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  3. Thanks for trouble shooting this from the BYN side. I appreciate the assistance. I will carry the information over to the A-P forum. The good news is most of my imaging is done east of the meridian due local light pollution where this is unlikely to be a problem.
  4. I looked at the code and there is nothing I can do, this is your mount / ASCOM driver implementation. This is the command issued by BYN for ASCOM dithering. This is standard single call to the ASCOM driver of your mount. If this command makes the mount slew CWUp and the CWDown it is not from BYN. Telescope.TargetRightAscension = translatedCoordinate.Ra; Telescope.TargetDeclination = translatedCoordinate.Dec; Telescope.SlewToTarget(); with the log quoted above this would translate to: Current RA(16h42m30s) DEC(36°24'38") Telescope.TargetRightAscension = translatedCoordinate.Ra; <== 16h42m26s Telescope.TargetDeclination = translatedCoordinate.Dec; <== 36°24'50" Telescope.SlewToTarget();
  5. There is ZERO difference between a trial and a purchase software. It's the exact same executable and only the key with enable/disable features. TRIAL = PREMIUM with the only difference that a trial expires after 30 days. If it worked with the trail and not a purchase key then the difference is environmental, not software. Give us more detail. Camera dial? BULB or TV Do you have a lens? Save to PC / Camera etc...
  6. I would pose a question to Ray Gralak, the author of APCC and the Astro-Physics V2 ASCOM telescope driver about how to prevent a meridian flip when doing a short slew across the meridian. That said, now that you know what the behavior is, you should be able to prevent the flip by setting the driver's Meridian Flip delay time.
  7. Also, please try the pre-release BYN 2.1.0 Release Candidate
  8. I looked at your log file and dither does work, it's not returning to the original position at all. 2020-05-26 23:50:10,421 [18] INFO - ASCOM dithering... 2020-05-26 23:50:10,421 [18] INFO - ASCOM Dither is starting... 2020-05-26 23:50:10,467 [ProcessCapture(Normal)] INFO - Image resized to : Width 3893 Height 2596 Factor 1.232666 2020-05-26 23:50:10,921 [ExifRead(Normal)] INFO - C:\Users\Joseph Beyer\Pictures\BackyardTEMP\Download\img_95.NEF 2020-05-26 23:50:10,921 [ExifRead(Normal)] INFO - ExifRead C:\Users\Joseph Beyer\Pictures\BackyardTEMP\Download\img_95.NEF 2020-05-26 23:50:10,936 [18] INFO - Current RA(16h42m30s) DEC(36°24'38") 2020-05-26 23:50:12,076 [DeleteFile(Normal)] INFO - Try delete C:\Users\Joseph Beyer\Pictures\BackyardTEMP\exif_args_7f6e05ef-c08a-4c86-b5d5-9f4b720c913e.txt 2020-05-26 23:50:12,076 [DeleteFile(Normal)] INFO - C:\Users\Joseph Beyer\Pictures\BackyardTEMP\exif_args_7f6e05ef-c08a-4c86-b5d5-9f4b720c913e.txt DELETED!!! 2020-05-26 23:50:12,076 [ExifWrite(Normal)] INFO - C:\Users\Joseph Beyer\Pictures\BackyardTEMP\Download\img_95.NEF 2020-05-26 23:50:12,076 [ExifWrite(Normal)] INFO - Skip exif write due to user configured setting 2020-05-26 23:50:12,092 [MoveFile(Normal)] INFO - Attempting to move file... 2020-05-26 23:50:12,092 [MoveFile(Normal)] INFO - move: C:\Users\Joseph Beyer\Pictures\BackyardTEMP\Download\img_95.NEF 2020-05-26 23:50:12,092 [MoveFile(Normal)] INFO - to: C:\Users\Joseph Beyer\Pictures\BackyardNIKON\M13_LIGHT_50s_800iso_5_20200526-23h49m17s638ms.NEF 2020-05-26 23:50:12,092 [MoveFile(Normal)] INFO - Try move C:\Users\Joseph Beyer\Pictures\BackyardTEMP\Download\img_95.NEF 2020-05-26 23:50:12,092 [MoveFile(Normal)] INFO - moved to C:\Users\Joseph Beyer\Pictures\BackyardNIKON\M13_LIGHT_50s_800iso_5_20200526-23h49m17s638ms.NEF 2020-05-26 23:50:12,108 [7] INFO - M13_LIGHT_50s_800iso_5_20200526-23h49m17s638ms.NEF 2020-05-26 23:50:13,264 [18] INFO - Dither settled to RA(16h42m26s) DEC(36°24'50") 2020-05-26 23:50:13,264 [18] INFO - Difference of RA(-0h0m4s) DEC(+00°00'12") There is a difference of RA(-0h0m4s) DEC(+00°00'12"). Now, your issue of counterweight up/down is a mount issue and/or ASCOM driver issue. BYN calculates a small RA/DEC delta at random and then issues a single SLEW command via the ASCOM driver and at the point the mount/ASCOM driver takes over. BYN has not control on how this command is performed by the mount. There is one log entry missing the the logs that would be helpful however, the actual RA/DEC coordinate the BYN calculated to the send SLEW command. I will add this log in a future release. Regard,
  9. Trial is the license, not the version. The version is a multi-part number; something like 3.1.18. The code is the same, only the license is different. You don't need to download different code. Simply apply the purchased license to the existing software. if you bought a Classic license then the features of the Classic license are activated and the Premium-only features are deactivated. This should not affect simple imaging. It is likely that something else is different. Are you using a lens on the camera? Is it in Manual Focus mode? What length of exposure are you shooting? Is LENR disabled?
  10. The trial version worked fine with my 90D but I cannot get it to work correctly after purchasing the Premium Edition (V 3.1.18) Camera connects and everything seems to work fine until I start the imaging session. The shutter releases and the countdown timer starts but when it gets to the end of the first exposure it just says BUSY and eventually times out. It will not let me abort either. I have to shut down the software and restart only to get the same result. I have turned off all additional features on my camera just as before. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Last week
  12. This is hit and miss, it needs to be supported by the camera, the lens, and the SDK. This may work for most Canon's but I've only been able to make work with the Nikon Z series if my memory serves me right.
  13. I have a Nikon D300 and connect via the Nikon2015 D300 driver. When I set the focusing mode to C on the camera, the BYN UI shows the focusing controls (in Frame&Focus), but they don't do anything. I've tried two lenses and neither of them do anything when clicking any of the arrows. Is this a feature that requires a certain type of lens? Is there something else I'm missing? - Lutz
  14. What you are seeing is about as good as you can get. BYN's Imaging screen is optimized to work well for capture plans that take hours to complete with individual exposures being several minutes each. I am not a Nikon owner, but I used BYE which has much the same functionality as BYN, in Planetary mode to take 5 sets of 3 frames with a 10 second pause between frame the frame sets. The maximum number of sets at a single go is 1000. A rough calculation says that a Planetary capture plan with 1000 sets of 3 frames each with a 10 second delay between each set would take about 2.8 hours to complete. There are some gotchas, however. The first is that Planetary mode uses LiveView, so the your camera must support LiveView. The second is that I could not control the frame rate and with my camera and PC the frames come at a 15fps rate. The third is that the pictures are small JPGs since this is what LiveView provides. Finally, using LiveView for an extended period of time can cause the camera to shut down from overheating. I will leave that to you to test. I hope this is useful.
  15. I use 2.0.11 to take pictures. It takes 4-5 seconds between shutters.
  16. s3igell

    Battery Drain?

    Battery Usage by your DSLR will also depend heavily on "What You are Doing" - LiveView operation uses more Battery than Long Exposures. You can also conserve more by turning OFF the Back LCD on the DSLR (via Camera Settings Menu). The "Fake Battery" External Power Supply will be a welcome addition for all your Wintertime Imaging, as the Cold really shortens the Battery Life even further. Now... Time to figure out how to Recharge the Laptop for those long Imaging Sessions...
  17. TonyMan

    Battery Drain?

  18. Great, that sounds like a solution. I have a small inverter that provides 110V to my camera from a 12 volt deep cycle battery.
  19. TonyMan

    Battery Drain?

    Thanks for the advice. However, an AC adaptor would not be practical at a dark site. But you got me to thinking. On Amazon I found a USB to battery shaped device designed for my camera that supplies the proper voltage. I have a backup lithium power supply for my scope that has a USB output that I can plug the device into. I believe that will resolve the issue.
  20. The USB port on the camera is not for charging the battery. It is only for communications. Also, BYE is only able to display the battery charge information that is provided by the camera. That information is not particularly useful for estimating how much time you have left on the battery. I would suggest getting an A/C power adapter for the camera. It should plug into the battery compartment after removing the battery. That way you have more reliable power that won't quit in the middle of a capture plan. Another advantage is that the camera will run cooler since the battery won't be warming it while it discharges.
  21. TonyMan

    Battery Drain?

    I'm new to this and really like the software. After watching a demo on YouTube I darkened the room and tried a few things. After about 35 minutes I saw my battery was down to about 15-20%. I want to think my PC is supplying the 5 volts via USB for the functions it needs and was surprised to see the battery drain so fast. I have a Canon EOS REbel T6is and the battery is an 1100mAh one. If I take my scope out at night it looks like I'd need a pocketful of batteries. Is this normal battery consumption? Thanks
  22. Thanks for asking. The short answer is no, this is against the End User License Agreement. Please see link in the page footer of the website for the full EULA agreement. Here is clause #2.
  23. Hi, I’m wondering if I can run BYEOS in two computer simultaneously. My personal computer is a desktop that I use at home but my job computer is a laptop that I can carry with me anywhere. Thanks...!!!
  24. That worked first time, I'm now in. incredible support, thank you so much! I hope you both stay well safe during this period!
  25. So I can now "purchase" a second free trial? Or will it state that I have already had one? Thank you again
  26. Okay, you IP came back with other trials. I'll clear those out. You'll need to request another key.
  27. I have copied and pasted it, and typed it in manually, double checked this myself each time so I know it is correct. I have also ensured my username is in the identifier is correct and case sensitive too.
  28. Have you copied and pasted your Trial license key into the License Validation dialog? The key is available in the My Purchases area of your profile on this web site.
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