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Niko live view




I was mostly interested in backyard nikon because of its ability to display live view on my pc montor, using the frame and focus function.

I had hoped to use BYN for focusing, but the resolution of the displayed live view image is unusable.

Is there a way to adjust the resolution so that when magnified, the image is viewable?

It just turns to fuzz when I magnify.

So I am stuck crawling under my camera and using live view on camera instead, where the view is normal.

My PC monitor resolution is set to 1600x900



Malcolm Park

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Hi Malcom,


What you see in BYN is the -exact- same image you see on the camera LCD display, same resolution, only bigger.  If it is blurry on the PC and not on the LCD it is because the same resolution in displayed on a larger screen as oppose to the smaller LCD.


You may have better luck taking snap images of say 2 seconds.


Hope this helps.

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yes thats the reason that I posted, because its not exactly the same.

I expected the same. It kind of defeats the purpose if its not.

I was hoping there was a resolution setting in the program somewhere?

If this is how it works, then whats the point of the feature?

There must be a way to get the same view as on my camera or else why put in the feature.

I'll try snap images tonight.

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How is the LiveView in BYN different?


The image that the Nikon SDK is providing to BYN should be the same data that would be displayed on the camera's LCD display. If you think that it is different (fuzzier) that may simply be because it is larger. If so, any mis-focus will be exaggerated in the larger image. The important thing is..Can you use the Frame and Focus screen to minimize the FWHM of a selected star?


I do most of my imaging with a cooled CCD camera and believe me, using a LiveView image for focusing helps to achieve focus very quickly compared to the CCD which takes about 15 seconds to process and download a single image, regardless of the exposure.

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Can you elaborate on what is not the same?  What difference do you see?


At my end I can confirm 100% that the data you see on the LCD is the same seen in BYN because it is coming from the same source, the sensor.


Now, it is possible that an in-camera setting does alter what you see, but if this is the case BYN reads the same data.  It would help knowing what difference you see, let us know.



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