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    ISS Transit

    Guylain, Wanted to say thanks again. I was able to capture a ISS Lunar Transit using Planetary in BYE. Zoomed in nicely and had it running at ~15 fps a few minutes beforehand. My daughter actually saw it on the screen and then I was able to look in the capture folder (I was saving JPGs instead of AVI) where I ended up being a little disappointed when I saw a small black dot cross. Turns out it was only a bird (my daughter told me it was not where she saw it). Only wish we could get RAW but I understand the limitations of the liveview method. Had only one glitch. When first booting up the laptop after set up, BYE asked me to validate my license. Never had done this since many moons ago I was stumped. I panicked after it didn't take my password(s). My daughter even set up a wifi hotspot and I tried to find the password on the website. I finally READ THE DIRECTIONS and typed in my username (DUH) where it let me in. Then it wouldn't connect to the 700D. I shut down. Waited 10s. Restarted BYE and then it connected and we were in business. Didn't keep the logs (I think). Weird behavior but I luckily had 15 minutes to spare. See attached animation.
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    Frame & Focus

    Live View exposures are very short, on the order of 10 milliseconds long. Only the brightest stars will show up at all at prime focus. BYE has a Maximum Sensitivity setting. Be sure to select that before using Live View for focusing. Then point at the brightest star available, like Vega or Arcturus. If you have a lens on the camera then even the Maximum Sensitivity setting may not show stars because they are so small at the shorter focal lengths. In that case you will need to use Snap images for focusing. These should work even with exposures that are only a few seconds long.
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    You're welcome! I've heard nothing but good things about BYE from a colleague and I'm happy to report that it definitely doesnt disappoint in any way. On a side note I read in another thread that a user was able to successfully use the WiFi function to connect BYE to his Canon 5D MkIV (or maybe it was his 6D?) ...In any event I was able to recreate that result. It does require going through the WiFi pairing process and you have to remember that the camera is the WiFi hub and disconnect laptop from home WiFi to connect to the camera's WiFi and, just like with the cable, make sure the EOS remote utility is closed and select Camera within BYE and bada-bing bada-boom it connects right up (the first attempt I deliberately left the EOS utility connected) log files and screen shot of imaging thru BYE connected to 5DMkIV via the camera's WiFi. The downloading is definitely a little slower but it didnt appear to be so slow as to be an issue. 09:58:57 Licensed to photographybywam@gmail.com 09:58:57 BackyardEOS 3.1.18 RC12 09:59:07 Attempting to connect camera... 09:59:07 Canon drivers 'Canon\' initialized. 10:00:18 Attempting to connect camera... 10:00:18 Canon drivers 'Canon\' initialized. 10:00:19 5D-MkIV CONNECTED! 10:00:42 Unable to set LiveviewAutoFocusMode, current setting is assumed! 10:01:02 Imaging session started. 10:01:22 Imaging session completed successfully 10:01:22 LIGHT_1s_1600iso_f4-5_+30c_20191118-10h01m04s529ms.CR2 10:01:22 LIGHT_1s_1600iso_f4-5_+30c_20191118-10h01m04s529ms.jpg 10:02:05 Imaging session started. 10:02:34 LIGHT_Tv1100s_100iso_f13_+30c_20191118-10h02m07s947ms.CR2 10:02:34 LIGHT_Tv1100s_100iso_f13_+30c_20191118-10h02m07s947ms.jpg 10:02:34 Imaging session completed successfully
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    I believe that it is common for the Telescope.AxisRates method to return the rates from slowest to fastest for the requested axis, but you should expect that the rate objects could be in any order. Don't forget that each rate is actually a range of rates from a minimum value to a maximum value. In the case of the rates for the Gemini driver, the min and max values are the same. This means that only 3 rate values are valid. It is possible that the AxisRates for a given axis could be empty. This should only occur if CanMoveAxis for that axis is false. Also, 0.0 is always a valid rate, since calling Move Axis with a value of 0 returns to either sidereal tracking or not, depending on the Tracking flag. The three rates for the Gemini mount are not slew rates; they are for MoveAxis calls, although the fastest speed may also be the rate at which the mount slews. I would be extremely surprised if setting the speed to Center (20X sidereal) would affect the speed at which the mount slewed across the sky to a new target. It does, however, make sense to do frame and focus jog moves at 20X. I really think that it will be confusing for people choose percentage values for the MoveAxis speed when those values can map to invalid axis rates. Giving them only a selection of valid rate values seems likely to cause less confusion. Just my 2 cents.
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    License validation Error

    yes yes it was Very thanks
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    I seem to remember a limitation where your symptoms would happen with certain memory card configurations. If you have RAW and JPG configured to go to different memory cards, your symptoms may improve if you have both image qualities going to card 1 and only switch to card 2 when card 1 is full. This is discussed in Setting the Image-Recording Quality on page 169 of the 5D Mk IV Instruction Manual. Let us know how this works for you.
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    Canon 5D Mark II

    Hi guys...yes I know the MkII and MkIV are very different cameras...but just to finish this I was looking at every thread related to connectivity and THIS particular thread had the most useful checklist of things to check and Astroman133 was correct...the laptop was NOT recognizing the camera until I restarted that laptop with it attached...then I definitely saw the camera on the list of active devices and connectivity to the BYE was simple and straightforward. as is many times the case, the main culprit is not the software but user error and/or something related to the user's system...I acknowledge that and appreciate the clue/thought provided by Astroman133 earlier in the evening. thanks so much!!! Bill
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    Ha Thanks you, indeed it worked
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    newbie start up

    Hi to Admin and all contributors, The reload of software has worked well , camera connects , red light application does what it's supposed to. Thank you's all round now I can get on with it !! cheers rob
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    D5100 not connecting

    Your suggestion about using the default drivers solved my problem! I just assumed that since my camera is pre-2015 I should use the pre-2015 drivers. I must have done a firmware update since then. Thanks for all your help, and for a great product. I really enjoyed the demo video you did on the Astro Imaging Channel!
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    newbie start up

    It sounds like you have executed the BackyardRED program. It produces a Red Screen effect. It is controlled / terminated by the little widget it places at the Top Center of the Screen. Hover over that, and "X" out.
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    Permission needed?

    I wondered if he was trying to map a Windows drive to the camera's SD card and use BYE with Save To PC, but make the PC location be the camera's memory card. However, while I can see the SD card from windows I cannot find a way to map a drive to the memory card.
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    Frame & Focus

    Frame&Focus is based on the same LiveView video feed as you see on the back LCD of the Camera (only displayed on a significantly larger screen). You can base your expectations on what you see on that smaller screen. It might be helpful to refresh yourself by checking that screen image some night before hooking up BYE. There are a few things you can do to improve your Frame&Focus session: Select the Max Sensitivity setting in BYE Ensure that your Lens or Scope is as close to In-Focus as you can manually set. If a Lens, set it to where you know Infinity Focus should be. If a Scope, set the Focuser to a Pre-Determined "In-Focus" mark (test in Daytime against a distant Pole or Tree and mark or record the graduated scale number if your Focuser Drawtube has such). Start with something extremely Bright or Large (Moon, Vega, Jupiter, Venus) to get Focus, then move to your Target Area to set Framing. Expect only Bright Stars (Mag 2+) to show - Brighter Magnitudes only when using Longer Focal Ratio Lens or Scope And when all else fails, revert to snapping Short Exposures at High ISO (just remember to reset everything to your Planned Exposure Settings before executing your Capture Plan). (This last may be an Imaging Session "Saver", in any case, as LiveView works to Overheat your DSLR Sensor which in turn adds Thermal Noise to the Captured Images until the Sensor has had time to Cool.)
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    A very newbie question

    I have moved this thread into the BackyardEOS forum.
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    A very newbie question

    In the future, if you have a question or issue with BackyardEOS, it is more appropriate to post it to the BackyardEOS Forum rather than the General Forum. When BYE is started, the only main buttons that are enabled are labelled Connect and Preview. The buttons labelled Frame & Focus, Planetary, and Drift Align are grayed out (disabled). When you click on the Connect button, BYE begins the connection process. If the camera is plugged into the PC, has been powered on and recognized by Windows the driver selection dialog should appear. For your T4i (650D) you need to choose the Canon drivers. This tells BYE to use the most recent version of the Canon EOS SDK. The Canon 210 version is for very old camera models that are no longer supported by the newest SDK. If the connection process succeeds, the label of the Connect button should say Disconnect, the Preview button is replaced by the Imaging button, and the remaining buttons become un-grayed (enabled). I hope this helps.
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    A very newbie question

    If you only see the preview button then the camera is NOT connected to BYE. DId you hit the connect button to the left of the "preview" button? Regards,
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    BYN plate solver enable button?

    AT is it for now. I do have some leg work already done for PinPoint and PlateSolve2 but they are no where near completion. Regards.
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    eYes, please provide the version of BYE that you are using. Also, some of the newer cameras have LiveView autofocus functionality can interfere with the 5X zoom. I believe that the 6D Mk II is one of those models. Check the camera's menus. If LiveView autofocus is set to Face+Tracking, change it to one of the other modes and then retry BYE's 5X zoom feature.
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    Missing cr2

    Yes, as Guylain has said, please report the complete version number of BYE that you are using. The newest pre-release is BYE 3.1.18 RC 11. If you are using a version that is older than 3.1.17 then please update to 3.1.17 or the pre-release before trying to re-create your issue. You specify where the image files are placed by BYE by setting the Download folder on the Settings screen, as well as specifying which, if any, sub-folder organization to use. The specified Download folder should be on a drive that exists and that you have write access to. Also remember that by default Windows hides file extensions for known file types, so the file may be in the specified location, but not be displayed with the .CR2 extension. If all this appears to be the case, please follow the instructions at the following link to post a log file (just one log file, not all of them) of your issue. For future reference, this post is pinned near the top of the How-To's Forum.
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    EOS 90D Support?

    Bret, How long are the exposures that are out of order? Where are you getting the time from? The image file name, the image metadata, or from the images file's Properties? Is the BYE Background Worker enabled (on the Advanced settings screen)? I used BYE 3.1.18 RC11 with my T5i and was unable to recreate what you are reporting. I tried with a sequence 1 second exposures and a sequence of 10 second exposures. I made two capture runs; one run did not use the Background Worker and the other did use the Background Worker. In all cases the RAW and JPG images have the same name, including the timestamp portion of the file name. The only difference was with the file extension. This was all as expected. None of the images appeared out of order when viewing the Download folder in Windows Explorer, either when sorted by File Name or by Date.
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    Can not be validated

    I have no idea about that. I unistalled 3.1.17 before install and validate 3.1.16. When I reinstall 3.1.17, it works without asking validation. Seems like it uses same validation protocols/file with 3.1.16. Seems everything is fine. Thanks for interesting and support.
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    Plate Solvers for BYE

    Yes that would be one place to put it. As for charging for it... nope, nada, ziltch One way I have been able to differentiate myself from other commercial package is my free upgrade path and UI simplicity. I prefer to give free upgrades, including new features, big or small, as part of the free upgrade. My business case is linear... free upgrade = more users = more user generated word of mouth = free marketing = more new net sales. In other words I think free upgrades for new releases generates more revenue in the long by selling to new users rather than up selling new features to exiting and loyal customers. I may be the odd ball here compared to other commercial package where they try to squeeze another $20 or so from their customers with upgrade cost. I prefer to acknowledge my customer's loyalty by saying thank you... here's a free upgrade. I'm not saying I will always follow this path. Up until now I have been able to offer free upgrades and I have no plans to change this any time soon. Thank you for the offer to pay a bit extra but a plat solving feature, I appreciate the gesture. Regards,
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    The speed setting in BYE is based on the Axis rate astroman speaks of, so this might be a good exercise to try his tool, but I respect your decision not to install it. If my memory serves me right BYE will set it at 10% of that range so if the range varies based on other mount settings, the speed at which BYE instruct to mount to move may depend on it as well. If there's a weak module in BYE it would have to be the Telescope ASCOM module sadly .
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