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    Please read the orange banner at the top of this page and provide the requested information. There are multiple Mark IV models and multiple versions of BYE 3.1. It would also help to have the exact error message. Either type it in or provide a screenshot. Thanks!
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    This is a very respectable Frame Rate for a Dedicated Planetary Astro Camera. It is a GREAT Frame Rate for a Tethered DSLR (and is likely limited by the Camera's USB2 Port ). It is definitely more than enough for Planetary Imaging. Even for the Speedily-Rotating Jupiter, it is usual to be able to Stack 5 minute Videos without needing to worry about Derotation - and 5 min would give you 10K Frames to Stack. Seeing Conditions and Equipment / Resolution will likely be bigger Factors...
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    IT is not BYN that controls the frame rate, it is the camera. The way LV works is that the camera makes a LV frame available one after the other, as fast as it can. BYN listen to the image ready event and download it as soon as one is available. Some camera will provide more frames that other in the span of 1 second, yours seems to give a lot at 90+. Most are < 20 to 30 FPS. Adjusting the shutter will not alter the frame rate. In LV those settings are applied as a digital/brightness adjustment to the image.
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    BYN does not use the camera's movie mode, so the camera's movie frame rate is not applicable to BYN. BYN's frame rate is the rate at which it downloads LiveView images. This has to do with the speed of the USB connection and your PC. The ISO and Shutter settings do not affect the frame rate only the brightness of the frames. This is how the camera is designed to work and BYN cannot change that.
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    EOS Ra won't save TIFF

    LibRaw - the apparent successor to DCRaw - has support for CR3 (and conversion CR3-TIFF) in the version still in Beta. (DSS is also waiting for that LibRAW to release from Beta...) However, for AP Imaging purposes, TIFF is not a "Good Thing" as it cannot readily be Calibrated with Darks and Flats. The recommended solution is to Convert from CR3 to DNG (which is still RAW non-Debayered data), and then feed that to DSS or PixInsight or whichever Program is next in your workflow.
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    Backyard Nikon using VMware fusion on MAC

    Before you tear into a Provider of Software for the Hobby you are looking to get into, do some research: Just how many AP Imaging Softwares are there currently for MacOS?? And how many are Low-Cost?? What is the realistic distribution between Windows and MacOS and Linux amongst Amateur AP Imaging Hobbyists?? (probably 85/5/10 respectively) What is the Cost of all the Required AP Imaging Equipment?? (Scope, Mount, Imaging Camera, AutoGuiding Rig, Software, Accessories) Factoring the purchase of a $300-500 Windows Laptop into the mix is only going to add 15-20%.
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    Canon EOS 1DC Support

    Apologies for the delay in testing this! I have downloaded and installed this version and am happy to report that this now connects to the camera just fine and so far the functions seem to work the way that they should. Need to do more detailed testing, but it's looking good so far Many thanks, Pat.
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    The bottom line is that there are nearly 10 times as many Windows systems as there are macOS systems and if anyone is going to commit to an effort of several thousand hours to develop an essentially new application for macOS, there has to be some realistic expectation of reward for the effort. Making the time to do this has also got to be behind any day job and family commitments. I understand why the authors have decided to let someone else write a DSLR camera capture app for macOS.
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    The no image appearing on screen is odd for sure. Can you confirm in your imaging plan you have the 'Save To' set to "PC" or ""PC + Camera" and not "Camera" exclusively.
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    What is the Save To setting in the capture plan area? Is your Anti-Virus software preventing the image from being stored? Make sure advanced shooting features like exposure bracketing, LENR are disabled.
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    I was imaging at a shorter focal length but was able to use the BYE Planetary mode at 5X to capture frames of part of the lunar disk. Then by moving the zoom box and repeating the capture I was able to collect 6 videos that between them covered the entire visible part of the disk. I reduced each video into a single image with RegiStax and then combined the 6 images into a single image with a program called RegiStar. This was back in 2012 when I first started using BYE with my XSi. The result came out quite good. Now if I could only find it.
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    I have installed in the same Skywatcher AZ-EQ5 PRO mount a 6 "f / 9 RC GSO telescope and a 90mm f / 5 Refractor in parallel. Each has a different Canon camera mounted (550D and 1100D both refrigerated) that shoot at the same time and cover different amplitude fields (different focal lengths). Obviously on both cameras, execute the same number of shots, during the same time and at the same time. Having them synchronized interests me to facilitate the operation and execute the Dithering. The option of using two different ISOS is necessary to be able to adjust the sensitivity of the camera to the field they cover (since the exposure time must necessarily be the same) you cannot use the same parameters with two different telescopes, with diameters and focal lengths different ... I don't know if I explain. Attached link to a view of my installation. MY TEAM - Deep Space
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    D7000 w/DSUSB Connection

    I have a 7-port Powered USB3 Hub as part of my Imaging Rig. I've rigged it to be powered from a Li-Ion Battery Pack that is strapped to the Mount. And I selected a Hub that was one of the most backward-compatible with USB 2.0. While the Hub is now Out-of-Manufacture, this is the nearest equivalent (including it's replacement of the same Brand and Series): ANKER Hub: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B00VDVCQ84/ Power Pack: https://smile.amazon.com/TalentCell-Rechargeable-12000mAh-Multi-led-indicator/dp/B01M7Z9Z1N/ Connector Cable: https://smile.amazon.com/Onite-5-5x2-1mm-Surveillance-Security-Equipment/dp/B06W2L1P2F/ Of course, you might be able to find cheaper parts, but I wasn't going to chance it...
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