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    You're welcome! I've heard nothing but good things about BYE from a colleague and I'm happy to report that it definitely doesnt disappoint in any way. On a side note I read in another thread that a user was able to successfully use the WiFi function to connect BYE to his Canon 5D MkIV (or maybe it was his 6D?) ...In any event I was able to recreate that result. It does require going through the WiFi pairing process and you have to remember that the camera is the WiFi hub and disconnect laptop from home WiFi to connect to the camera's WiFi and, just like with the cable, make sure the EOS remote utility is closed and select Camera within BYE and bada-bing bada-boom it connects right up (the first attempt I deliberately left the EOS utility connected) log files and screen shot of imaging thru BYE connected to 5DMkIV via the camera's WiFi. The downloading is definitely a little slower but it didnt appear to be so slow as to be an issue. 09:58:57 Licensed to photographybywam@gmail.com 09:58:57 BackyardEOS 3.1.18 RC12 09:59:07 Attempting to connect camera... 09:59:07 Canon drivers 'Canon\' initialized. 10:00:18 Attempting to connect camera... 10:00:18 Canon drivers 'Canon\' initialized. 10:00:19 5D-MkIV CONNECTED! 10:00:42 Unable to set LiveviewAutoFocusMode, current setting is assumed! 10:01:02 Imaging session started. 10:01:22 Imaging session completed successfully 10:01:22 LIGHT_1s_1600iso_f4-5_+30c_20191118-10h01m04s529ms.CR2 10:01:22 LIGHT_1s_1600iso_f4-5_+30c_20191118-10h01m04s529ms.jpg 10:02:05 Imaging session started. 10:02:34 LIGHT_Tv1100s_100iso_f13_+30c_20191118-10h02m07s947ms.CR2 10:02:34 LIGHT_Tv1100s_100iso_f13_+30c_20191118-10h02m07s947ms.jpg 10:02:34 Imaging session completed successfully
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