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Most of images went to the BYE temp file and not in BYE file



I'm using the trial version 3.1.3 of BYE for planetary imaging. I got a decent night of seeing and captured several AVI's from about 1200 to 2200 frames which took about 60 to 90 sec. at about 30fps. Only one of the captures made it to the non-temp file. Later when I tested using a very short test file it ended up in the correct file, but when I tested a capture of 2000 frames its stuck in the TEMP file. 

my computer = intel i7 2.40 ghz 64 bit 16gb RAM window8.1.

1) Can I get BYE to handle 2000 frames?

2) Can I recover the files I captured that are presently in the TEMP folder, and process them, so that I can determine if BYE is right for my intended use?


Thank you, Tom

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Thanks for all the help. I have had nothing but fog lately, so when it does clear up I will try again. At least one folder did make it to the right place, and I was finally able to figure out how to load them into AutoStakkert from the TEMP folder. 


CS, Tom

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Hi Tom,


Of course you can process the images from the TEMP folder.  They are the same images that would have been copied.


Send me the BackgroundWorker log files and I should be able to tell you exactly why they did not copy.


The log files are in "My Pictures\BackyardTEMP\logs".



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After all the individual frames are collected, a separate worker thread has to assemble them into the .AVI file.  This could take a while.  Did you leave BYE connected and idle for a few minutes to complete this?  Ideally, the worker thread should eventually finish this work even if you disconnect and shutdown BYE, but there may be some other issue occurring.

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Thanks for the quick reply. When I look in the Background worker log, it says the folder is empty. I included a few of the other log files, in case that';s helpful.

 The longer test AVI I did this morning did finally end up in the correct folder.

You say, of course, I can process the AVI's in the temp folder, but when I try to open them in AutoStakkert, they don't import, yet the AVI's that made it to the non TEMP folder do open.


Best, Tom





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I need the background worker logs for this issue :)


You only attached those from the main app :)


You need to use the individual jpg from the TEMP folder, not the AVI... because it is not complete as it did not copy :)



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None of these 2 background worker logs contains any avi planetary encoding.


I need those that correspond to your imaging session.


Zip the entire folder and send it to support@otelescope.com.



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You need to use the individual jpg from the TEMP folder, not the AVI... 

To process a sequence of JPGs in AutoStakkert2, simply highlight the sequence of JPGs in your Explorer Window and Drag&Drop them onto the AS2 Main Window.  Don't use AS2's File Open Dialog, as that is only for Video Files (AVI, MPEG, SER)...

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Thanks for the log files.


So far all planetary AVI seemed to have copied according to the log files you sent.


2015-05-04 21:51:25,528 [MoveFile(Normal)] INFO  - MoveFile START!
2015-05-04 21:51:25,532 [MoveFile(Normal)] INFO  - move: C:\Users\Tom\Pictures\BackyardTEMP\Download\Jupiter_Tv1-6s_800iso_1024x680_20150504-21h48m18s.avi
2015-05-04 21:51:25,532 [MoveFile(Normal)] INFO  -   to: C:\Users\Tom\Pictures\BackyardEOS\PLANETARY\Jupiter_Tv1-6s_800iso_1024x680_20150504-21h48m18s.avi
2015-05-04 21:51:25,532 [MoveFile(Normal)] INFO  - Try move C:\Users\Tom\Pictures\BackyardTEMP\Download\Jupiter_Tv1-6s_800iso_1024x680_20150504-21h48m18s.avi
2015-05-04 21:51:25,580 [MoveFile(Normal)] INFO  - moved to C:\Users\Tom\Pictures\BackyardEOS\PLANETARY\Jupiter_Tv1-6s_800iso_1024x680_20150504-21h48m18s.avi
2015-05-04 21:51:25,580 [MoveFile(Normal)] INFO  - MoveFile total execution time 0.052 seconds.


I you see this happen again please send me that log file immediately and I'll take a second look.



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