use the focus commands within BYN to focus it (Provided it will give small enough steps to get good focus, the next night I am able to test under the stars will tell me that) and secondly when BYN commands the shutter open, it just does it! The next test will be as I said, under the stars, hopefully allowing me to keep tabs on it via Teamviwer from another PC inside the house. (Edited for typo)
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    My Nikon D5300 not recognized by BYENikon

    Since the D5300 is a USB2 Port there would be nothing to gain by considering a USB3 Port or Hub. However, you might want to make sure that the D5300 Wireless is turned OFF (some BYN Forum Threads have hinted that Wireless in NIKON Cameras causes SDK Connectivity Issues. And as for all NIKON DSLRs, make sure the SD Card is Removed or Empty (or nearly so), so as to not be caught by the SDK effort to build an Image Library before completing the Connection. But, having sent Guylain a set of Log Files is the Best Approach...
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    Autofocuser and location in subfolders

    Thanks Guylain - love the product! Yep, I use the filter already, I have an IDAS and in dark skies don't use it, in other sites I do. No worries, something in the future would be nice, our club in Oregon has about 6 sites we rotate from, each has different light pollution or other issues so would be cool to separate them by site in folders structure. I do it manually. Love BYN. thank you.
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    BYE won't connect to Canon EOS 7D

    The camera's LCD display does go dark when the camera is connected to the PC. This is normal behavior. You should not have LiveView active on the camera when you connect to the PC. Once BYE is connected with the camera going to Frame & Focus will automatically activate Live View and display the LiveView image on the PC screen.
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    BYEOS and ASCOM focuser

    Guylain I downloaded version 3.1.12 and some testing last night with the focuser and it still happened. This morning I setup the scope inside to some more testing and when I connected via the ASCOM POTH hub I saw a setup box for the focuser called "Focuser Backlash Compensation". The Final Direction was set to "Out" and the "Steps MS" was set to 3000. I changed the "Steps MS" to 10 and low and behold it works perfectly. Chalk up another "Rookie Misteake" for me! Robin
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    WiFi Connectivity

    Search the BYN Forum carefully, as I believe there were a couple of Users who explained how they got their Cameras to Connect via WiFi. That connection is a bit more than simply attempting to force a network connection via your Laptop - else there would be no need for notations in reviews such as "Nikon's Wireless Mobile Utility app for your iOS or Android device" (there should be a Mobile Utility for PC as well - hopefully free rather than the full-priced Nikon Capture). Beyond that, realize that WiFi connection raises as many challenges as it does solutions: Speed - even if the D5300 supports WiFi-N (no review that I've seen details which Speed / Protocol variant is implemented) the transfer rate is a max of 50-72Mbps, while USB2 is 480Mbps max. This is significant for Downloading of Full RAW Frames, and for LiveView Reliability of Connectivity - unless you have an overly Long or overly Cheap USB2 Cable you will have no connectivity or throughput issues Wired, while Wireless is subject to RF Interference (including someone simply walking between your Transmitter and Receiver). And many local Dark Sites (eg: Antennas Site) are near large Transmitters or "Noisy" Utilities. Elsewhere, many Star Parties will not allow WiFi on the Imaging / Observing Fields. Power - you're trying to avoid a Powered Hub yet your QHY5L-II is Notorious for needing Every Bit of Power it can get (often more than a Laptop USB Port can produce). And even if it can, it will be draining your "other limiting resource" - your Laptop Battery. Its much easier to find a USB2 Hub that can be powered by a 5V-USB Battery Pack (or by a 12V Utility Battery Pack such as you are likely powering your Mount).
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    You can and should make use of the trial period to bench test BYE so your rare clear nights are productive. Almost everything that can be done with your camera attached to a telescope can be done at the kitchen table with a lens on the camera (using focus metrics or focusing with a Bahtinov mask may be the exception to this). You can test that all the pieces parts are on your PC and functioning normally. Things like cabling, ability to connect BYE to your camera (cables good, WiFi disabled in the camera, LiveView enabled in the camera, kernel-level driver installed and working, selecting the correct SDK for your camera), preferences (file names are as you want them, other settings are good). You can test that BYE can have the camera take images and that you can download those RAW or JPG images to your PC (your anti-virus is not preventing BYE from downloading images). Testing integration with PHD and AstroTortilla. All that and more can be tested and verified before the sun sets on a clear night; allowing you to become familiar with BYE's operation and to be productive from the outset. I am giving this advice because while most new users have a trouble-free experience, some have a frustrating night trying to iron out issues that could have been addressed in advance. We don't see many posts from the vast majority for whom BYE works out of the box, but we do spend a good bit of time helping new users who had a wasted night because they did not try to get experience with BYE in advance.
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    Problem resolved - I defraggled and dumped history and then ran a full security scan. When I again tried download , I ignored warning and it downloaded perfectly - now my learning curve!!! Thanks for the help! Joe Fahey
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    John, Good dark nights are rare. You should do as much testing as possible without wasting them.
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    focus stopped responding?

    I think I got it - I went out and pulled the cord out and put it back in and it seemed to work then. I'll try again later but that seemed to do it. The cord in the side of the camera.
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    Thanks Guylain, capture plan filter wheel support is what I'm after, and I'm aware that the filter wheel may leak some light, however that's a hardware issue (My problem) .
  49. 1 point
    It's capture plan filter wheel support, this is how I'm reading the suggestion anyway.
  50. 1 point

    Take Flat frames out of Film Strip

    I like this simple yet should-be-easy-to-implement feature. If I go ahead with it I will probably have a configuration where the user can decide which frame type should be omitted/included, not just flats. EDIT: I also like the -stack- feature S3igell suggested. Regards,
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