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Display for Canon T2i remains on during Image Capture



The display on the Canon T2i remains on during image capture. The screen is generally blank (dark grey) with some numbers in the corner. Pressing the display/info button on the camera has no affect.


Leaving the display on uses battery (although most of the time i am using AC) and i am thinking also increases overall camera temperature.


Can the display be completely turrned off? (It is when using ImagesPlus).

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On my T5i repeatedly pressing the Info button (Disp on the T2i), while otherwise idle, cycles through 3 displays. One of those is a blank screen (off).  If I set it to off before starting a capture plan, it stays off while capturing.  I hope that it is something similar with your T2i. If the display is showing the shooting parameters when I start capturing a BULB exposure, the display shows the elapsed time (minutes & seconds) since the start of the exposure in the lower right corner. Having the display be totally dark is a very important when shooting in a HyperStar configuration.


ImagesPlus and BYE both use the Canon SDK so one would think that any differences would be due to the details of how each of the applications uses the SDK to control the camera.  Based on my testing of BYE 3.1.3 and ImagesPlus Camera Control (IPCC) 5.75 the behavior of the applications is indeed different.  When my T5i is first connected to my PC the LCD display is dark (off).  When I connect to the camera with BYE, the display is turned on.  When I connect with IPCC the display stays off and never turns on while the camera is connected.  So, there may be some property in the SDK that allows both behaviors.


For me, I prefer BYE's functionality as it allows me to access the cameras menus while the camera is connected to the PC and the application.  I hope the above workaround is effective for you and your T2i. 


If there is indeed a camera property that can turn the LCD display on and off then it may be useful to expose this property as a setting in BYE to allow the display to be controlled by the user.  Most of the time off is good, but being able to turn the display on to review and change settings my be convenient in some cases.

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OK. I did some more thorough testing and manually turning off the display with the camera <info> button after BYE connects and before the image capture starts solves the problem.


There seems to be some inconsitencies in when the display gets powered on or maybe just me .


I first tried turning off the display before BYE connected. But It seems that every now and then the display will turn on when when connecting.

However, if i manually turn off the display after the connect, then it stays off.


ImagesPlus camera control does turn off the display during an image capture run. So there seems to be some trick to allow this. But again, i have seen the display turned on during an image capture session. But! With IP, i can at least manually turn off the display when the image capture is happening.


WIth BYE, if i forget to turn off the display before the capture starts, then the <info> button on the camera will NOT turn off the display.

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