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  4. Another options, is to try and copy the installation folder outside the Program File folder to something like "C:\RegiStax6" and try to run the program from there. These older software may work just fine like that and this may solve you issue.
  5. This is a common indication that Windows has some problem with the User File Privileges in the Program Files (x86) directory, or as likely a problem with the routine that an Older Program (Registax 6 was last updated in 2011) is using to access Files stored in those directories. Over the years and versions of Windows, Microsoft has changed their rules on where and how Access to certain Directories is Allowed / Controlled: Program Files is more restricted from use to store User Data, ProgramData directory was added as alternative, User AppData was also added as an alternative, and rules related to Registry usage were changed. That's a lot of changes pursued by Microsoft in their efforts to keep Windows as Safe and Secure as possible, while maintaining as much Backwards Compatability as possible. Unfortunately, Older and Unsupported programs such as RegiStax6 and AutoStakkert2 are showing their age and running afoul of these issues. Workarounds such as "Run-As Administrator" will sometimes work, but not always. In your case, the most likely effect is that certain settings you choose in RegiStax6 will not be retained across execution instances, and you'll simply have to add to your workflow to check/set those settings every time you use the program. For better or worse, this is the reality we live in as we pursue a hobby which is heavily dependent upon Freeware and Shareware and Open-Source Software, where Developers eventually move on with their lives and interests and are no longer available to actively support the products which the community has come to count on. This is one reason why a healthy set of Commercial Programs - such as BackyardEOS/Nikon - are important to our hobby, as it helps to retain the attention and talent of the Developers who contribute to our hobby.
  6. Hi Guylain, this may not be the place to submit this question, but I'd like to get the forums input about an issue. I have over the years used Rgistax6 for processing my videos from my DSLR and BYE. Also used AutoStakkert-2 as well. A short while back we had a computer crash, no real biggie as almost everything was backed up, except Registax6 & AutoStakkert 2. But since they're free downloads we simply downloaded them both onto new computer (h/p intel CORE i5 7th Gen) long story short, everything is back up and running. However, when I use Registax6 or AutoStakkert-2 a pop-up screen comes on at the start saying "Unable to write to program files (x86)" both programs continue to process without any problems, so whatever it is doesn't seem to affect processing, but I've never had this happen before!! I contacted "Corland Berrevoets, at Registax6" he said there have been a few reports of similar events, but not an epidemic, just a few isolated cases. He suggested to run the program as "Administrator" which we did, and it helped at first, but occasionally the pop-up returns. I've chosen to ignore it like your "Check Engine Light" on your dash until something manifests itself. I realize this is more a computer or program issue and nothing to do with BYE, but my curiosity is this, has anyone else out there experienced any similar issues with Registax6 after a recent download? Thanks again, regards, and clear skies your way, Dirty Harris, Colo. USA.
  7. Last week
  8. I'm glad you got it to work. The fact that is does work with 2.0.9 confirms that the issue is 100% registry related because I started to save the settings in the registry in version 2.0.10. Regards,
  9. My computer is part of university network. I'll see the system admin. Than I download the 2.0.09 and it worked. Thank you very much.
  10. Download BackyardNIKON 2.0.9 and see if it works with this version. Keep me posted.
  11. If your PC is part of a large network, like a university, that is administered by system administrators, it is possible that your registry is locked down via Windows Group Policy to prevent corruption. If so, you need to talk to a sysadmin.
  12. I'm trying run with administator privileges. But it is not working again. I use norton antivirus, I closed norton and than ı did try again, but still not working.
  13. Please stop copy/paste your replies here on the forum, type them in instead. Otherwise you cut&paste the html formating and your replies are hard to read, I have to manually edit your posts here on the forum. Okay, I think this issue is due to the fact that your Windows security is preventing writing to the registry. Try running with administrator privileges and see if this works. It could also be your anti-virus that is preventing writing to the registry. Keeps us posted.
  14. NO I don't get an error message. I click velidate buton after wright my key and nick name. It shows horsehead nebula for a 1 second, than ask the key and nickname agein.
  15. I did everything you said, I copy and paste it correctly, I turned the computer off and on, but the problem still continues. I installed BYN 2.0.10. I'm very confused.
  16. I do see on the activation server that your key is being validated properly, so it does look like you are entering it correctly. Please reboot your pc and try again. Keep us posted please after the reboot.
  17. Hi, do you get an error message? Please make 100% sure you are entering you key correclty. Most issues reported with license keys are due to typing errors. The best way is to cut&paste the key form the website. Which version of BackyardNIKON did you download and installed? Keep us posted.
  18. Hello... I just bought the BackyardNikon. I installed the program on my Windows 10 computer. I opened the program from the icon on the table. Than the program asked me for my license key and username. Although I entered my information right every time, the same screen came back. And it asked for my license key and username again. I can't open the program.
  19. Wonderful News! About when should we expect the new release?
  20. Good news, someone local offered me his Z6 for testing and I got it to work in BackyardNIKON. Everything works, bulb works, live view works, planetary 5x works... I'm happy. What I like is that Nikon did not butcher their SDK implementation like Canon did with their M series mirror-less camera. Nikon did it right out of the gate with their Z series. The Z series will be supported in the next release. Regards,
  21. Earlier
  22. This is ZWO's New Holder Ring for ASI Cooled Cameras has an internal diameter of 78 mm and is suitable for cameras with outside diameters less than 78 mm.

    There is one M6 screw on the side of the holder ring, loosen the screw and easily mount the camera to your tripod.

    $37.08 USD

  23. No worries. Glad you got it to work.
  24. I'm glad that you figured it out.
  25. I knew it was a setting, i hope no one thought i was saying the program did not work. So i had it on PC, had the right folder, by chance I added a name in target name and voila! Now i have files in the folder on the PC and camera cards. I just was not satisfying the naming convention. Thanks for the pointers, it got me to thg he right place.....now for a clear sky...
  26. Not possible, BYE/BYN does not delete images! Do not try to interpret the log files without understanding the inner working of the software... it will drive your nuts and will lead to false diagnostic as it just did. BYE/BYN transfers images from the TEMP folder to your final download folder as specified in the settings dialog once it is done creating them. Look in that folder and your images should be there. The default download folder is "My Pictures\BackyardEOS" Also, please make sure the option in BYE for "Save To" is set to "Save to PC"... this is the default but you may have changed it without realizing it... this setting is in the capture plan area. Keep us posted,
  27. BYN downloads the images from the camera into a temporary folder, processes them, copies the processed image to its final location and then deletes the downloaded image. The software works and no other users are reporting this error. Are you sure that you are looking in the correct file folder? The final folder is designated by the value that you enter in the Download folder field on the Settings dialog. The image may be in a subfolder based on your choice from the Sub-folders dropdown list. The temporary location is specified by the entry in the BackyardTEMP folder. I believe that the downloaded images in the BackyardTEMP folder are not deleted until BYN has verified that the modified and renamed image is in the designated download folder.
  28. I used the trial version if backyardnikon last night, everything looked good but its deleting the images on the laptop. The text file shows, transfer, try delete, delete successfull. The d7100 disables card record so i have no images when i use the software.
  29. Glad you got it to work.
  30. You may want to Reload the NIKON Drivers for Windows, again. Windows may have blocked one or more of the component files - something that unfortunately happens as Windows Updates try to do background Driver Updates.
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